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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Happening Today!


Sale-A-Bration is all about MORE: more free, more rewards, more fun! And when you join as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator during Sale-A-Bration, you get two Starter Kit options to choose from.

Option 1
Get $175* worth of Stampin’ Up! products for just $99!

Option 2
Get $175* worth of Stampin’ Up! products + the exclusive Craft & Carry Tote (valued at $50) for just $129!
*This is $50 more free products than usual!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

My Favorite Time of Year!!! and news...

My favorite time of year at Stampin' Up! First of all we have a shiny new mini catalog - the Occasions Spring 2019 Catalog. Items available until May 2019. Inside you will find new punch kits, card kits, darling items for Valentines day, several new product suites, including How Sweet It is (all about sweets), and more.

On top of that Sale-A-Bration kicks off. Beginning January 3, 2019 until March 31, 2019 for every $50 in merchandise you purchase you will be able to select a free item from the Sale-A-Bration (or SAB for short) brochure. There are a few items available for $100 in merchandise or worth 2 $50 items. Hostesses earn even more! Yes, you can be your own hostess. I highly recommend it. I do it all the time. You will be prompted during the ordering process to place your item numbers for SAB items you wish.

If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of the catalogs from me, email me today.


 On a personal note:

I have not been posting as much or being as consistent with my live classes on Facebook. I am having problems with my left wrist. I have been in physical therapy for 6 months, gone through several braces, injections and more. It feels fine if I do not move it much or stress it. Which means Big Shot and Punches and typing are highly irritating. I am working on workarounds. 

As far as blogging, which I love doing and have been doing since 1996 actually and since I became a demonstrator in 2005, I need to work on dictioning my blogging. The problem is what my brain says and what I type are two different things. It is a brain training thing and something I plan to tackle in 2019.  I miss blogging so much. 

The holidays, with all the cooking, were challenging for my wrist. I spent a lot of off hours icing and resting. And now my husbands health has taken a turn. That is a story in and of itself. He needs a kidney transplant, and has been on the list for almost a year (yay) with no dialysis yet. Every day he wakes up not on dialysis is a blessing of life to him. Doing some of the holiday work he acquired an inguinal hernia, which needs repair fast. It has to be repaired before he can get a transplant and may affect dialysis, as he has chosen peritoneal dialysis for now, at home dialysis. So I am picking up what slack I can with my wrist. Our kids are still home for college and we are tasking them as much as we can. 

It has been a crazy holiday. We count are blessings. We are all together. We have had many guests. We got the house decorated. The kitchen was attempted to be cleaned for Christmas and New Years and never got completely done. You know what? Who cares. We had fun being together. A lot of fun. 

So now you know why I haven't been posted projects on here, but rather short posts, and I had to cut back on those too, on Facebook, is physically I just cannot right now. I sucked it up to write these posts and will be icing as soon as I am done. 

Happy New Year and love to all of you. Keep being your creative self. - Sandy

Enjoy the new catalog. 

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Holiday 2018 Catalog Carryover List

There are several items that will be carried over from the Holiday 2018 Catalog and will be available until May 2019. There is no guarantee that they will be in the Annual Catalog starting in June. So if you missed your chance to order them in 2018,  you still have a few months to order them. Best to order them sooner or later, due to supply issues.

Holiday 2018 Carryover List

You can always find the list under my Catalogs page.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Year-End Closeout Sale from Stampin' Up!

Starting December 5, 2018, until supplies are exhausted, Stampin' Up! is clearing some shelves with the help of Santa's elves.

You can also find it on my Catalogs page, or below.

On December 5, 2018, I did a Facebook Live featuring the top item on the list, the Christmas Traditions Punch box item 148030, was $45 now 40% at $27!. I show you how you can make Christmas cards using it three ways, for each kind of crafter - simple, casual and avid I have it all! See it here. 


Merry Christmas from me and Stampin' Up! - Sandy

Category PublicationPageItemDescriptionRetail Price (USD)Discount percentSale Price
KitsHC 20182148030CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS PUNCH BOX$45.0040%$27.00
KitsHC 20182148031TRADITIONS DE NOËL PUNCH BOX (French)$45.0050%$22.50
BundlesHC 20185149952MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL (Photopolymer)***$49.50  
BundlesHC 20185149953JOYEUX NOËL À TOUS (Photopolymer; French)***$49.50  
BundlesHC 20186149947MAKING CHRISTMAS BRIGHT (Photopolymer)***$35.00  
BundlesHC 20186149949ILLUMINEZ LES FÊTES (Photopolymer; French)***$35.00  
EmbellishmentsHC 20186147893ALL IS BRIGHT PAPER CLIPS$7.0035%$4.55
PaperHC 20186147761ALL IS BRIGHT 8-1/2" X 11" CARDSTOCK PACK$8.50  
BundlesHC 20187150094MAKING CHRISTMAS BRIGHT (Photopolymer)***$72.25  
BundlesHC 20187150328ILLUMINEZ LES FÊTES (Photopolymer; French)***72.25  
BundlesHC 20189149934DASHING DEER (Wood)**$57.50  
BundlesHC 20189149935DASHING DEER (Clear)***$50.25  
BundlesHC 20189149936RENNE FRINGANT (Clear; French)$50.25  
BundlesHC 201810149920BEAUTIFUL BAUBLES (Photopolymer)$43.00  
StampsHC 201810147765BEAUTIFUL BAUBLES (Photopolymer)$17.00  
ToolsHC 201810147924DETAILED BAUBLES THINLITS DIES$31.0025%$23.25
StampsHC 201811147742ALPINE ADVENTURE (Photopolymer)$16.00  
BundlesHC 201813149941FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS (Photopolymer)$44.00  
PaperHC 201813147758FESTIVE FARMHOUSE 8-1/2" X 11" CARDSTOCK PACK$8.50  
StampsHC 201813148478FARMHOUSE CHRISTMAS (Photopolymer)$17.00  
AccessoriesHC 201813148027RED DISTRESSED CARD TIN$9.5035%$6.17
StampsHC 201814147843JOY & NOEL (Wood)$27.0010%$24.30
StampsHC 201814147836ILLUMINATED CHRISTMAS (Wood)$29.0015%$24.65
StampsHC 201814147833ILLUMINATED CHRISTMAS (Clear)$21.00  
StampsHC 201814147839JOY & NOEL (Clear)$19.00  
StampsHC 201814148861JOIE ET NOËL (Clear; French)$19.00  
StampsHC 201815147855HAPPINESS & CHEER (Wood)$28.0010%$25.20
StampsHC 201815147852HAPPINESS & CHEER (Clear)$20.00  
StampsHC 201815148499BONHEUR ET JOIE (Clear; French)$20.00  
BundlesHC 201816149926BRING ON THE PRESENTS (Photopolymer)$41.25  
StampsHC 201816147767BRING ON THE PRESENTS (Photopolymer)$17.00  
ToolsHC 201816147917ALL THE PRESENTS THINLITS DIES$29.00  
StampsHC 201817147769CROSS-STITCHED CHRISTMAS (Photopolymer)$21.00  
StampsHC 201817148495BRODERIE DES FÊTES (Photopolymer; French)$21.00  
BundlesHC 201819149967SIGNS OF SANTA (Photopolymer)$47.50  
BundlesHC 201819149968PANNEAUX DE NOËL (Photopolymer; French)$47.50  
EmbellishmentsHC 201819147814GARDEN GREEN BAKER’S TWINE$4.0010%$3.60
EmbellishmentsHC 201819147812SANTA’S BAGS$10.00  
PaperHC 201819147755SANTA’S WORKSHOP 12" X 12" CARDSTOCK PACK$12.00  
StampsHC 201819147690SIGNS OF SANTA (Photopolymer)$21.00  
StampsHC 201819148837PANNEAUX DE NOËL (Photopolymer; French)$21.00  
BundlesHC 201820149927CANDY CANE SEASON (Photopolymer)$31.50  
BundlesHC 201820149928CANNES ET BONBONS (Photopolymer; French)$31.50  
StampsHC 201820147692CANDY CANE SEASON (Photopolymer)$17.00  
StampsHC 201820148487CANNES ET BONBONS (Photopolymer; French)$17.00  
ToolsHC 201820148011CANDY CANE BUILDER PUNCH$18.0025%$13.50
BundlesHC 201822149962PEACEFUL POINSETTIA (Clear)$48.50  
BundlesHC 201822149964PEACEFUL POINSETTIA (Wood)$55.75  
BundlesHC 201822149965PARFAIT POINSETTIA (Clear; French)$48.50  
StampsHC 201822147849GREAT JOY (Wood)$31.0015%$26.35
StampsHC 201822147784PEACEFUL POINSETTIA (Wood)$29.0020%$23.20
StampsHC 201822147846GREAT JOY (Clear)$23.0025%$17.25
StampsHC 201822147781PEACEFUL POINSETTIA CLEAR (Clear)$21.00  
StampsHC 201822148454PARFAIT POINSETTIA (Clear; French)$21.00  
StampsHC 201823147824SO SANTA (Wood)$31.0015%$26.35
StampsHC 201823147821SO SANTA (Clear)$23.00  
StampsHC 201823148979PÈRE NOËL S’AMUSE (Clear; French)$23.00  
BundlesHC 201824149986TAGS & TIDINGS (Photopolymer)$40.50  
BundlesHC 201824149987ÉTIQUETTES DES FÊTES (Photopolymer; French)$40.50  
EmbellishmentsHC 201824148079SUITE SEASON SPECIALTY WASHI TAPE$8.5020%$6.80
StampsHC 201824147779TAGS & TIDINGS (Photopolymer)$17.00  
StampsHC 201824148851ÉTIQUETTES DES FÊTES (Photopolymer; French)$17.00  
ToolsHC 201824147926CHRISTMAS TAGS THINLITS DIES$28.00  
BundlesHC 201825149955NOTHING SWEETER (Photopolymer)$42.25  
BundlesHC 201825149956SUMMUM GOURMAND (Photopolymer; French)$42.25  
StampsHC 201825147773NOTHING SWEETER (Photopolymer)$21.00  
StampsHC 201825148445SUMMUM GOURMAND (Photopolymer; French)$21.00  
StampsHC 201826147736HIS LIGHT (Clear)$16.00  
StampsHC 201826147739HIS LIGHT (Wood)$21.00  
StampsHC 201826148855SA LUMIÈRE (montage transparent, French)$22.00  
StampsHC 201826147744ANGELS ON EARTH (Clear)$19.00  
StampsHC 201826147747ANGELS ON EARTH (Wood)$27.00  
StampsHC 201826148967ANGES SUR LA TERRE (Clear; French)$19.00  
BundlesHC 201827149991WINTER WOODS (Wood)**$57.50  
BundlesHC 201827149992WINTER WOODS (Clear)***$50.25  
BundlesHC 201827149993BOIS HIVERNAUX (Clear; French)***$50.25  
BundlesHC 201829149958PEACEFUL NOEL (Photopolymer)**$31.50  
BundlesHC 201829149959NOËL PAISIBLE (Photopolymer; French)**$31.50  
StampsHC 201829147694PEACEFUL NOEL (Photopolymer)$17.00  
StampsHC 201829148491NOËL PAISIBLE (Photopolymer; French)$17.00  
StampsHC 201830147771FEATHERS & FROST (Photopolymer)$21.00  
StampsHC 201830148441PLUMES ET GIVRE (Photopolymer; French)$21.00  
StampsHC 201831147830I’LL BE HOME (Wood)$27.0015%$22.95
StampsHC 201831147664HOMEMADE KINDNESS (Clear)$18.00  
StampsHC 201831147667HOMEMADE KINDNESS (Wood)$25.00  
StampsHC 201831147827I’LL BE HOME (Clear)$19.00  
StampsHC 201832148929SINCERELY SANTA (Clear)$22.00  
StampsHC 201832148933SINCERELY SANTA (Wood)$21.00  
StampsHC 201832148997NOËLLEMENT VÔTRE (Clear; French)$16.00  
StampsHC 201833148936TIMELESS TIDINGS (Clear)$20.00  
StampsHC 201833148939TIMELESS TIDINGS (Wood)$28.00  
StampsHC 201833149003VŒUX CLASSIQUES (Clear; French)$20.00  
BundlesHC 201835150096WISHING YOU WELL (Clear)***$57.75  
BundlesHC 201835150350UNE PENSÉE (Clear; French)***$57.75  
StampsHC 201835148973UNE PENSÉE (Clear; French)$19.00  
BundlesHC 201837149942FIRST FROST (Wood)**$54.00  
BundlesHC 201837149943FIRST FROST (Clear)***$46.75  
BundlesHC 201837149944FIRST FROST (Clear; French)***$46.75  
EmbellishmentsHC 201837147803IRIDESCENT BOXWOOD WREATHS EMBELLISHMENTS$6.0035%$3.90
PaperHC 201837147753FROSTED FLORAL 8-1/2" X 11" CARDSTOCK PACK$8.50  
InkHC 201838146886VEGAS GOLD SHIMMER PAINT$8.0050%$4.00
InkHC 201838147045BRIGHT COPPER SHIMMER PAINT$8.0050%$4.00
StampsHC 201838148072SPIRITED SNOWMEN (Clear)$19.00  
StampsHC 201838148075SPIRITED SNOWMEN (Wood)$27.00  
BundlesHC 201839149921BEAUTIFUL BLIZZARD (Clear)$45.75  
BundlesHC 201839149922BEAUTIFUL BLIZZARD (Wood)$53.00  
BundlesHC 201839149923TOURBILLON DE FLOCONS (Clear; French)$45.75  
StampsHC 201839148565BEAUTIFUL BLIZZARD (Wood)$31.0020%$24.80
StampsHC 201839148562BEAUTIFUL BLIZZARD (Clear)$23.00  
StampsHC 201839148873TOURBILLON DE FLOCONS (Clear; French)$23.00  
ToolsHC 201839147902BLIZZARD THINLITS DIES$28.0015%$23.80
StampsHC 201840147790CAMBRIDGE CAROLS (Wood)$27.0015%$22.95
StampsHC 201840147787CAMBRIDGE CAROLS (Clear)$19.0025%$14.25
BundlesHC 201841149977STILL NIGHT (Wood)$47.50  
BundlesHC 201841149978STILL NIGHT (Clear)$41.25  
BundlesHC 201841149984NUIT DE PAIX (Clear; French)$41.25  
StampsHC 201841147670STILL NIGHT (Clear)$18.00  
StampsHC 201841147673STILL NIGHT (Wood)$25.00  
StampsHC 201841147870FLOURISH FILIGREE (Clear)$20.00  
StampsHC 201841147873FLOURISH FILIGREE (Wood)$28.00  
StampsHC 201841148987NUIT DE PAIX (Clear; French)$18.00  
ToolsHC 201841147920NIGHT OWL THINLITS DIES$28.00  
PaperHC 201843147805GALVANIZED METALLIC PAPER$5.00  
BundlesHC 201844150097PLEASANT PHEASANTS (Clear)***$75.50  
StampsHC 201844147684PLEASANT PHEASANTS (Clear)$20.00  
StampsHC 201844147687PLEASANT PHEASANTS (Wood)$28.00  
BundlesHC 201845149938FALLING FOR LEAVES (Photopolymer)$44.00  
BundlesHC 201845149939FALLING FOR LEAVES (Photopolymer; French)$44.00  
StampsHC 201845147680FALLING FOR LEAVES (Photopolymer)$21.00  
StampsHC 201845148993FEUILLES EN FÊTE (Photopolymer; French)$21.00  
StampsHC 201846147682MEAN SO MUCH (Photopolymer)$17.0030%$11.90
StampsHC 201846147775MANY BLESSINGS (Photopolymer)$17.00  
StampsHC 201847148813MAKING EVERY DAY BRIGHT (Photopolymer)$16.00  
BundlesHC 201849149930CAULDRON BUBBLE (Wood)$51.25  
BundlesHC 201849149931CAULDRON BUBBLE (Clear)$44.00  
EmbellishmentsHC 201849147896SPIDER TRINKETS$6.0020%$4.80
PaperHC 201849147763TOIL & TROUBLE 8-1/2" X 11" CARDSTOCK PACK$8.5010%$7.65
PaperHC 201849147531TOIL & TROUBLE DESIGNER SERIES PAPER$11.0025%$8.25
StampsHC 201849147710CAULDRON BUBBLE (Clear)$21.00  
StampsHC 201849147713CAULDRON BUBBLE (Wood)$29.00  
ToolsHC 201849147914CAULDRON FRAMELITS DIES$28.0020%$22.40
BundlesHC 201850149989TAKEOUT TREATS (Wood)$56.50  
BundlesHC 201850149990TAKEOUT TREATS (Clear)$49.50  
StampsHC 201850147722TRICK OR TWEET (Clear)$18.00  
StampsHC 201850147725TRICK OR TWEET (Wood)$25.00  
StampsHC 201850147858TAKEOUT TREATS (Clear)$22.00  
StampsHC 201850147861TAKEOUT TREATS (Wood)$30.00  
BundlesHC 201851149973SPOOKY SWEETS (Clear)$30.50  
BundlesHC 201851149974SPOOKY SWEETS (Wood)$35.00  
BundlesHC 201851149975EFFROI SAVOUREUX (Clear; French)$30.50  
StampsHC 201851147716SPOOKY SWEETS (Clear)$16.00  
StampsHC 201851147719SPOOKY SWEETS (Wood)$21.00  
StampsHC 201851148427EFFROI SAVOUREUX (Clear; French)$16.00  
ToolsHC 201851148014SPOOKY BATS PUNCH$18.0015%$15.30
HostHC 201854147777WARM HEARTED (Photopolymer)*$10.00  
HostHC 201855147885HUNG WITH CARE (Wood)*$17.50  
HostHC 201855149117ACCROCHÉS AVEC SOIN (Clear; French)*$13.00  
HostHC 201855147882HUNG WITH CARE (Clear)*$13.00  
ToolsAC 2018–19130146327BIG SHOT EMBOSSING MATS$15.0030%$10.50
EmbellishmentsAC 2018–19197146924RED RHINESTONE BASIC JEWELS$7.0010%$6.30
EmbellishmentsAC 2018–19198146928SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE EMBELLISHMENT KIT$11.0050%$5.50
EmbellishmentsAC 2018–19201147016RICH RAZZLEBERRY 1/4" VELVET RIBBON$8.0050%$4.00
*Amount in Stampin’ Rewards; host sets can only be purchased using Stampin’ Rewards from a qualifying party.
**Bundle includes some products that are not retiring; refer to the Retiring List above to see what individual products are retiring.
***While the items in these bundles are not retiring, they will no longer be available in a bundle after January 2, 2019.
HC: From the 2018 holiday catalog. All HC items are retiring.
AC: From the 2018-2019 annual catalog. Select items from the 2018–2019 annual catalog are not retiring; however, after January 2, they will no longer be available at a discounted price.

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Keep being creative, Sandy