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I think it is safe to say the five ladies that were able to come to our Diva Day in March see why I have been a demonstrator consistently for 13 years! I love my Divas. We are more than teammates, we are genuine friends who support one another inside and outside our business. These ladies are the real deal. And expand that to include our Inking of You group! I am only 5 levels from the top of SU!, which is rare. Even more rare is finding that these ladies have been consistently involved since the day the day they joined. It is really rare to find that consistency in any business, especially with a DM Direct Market company.

So, you want to get a discount on products and not build a business? Not a problem with Stampin’ Up! Most of us Demonstrators are in it for the discount.

Can’t stick around forever, or even a year? Drop and come back! We are open to that, no penalty. But I hate to seem team members go...

I love what I do, for so many reasons. I don’t push the recruiting message often, but I recommend you try it. You don’t like it, you can drop anytime.

If you are interested in joining my growing team of very creative stampers - CSI Team (Creating with Stamps and Ink), follow the link below will take you to my personal page to sign up.

Here are some reasons to Join Stampin' Up! :

FIRST: Choose $125 in Stampin’ Up! products for just $99!

  • Only $99 - plus your local tax rate!
  • Sneak Peaks!
  • Quality Products!
  • Save on products you already love!
  • Creativity
  • Great Creative Resources
  • Be Your Own Boss!
  • Friends - might be the best reason yet!!! <3 li="">
  • My Team has a private page for sharing tips and resources.
Still not convinced you should join? Contact me today and lets talk.

JOIN MY TEAM NOW! Have your social security number and credit card ready

I have been a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator for 13 years. I have never regretted my decision to join. I would have regretted not saving on products that I love all these years. $99 is not a lot of money, truly, when you add up what you might save on products you love, over the course of a year, and its a one time cost.

Join for a bit, and see what you think. You can always rejoin at a later time. You need to sell or purchase $300 per full quarter to stay active. Really this isn't hard to do if you and just a few friends purchase quality products often enough, or 5 Paper Pumpkin subscribers a month. And there are other perks to being a demonstrator, rewards for meeting basic sales goals. Really ambitious? You too can earn the annual reward trip! Hundreds of demonstrators do each year.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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