Friday, March 31, 2017

Goody Bag for Your Guy (or gal!)

Friday, is normally my Tool Box series, but because there are 5 Fridays in March, this is a by-week. April 7, Tool Box will return to talk about inks.

Who doesn't love getting nicely packaged goodie bags, anytime! This goodie bag is actually filled with chocolates, always a nice gift to give.

It is super simple to throw together. I stamped on the bag, and then ran it through the Big Shot and embossed it. Yes, I embossed the bag, and I love the effect!!!

I cut out a 2" wide banner in Pacific Point and punched the end with the Triple Banner Punch, then used the new candle punch. I stamped the banner also. And I cut out another banner out of designer paper.

The entire decoration, banners, bows and all, are stapled on the bag, stapling the bag closed.

Trust me when I say, this was a super quick project. Honestly, I just used scraps, all of it, paper and ribbon, to put this together. It is a great way to decorate something and used up extras.

Supplies Used:
Stamps: Teeny Tiny Wishes 128748 w $37 US 127802 c $27 US, Nailed It w 143074 $29 143077 c $21
Inks: Archival Basic Gray
Papers: Pacific Point, Urban Underground Designer Paper $13 US 142783
Accessories: Kraft Tag a Bag Gift Bags 138315 $3.50 for 10, Black Bakers Twine 134576 $3, Delightful Dijon Striped Ribbon 141430 $8, Stapler 139083 $10, Hexagons TIEF embossing folder 143231 $9 US

Thank you for stopping by today! Stay tuned to next Friday, April 7, when my Tool Box series will return, talking about inks.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Project Life Pocket Scrapbooking Overview

Fast * Affordable * Done!copyright Sandy McManus

That is how easy the scrapbooking system is with Project Life with Becky Higgins and Stampin' Up!

Not familiar with Project Life? Have you been living under a rock the last five years? Just kidding!!!

Becky Higgins has been a lifelong documenter and worked for many years with scrapbooking industry magazines. She started her own company and her own methodology of scrapbooking about 7  years ago. She wanted to simplify the process to just what it needs to be, pictures and a little journaling.

All the albums are D ring style. No need to fight with adding on posts or straps. Just pop open the D rings to add or rearrange your pages, any time you like. The sizes available are 12x12, 6x8, occasionally there is 8x8 but people have found that to be hard to work with at times because pictures are naturally printed 4x6.

With Project Life you purchase a card collection, actually, you don't even have to use a card collection. Instead of starting with a piece of cardstock, or an album page (proprietary Creative Memories albums), you start with a page protector! Yes, a page protector which has already been divided up nicely for you to drop a printed picture into a pocket on the protector, or trim one down to fit into one of the smaller pockets.

There are several styles of pocket pages. The pockets always load from the top or side. Create your pages from front to back, not a 2 page spread as other systems recommend. It makes it a snap to move pages and rearrange your pages as you build your album.

So already you do not need to purchase 12 x 12 papers or cardstock. You do not need to buy separate page protectors. Its all built into the pocket pages. (snarky Sandy) Do I need to state the obvious that you already are reducing cost and supplies by not needing additional papers or sheet protectors.

The next step is to add your card collection, which contains journaling cards and filler cards (the pretties for your page!).

Stampin' Up! Project Life card collections come with 100 cards - 12 4x4, 24 4x6 inch, and 64 3x4 cards that are all double sided and usually are oriented vertical and horizontal. This is one of the reasons I love Stampin' Up!s card collections. 100 cards. When you purchase Project Life card collections through a retail store or directly through Becky Higgins LLC the card collections contain anywhere form 570-616 double sided cards and come in a heavy, stores flat and falls all over the place box.

I hear so many people wonder what to do with their excess cards from the collection. Some trade their extras, others just let their stash build. 100 should be enough for an album or for a several events. If not, you can always order extra. But I would rather not store excess. We all have storage issues.

Speaking of which, our card collections come in upright storage sturdy boxes that are clearly labeled with the collation name. There is even room in the box for your corner rounder, pens, scissors and adhesive. And a cover that slides on securely. Honestly, a great storage plan if I ever saw one.

Now it is time to add some journaling. Stampin' Up! carries Project Life Journaling pens. See supply list below for information. I still go by the WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY HOW when I journal. That way I do not forget important stuff. Do not forget to add dates to your page. You will thank me later!

Originally the Project Life style was to round the corners. Stampin' Up! carries a great sturdy corner rounder. No offense to Ms Higgins, but I have sold a lot of corner rounders to people who have originally purchased her own and they fall apart right away. Our Project Life Corner rounder is made the same way the rest of our punches are, strong, clean cuts, stores flat. This makes pulling photos and cards in and out of the pockets less likely to get crimped corners. Plus it is an aesthetic that some like.

Final steps: add an accessory pack of goodies, or your own goodies. I like to store these, until I am ready to use them, in an Project Life envelope pouch at the front of the album. Pouch is also good for storing your ephemera later on - tickets, ribbons and such.

I do know some scrapbookers build a years album buy getting their page protectors and adding the card collection, then add printed pictures as the year goes on. Again, no right or wrong way, its a very personal choice and you need to find a system that works for you.

Tips from Me!

POCKETS – load from front always. Either top load or side load. You do not need to buy page protector because that is your base page.
STYLES – Stamped in lower left corner.
POCKET SIZES – 4x6, 3x4, 4x4 in inches always. There are some 2x2 and 2x3
ALBUM SIZES – 12 x 12 and 6x8. Becky Higgins does have an 8x8 line but I have heard some people say it is harder to figure out layouts.
PICTURES – Place uncut pictures behind your clear plastic sleeves to see positioning, and what to cut. * decide what pictures will be your 4 x6 first.
CARD COLLECTION – Each Project Life Stampin’ Up! Card Kit Collection includes 100 cards. 12 qty 4x4, 24 qty 4x6, 64 qty 3x4 ***** All cards are double sided. Thicker weight paper. Comes in an upright, self-storing box, which can store scissors, pen, and corner rounder too.
ACCESSORY PACKS – vary the contents, may include, washi tape, woodcuts, ribbon, sequins, specialty laser cut cards, paper clips, stickers and more. Plenty to embellish an entire album.
INK - recommend our archival ink – comes in black or gray. Don’t forget ink refill. 104931 black
CORNER STYLES – The Becky Higgins style is to round the corners. It is a personal choice.

PLANNING YOUR ALBUM – Load your pages front to back, not the traditional 2 visible page layout. Why? Makes moving your pages a snap. Sometimes your books may not be in EXACT chronological order because of the front to back. THINK viewing direction when placing sideways photos. I orient mine toward the binding.
ALBUM CAPACITY - 60 pocket pages that have mostly flat embellishments.

Supplies Available through Stampin' Up! (see also downloadable PDF file)
§ * Card Collections are $16.00
§ * Accessory Packs are $10.00
§ * 12 x12 pocket pages include 12 sheets for $12.00
§ * 6 x 8 pocket page packs are $6.00
§ * Framelits are $25.00   ***Paper clips die is adorable!
§ * Corner Punch is $6.00
§ * Journal pen 2 packs are $5.00
§ * Grid Cards are half off $1.75 for 50 cards. -  No longer available.
§ * Albums are $10, $24, $30
§ *  Stamp Sets vary
Example – entire album, 16+10+12+8+pictures = Done $46

My Project Life Notes PDF (written for a class, but very useful information).

Stampin' Up! Project Life Products PDF for you to use.

The album that I show in the video, I put together what I show there, including journaling, in less than an hour, and that was stopping to video the process for you also. I still need to complete the album, and I will continue to work on it in the next few months. I will be adding 12x12 not pocketed pages with a few pictures I enlarge, for the finished album.

Still not convinced you should try pocket scrapbooking with Project Life? Contact me if you need any more information. I have been pretty darn thorough though! lol

Thank you for stopping by and learning about Project Life. I really believe it is an easy and affordable system everyone should try. I know you will love it if you do!!! ~Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Classes Added for May

Stamp A Stack of 15 Cards in May

Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Retirement and more!
3 of each of the cards posted for a total of 15
includes envelopes
Many different greeting options (many!)

Registration due by April 30th 

3 locations
May 2, 5-8 Glen Lake Minnetonka Caribou Coffee
May 6, 10-1, My Hillside Retreat, 23430 Variolite Street NW, Elk River
May 9, 6-9, Gateway & Hansen Blvd Caribou Coffee

Contact me to register today. 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I'm All Grown Up - Diva Swaps

If you are a frequenter of my website you know that my local downline group meets frequently and we always swap something. We changed this year to 3x4 inch swaps.

Today I took the time to make my mini cards into grown up full sized cards.  See the minis here.

i thought the originals were pretty darn cute alone and didn't need a lot of fuss to turn them into standard  5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inch cards.

For the Hooray card, I added an embossed layer in Melon Mambo to a white card base. I used a scrap of the Pop of Pink paper I had and turned it into a belly band and attached my 3x4 swap to it using dimentionals. Made for a pretty darn quick and pretty darn cute card.

For the Fiesta card, I used the solid print of the backside of the Fiesta designer paper and added just a small strip of another of the Fiesta paper to really, it anchors the 3x4 swap to the card base and keeps it from looking like it was floating.

I then fussy cut (boy I have been doing a lot of fussy cutting lately) a guitar out of the Fiesta designer paper and popped it on with a dimensional. I love the darling fiesta feel of this card.

I still have more swaps I got, to grow them up into full sized cards, but for today, I got my own swaps completed.

Thank you for stopping by, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

I Got Nothing

After 3 months of continuous posting this year, I got nothing!

Well, actually I got lots to share. I have just had too many back to back events in a row and didn't have time to post something good.

I promise later today to do something.

Reminder though that Sale-A-Bration ends March 31st. Thats Friday. Last chance to place orders and get FREE stuff with $50 orders. Join for $99 and get a ton of goodies. Host or place an order over $250 and get a lot of goodies.

Thats all I got folks.  Stop back later today!

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Monday, March 27, 2017

And on last Saturday

Last Saturday, March 25th, I spent the day at Ladies Day Out, a benefit for Multiple Sclerosis. This was my 8th time attending, I believe. It was my third time as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. I did three years as Miche Bags and 2 years just attending and hanging out with friends. 

I am not sure what my future with this event will be. I will have to see. I have really enjoyed myself over the years and hanging out with friends and meeting new people has been so much fun. But my knees just aren't digging the all day thing anymore. If I can get the knee fixed somehow, I may continue to participate. Again, I have a year to figure things out. I just know I was in a phenomenal amount of pain Saturday night after the event and spent most of Sunday recovering and miserable. Not the way one should feel after such a wonderful event.

I held 4 classes during the day. I am offering them up to all of you now. I will post more in another post but here goes what I know so far:

Limit mailorder to 15

Limit mail-order to 10 people

I am offering you both of these classes $5 per class. No postage fee. If you are interested in these, please send $5 in cash or check to Sandy McManus PO Box 1769, Minnetonka, MN 55345, and note which and how many you would like. There is a limited amount available. Your items will come pre-stamped for you. Instructions included. Just need adhesive and scissors to complete. Envelopes included.

Limit mail-order to 20

I am offering this class as mail-order also. $20 plus shipping. I do need to find out how much it will be to mail. So bear with me a few days on this one. Instructions included. Just need adhesive and scissors to complete. It is an adorable project! Frame can be hung or set on table. 

Limit mail-order to 20

This class includes one pocket page which makes a two page layout, enough cards to fill the pockets and some blank cardstock and journaling cards included. Class is $5 plus shipping, which I will need to figure out how much it will cost. This is a great way to try Project Life pocket scrapbooking and see if you like it!

Supplies used in page: Project Life app, and Just Add Color Edition

Thank you for stopping by today. Do let me know if you are interested in any of the classes offered as mail-order. ~Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Over the Moon Baptism

My friend Jeny has been making a lot of cards for a church quilt group she participates in and makes quilts for baptisms. They have been commissioning her to make handmade cards to go with the quilts that they give the newly baptized, children and adults. She made some recently, but they also needed them oriented landscape or horizontal to better fit an inserted message. And quite frankly, she has been looking for an excuse to get her hands on my Moon Baby stamp set. lol

Stamps: Moon Baby 143082 w $28 US 143085 c $20 US, Trust God (retired)
Inks:Archival Black
Papers: So Saffron 105118 $8 and Mint Macaron (not pictured) 138337 $8, White 100730 $9, Smoky Slate 131202 $8
Accessories: Sparkle emboss folder 141468 $7.50, Stitched Shapes framelits $35.00, Layering Ovals framelits $35.00

Thanks for stopping by today! ~Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy