Wednesday, July 25, 2018

An Event to Remember - June Extravaganza

Our Inking of You Extravaganza that we hold with each new catalog was held in June. I love these events and the people that make it happen three times a year. There is no way any of us alone could be able to show our customers the products and demonstrations without this many people. It takes a village of creative demonstrators.

Our homegrown event is quite the display of professionalism. We all bring our A game. We have prizes, more displays than there is probably time to look at. The live demonstrations are amazing. I have noticed with each event, many people are staying longer and longer. This is good sign.

I demonstrated the Notes of Kindness all-inclusive card kit. And as you can see by the center picture, it is all inclusive. You need scissors and a little adhesive to finish the kit. There will be more on the kit in a separate post.

I like documenting these events I participate in each time. While I don't necessarily keep notes about what did and didn't work, I certainly take a few pictures which help with the memory a bit. We all spend weeks or more getting ready for these events and that makes the event worth documenting.

Supplies: Project Life App and Playground Edition

I hope this inspires you to record the big and small events in your life.

Keep being your creative best. ~Sandy

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

It's Graduation Season

We are of the parenting age when we have what I like to call "graduation season". For about 6 weeks a year, from end of May to early July, you attend many (or are invited to) many graduation parties for high school and college graduates. This has been especially busy the last 3 "seasons" because of the ages of our own children and their respective friends or our friends own children graduating. I hear stories of people attending 3-4 a day. We do not have kids that are that social that they have that many parties, but we do keep busy.

And this year we had our own grad party of our son, who graduated high school. I have not yet scrapbooked that event, as I really didn't take many pictures and a friend only took one, yeah, I know. We all were "in the moment" that day and put our devices aside as much as we could to enjoy the company of those that came to visit. My in-laws asked us to send pictures since they were not able to attend. We laughed and said, we really didn't take any. And none with people in them. I did this years ago for my daughters fifth birthday party too. The one birthday party I probably spend 100 hours prepping for it and it was amazing party that will have to live on in our memories. Devices have their place and their purpose. I just wish at the birthday party I had done a few pictures.

So when we attended this party, I made sure to take a few pictures. They had a fun photo booth (we had one planned too but it rained up until the start of the party and we couldn't get it set up then). Apparently no one else had taken advantage of the photo booth before us. They were glad someone got it started!

I have known the mom since 1984. We have had many adventures along the way. We have stayed in touch thru marriages and babies and what not. We have seen all our children graduate high school and two of hers graduate college.

It is wonderful to have good friends who support each other through all the ups and downs of life.

Congrats to the graduates! (They had 3 that day, her daughter from high school, her daughter from college, and a cousin from high school).

Supplies: Project Life App and Free Form Text and the Graduation Themed Cards

Keep being your creative best! ~Sandy

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Wish List

I have a handy dandy shopping list for you to download and use.

It has a section for you to place your wish list. It also contains a listing of the product suites and where to find them in the catalog.

I hope you find this helpful. If you lose yours, you can always find it under my Tool Box section, that is where I keep all downloadable documents for your reference.

Keep being your creative best. ~Sandy

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A Gift to my Customers!

I recently sent out a mini card kit to my customers, pictured above, as a chance for them to play with products. I have customers living all over the United States and that means they are not able to attend local events. Even local customers often have scheduling conflicts for events.

I am challenging them to post their own creations, even if they are the same as my version on either my website here or on my Facebook page. It is a chance for them to show their own creations.  I hope they take advantage of this opportunity to share and I hope they like the kit I prepared for them. They were not expecting anything, so it will be a complete surprise.

Here is my final card

If you received a packet from me I hope you consider sharing on my website here or on my Facebook page.  And a reminder that I do LIVE classes at 5 pm most Mondays and Wednesdays. Following along with us as we learn a new card, technique, product or gift. I admit I am behind on posting those videos here and on YouTube. I have been dealing with a wrist and shoulder injury which makes typing a bit of a challenge right now. 

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July Has you Shopping Mad!

During July 2018 when you buy 3 packs of DSP designer series paper (the pretty decorative stuff) you get 1 pack FREE! Thats an $11 savings people!

I have already stocked up on one set of 4 packs and will be ordering more before the month is over.  Be sure to get shopping today!
List of available products

PS does not include all available DSP papers, but most of the $11 packs including the 6x6 stacks.

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FREE set of 10 Ink Pads with a $99 Purchase this July!!!

During July when you spend $99 on a Stampin' Up! Starter kit you will receive a set of 10 ink pads in a color family of your choosing (Brights, Regals, Subtles, Neutrals or In Color). You will also receive $125 in products that you get to choose. Why not do it? You already love the products, why not get a discount on those products and get a free set of 10 ink pads too! The retail value of the ink pads is $75 US or $67.50 US if you would by them in a retail bundle.

I have never seen a special this generous! This same special back in 2005 is what made me finally take the leap to join. And I never looked back. I joined to get the discount, I have stuck around building a business and sharing what I love. You can choose your own path. Discount on products you love or building a business for that extra income. I am fine with either. Stick around for a while or join for a few months and drop and come back. There are many ways to be a demonstrator.

The best part is you get a great group to support your path (love my team) and great resources at your fingertips from Stampin' Up! You will also get to see products before they are publicly released and a chance to order those products.

Here are your choices

You would be crazy not to take advantage of this promotion. Learn more. 

DO IT!!!

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