Friday, October 13, 2017

Best to Stock up on Sympathy Card While You Have the Time!

i dont know about you but I never seem to have enough sympathy cards. For years I would make them as I needed to suit the deceased. Call me slow, but I finally figured out that that is not an efficient way to do things. And the family of the deceased will be pleased to get a card at all, let alone a handmade card.

So I spent some time last week during our weekly Skype call with my in-laws making 16 simple sympathy cards in pretty generic, will suite just about any sympathy situation, white and soft sky (pale blue). i actually looked up recommended colors for sympathy cards online.

The reason for 16 is the way the cardstock cuts, makes for easy math with the card fronts - 4 to a sheet.

After I had cut the Soft Sky layer, I cut 2 Stitched Shapes ovals out of each, in the middle, so it wouldn't show. this way, I do not have to waste extra paper or use up a bunch of odd shaped scraps. I intentionally planned so I could do this with my layout. The greeting white oval did have to be cut from scrap, because there was no way to hide that. I still saved paper.

I used the Thoughts & Prayers quite old stamp set. I don't remember what year it came out but it was a very long time ago. 2009? Anyone remember? Stampin' Up! has a newer sympathy set, which came out in 2015 Annual Catalog, but I have struggled to use it. It is beautiful but I just cannot seem to get the layouts to look nice. I know, it is just me, being honest...

Sorry the lighting is a little soft. I didn't want to run to my studio downstairs to use better lighting. Plus it seems to fit the somber theme of the cards.

Anyway, the 2 hour (yes, it was) Skype call I pretty much finished these up. I did stop to talk and such. But what a great use of my time. I don't like being on camera that much either. Its my hubs parents and the focus should be him anyway.

Next step, getting these signed and out the door. I know, even if I am a few months behind, people will appreciate me thinking of them during their time of grief.

And next batch of cards is sympathy cards for pet owners, cats and dogs. I have Bella & Friends for dogs and Pretty Kitty for cats. I will likely make up a bunch of thank you and other pet related cards at the same time. No, I don't think I need 16 of these but maybe 5 of each should last a while, then again, a lot of friends have lost their pets in the last few months.

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Silent Deer Roam at Night

Now is the perfect time to start planning and prepping your Christmas or Holiday or Annual cards set to family and friends. Here is one idea to get you thinking "seasonal".

Using the Carols of Christmas stamp set and framelits bundle from the Holiday 2017 card, I had made this card back when this bundle was an early pre-order item.

Purchase your Carols of Christmas bundle HERE.

I cut out 3 deer framelits in navy. I cut to width the dazzling diamonds glimmer paper (for snow) and tore the paper to make more realistic "snow".

The stars and moon are cut out using the card topper type framelits included in the set. The large simple greeting is also from the Carols of Christmas set.

Carols of Christmas Framelits set

Carols of Christmas stamp set

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope this inspires you to think "seasonally". Keep being your creative best, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Great Card Layout from Live at 5!

My Live at 5! on Monday October 2nd, I showed my new favorite card layout. I have been using it quite a bit as it is easy, and really is a good way to showcase our DSP. The best part of this layout? You can get 12 pieces out of one 12x12 inch sheet of DSP Designer Series Paper, which is on special right now for B3G1 FREE.

Plus this layout can go several ways, fold on the left, opening on the right, fold on the top, opening on the bottom, or fold on the bottom, open up on top (have not made one yet). Orrrr, maybe I will have to try this, make it an envelope with card liner that slides out for a greeting. Hmmmm, thinking...

Tools needed: Simply Scored by Stampin' Up!, maybe your Big Shot Die Cutter

  1. Score your cardstock base at 5 1/2" by placing it so the short side run sideways across the top of your Simply Scored. 
  2. Cut your card base on the long length at 4 1/4" and again. You can get two cards out of the one full sheet. You will see that the back of the card forms your standard 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card size.
  3. Cut Your DSP Designer Series Paper to 2 3/4" x 4, you get 12 pieces per sheet. Make sure it is facing the direction your card faces (see above on layout ideas). 
  4. Cut your card liner to 4 x 5 1/4"
  5. Stamp on your card liner (optional).
  6. Create your focal point, greeting, image or other. I find circles and ovals and scallops work the best for this part, but knock yourself out. Best to use at least two layers. It should be at least 2" in diameter or the whole card will look off balance.
  7. Adhere your papers - card liner, DSP.
  8. Adhere your focal point together.
  9. Place your adhesive, to adhere your focal point, on the card, rather than the object. I found after making a number of these layouts that is the way to make sure you get the glue or tape only where you need it. 
  10. Add your embellishments - rhinestones, bows, buttons, etc.

DSP Designer Series Paper sale runs all October. Shop Now!

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Keep being your creative best, Sandy

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Friday, September 29, 2017

BOGO DSP Sale during October 2017!

B3G1 (Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!) sale on 
Designer Series Paper all through October 2017. 

In the video I mention the Spooky Night and Be Merry and other DSP from the Holiday catalog. The sale only includes 2 paper packs from the Holiday catalog. I apologize for the confusion.

Designer Series Paper Sale Items

Annual (P. 189)144180Just Add Color Specialty Designer Series Paper$13.00 USD/$17.00 CAD
Annual (P. 189)144137Delightful Daisy Designer Series Paper$11.00 USD/$14.50 CAD 
Annual (P. 189)144118Birthday Memories Designer Series Paper$11.00 USD/$14.50 CAD 
Annual (P. 188)144111Be Merry Designer Series Paper$11.00 USD/$14.50 CAD 
Annual (P. 188)144163Pick A Pattern Designer Series Paper$11.00 USD/$14.50 CAD 
Annual (P. 188)144155Coffee Break Designer Series Paper$11.00 USD/$14.50 CAD 
Annual (P. 188)144185Naturally Eclectic Designer Series Paper$11.00 USD/$14.50 CAD 
Annual (P. 188)144110Whole Lot Of Lovely Designer Series Paper$11.00 USD/$14.50 CAD 
Annual (P. 187)144168Petal Garden Designer Series Paper Stack$10.00 USD/$12.50 CAD 
Annual (P. 187)144193Color Theory Designer Series Paper Stack$10.00 USD/$12.50 CAD 
Annual (P. 187)144177Wood Textures Designer Series Paper Stack$10.00 USD/$12.50 CAD 
Holiday (P. 29)144629Christmas Around The World Designer Series Paper$11.00 USD/$14.50 CAD
Holiday (P. 49)144613Painted Autumn Designer Series Paper$11.00 USD/$14.50 CAD

Sale starts Sunday, October 1, 2017 and runs the entire month of October. Does not include all our DSP packs. Sorry if I misstated that. 

There is no limit to how many B3G1 Buy 3, Get 1 FREE you can receive. Order yours early in case there is a backorder situation. I hope not, but it is hard to predict. 

 My DSP Designer Series Paper Storage system

My philosophy is what can be on wheels, should be on wheels. That way I can move it to make room if I need. It works for me, some may not find it as easy. I can wheel it up to the table if I need. Or into our laundry room if I need the floor space. 
This Kallax shelf from Ikea. DSP in one bin, 
neutral 12 x 12 cardstock in a bin, 
colored 12x12 cardstock in a bin and small bags, 
boxes and kits in a bin

The pull out drawers I have are no longer available. 
Need two of the wheel rails

Finished it looks something like this, the gray/slate/turquoise color is new. Mine is white.

I put each paper package of DSP in here, item 144206 $7 package of 12 sleeves
I use a retired 8 1/2x11 sleeve for our 6x6 paper stacks.
A standard office sheet protector would work the same.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Feeling Accomplished!

MayvMac Epic Fight 2017

So sad. Goodbye Ruby!

Newbie MN State Fair

Surgery Part 1

One evening a week ago, we had a somewhat quiet evening in the house. Hubs went off to run errands I cannot do yet, son was studying (playing games more likely) and I thought, I have not done any Project Life scrapbook pages since May I think. Maybe not, but close.

My time ended up being interrupted by LIFE, but I still got 6 pages done, not sharing the other two yet. I still want to write up much more on my surgery. This page is pretty much just leading up to surgery. I may not share my entire journey on social media, I am not sure. I have been pretty open about it, hoping that it helps someone else. Then again, maybe it is worth sharing. I will need to get those pages done soon.

I have a lot to get caught up from this summer, two trips and a few other noteworthy activities and events. I am still working on our big California trip from June 2016. That I am completing in My Digital Studio/My Memories Suite. I am hoping I can make it a coffee table type book. Some of the scenic pictures are just too beautiful to sit on my phone or computer.

I probably should have posted the pictures in the order of occurrence, the fight and state fair occurred on the same day. Surgery is followed by Ruby the next day happened before the other two pages. Oh well. Definitely Ruby was an uh oh moment in our lives, and at the least opportune time.

Recovery continues on my R knee, Saul, as my husband and I work our way through watching Better Call Saul. I have watched 2 seasons on Netflix. Since I put this stupid ban on TV 2 1/2 years ago, I cannot seem to force myself to turn the darn thing on now. My husband even got me a talking cable remote for during my surgery recovery. Talk about breaking a lifetime habit. My parents never restricted nor monitored what I watched on TV, ever. Even when I was in K-3grade I would crawl onto the end of my moms bed to watch Johnny Carsons monologue. I so admired his work at a very young age. His monologue started around 10:30 on a school night!

Surgery update, 5.5 weeks out of surgery now. As of PT physical therapy today, my range of motion is 75 degrees and growing weekly. I can extend my leg to 0 degrees. Progress is slow and steady. I am working against years of problems and 4 years on a knee implant that was never solid. Making progress and that is what counts most, not the pace, but the progress. it is not easy. I still have occasional days that I lay down and think, how did I get to this place, cuz it sucks. Most of the time I am Little Merry Sunshine though. We all have our moments of doubt, we are all human. It comes from being more than a rock!

Yes it felt good to get some Project Life work done. Feeling accomplished. Hubs said I was in a better mood after my little session. Yes, most likely very true. Feels good to record those memories, those thoughts, the good and bad moments that define who we are and why we re here.

I encourage you to go find some time in your busy week to do just that, journal, or scrapbook, or use the Project Life app and record some of those thoughts and memories, maybe find a picture or two that works, or not. It all doesn't have to have pictures.

Supplies: Project Life phone app, (top to bottom) Hashtag themed card collection, Perfectly Imperfect Card Collection, Theme Park card collection and Brave Patient card collection.

Thank you for stopping by today and hearing my story. I appreciate being able to share with you. Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy