Monday, September 17, 2018

Adhesives from Stampin' Up!

138309   $7
141825  $8
103683  $5.25
144106  $10
110755  $4
104332  $7
104331  $4.50 refill
104430  $4
144108 $4  minis
138995  $7

LINK TO CHART you can download. You can always find it under my Tool Box tab too.

I have compiled a nice updated chart of the adhesives Stampin' Up! has to offer. A while back I did a whole series of posts and video about our adhesives. That was the start of my Tool Box series, which I would love to get back to someday. 

I made the chart based on what is on the Annual Catalog on page 213 2018 Annual Catalog. I added in US items numbers and pricing. 

Feel free to print off the chart and hang it somewhere handy.  Some people find charts and printouts like this one very handy. My Tool Box tab contains a lot of such useful documents. Please explore it sometime. 

When I was compiling this chart I found our old adhesive removers have been retired. I'm sad now. They were very handy and very affordable. 

Thank you for stopping by, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Friday, September 14, 2018

Sneaky Peeky at the Holiday Catalog

This is a literal sneak peek!

Have no idea how the emojis got on my screen but there is no going back. Now that the catalog is live I thought this was worth a good giggle!

But I do talk about some good information. I redid the video a few days later. Will post that separately.

Oy. Technology at times really, well it just really!

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Make Your Projects Stand out with Faux Leather

Did you know that you can make faux or fake looking leather with just a piece of cardstock, ink pad, sponge, and embossing folder? Why yes you can. I have helped you by creating the folders, inks and cardstock I think give the most realistic look. But I saw a Lemon Lime Twist couch the other day so, the creative world is your oyster on this one.

If you try this technique, send me a picture. I would love to post it here and give you full credit, of course.

Stampin’ Up! Products
Sandy McManus

Essential Supplies
Big Shot Machine 143263   $110.00   page 214 AC*
Stamping Sponges  141337   $3.50 for 3 pack   page 203 AC
Metallic Pearls for “studs”   146282  $7.00   page 197 AC
Basic Pearls for tufted buttons   144219   $5.00   page 197 AC

Embossing Folders
pages 222-223 AC
Garden Trellis  143741   $7.50
Layered Leaves  143704   $9.00
Basket Weave   146841   $9.00
Petal Burst  141493   $7.50
Petal Pair   145656   $9.00
Quilt Top  144687   $8.50
Subtle   143706   $10.00
Tufted   146335   $9.00
Tin Tile   $10.00 Holiday 2018 (updates September 5)

Ink Choice 1
Ink Choice 2
Soft Suede 115318 $8.50
Soft Suede 147115 $7.50
Early Espresso  147114   $7.50
Early Espresso  119686  $8.50
Soft Suede 147115 $7.50
Early Espresso 147114  $7.50
Sahara Sand 121043 $8.50
Sahara Sand 147117 $7.50
Soft Suede 147115 $7.50
Smoky Slate 131202 $8.50
Smoky Slate  147113 $7.50

Whisper White 100730 $9.75

Very Vanilla 101650 $9.75

Cherry Cobbler 119685 $8.50
Cherry Cobbler  147083 $7.50
Early Espresso 147114 $7.50
Soft Suede 147115 $7.50
Cajun Craze 119684  $8.50
Cajun Craze 147085 $7.50
Early Espresso 147114 $7.50
Soft Suede 147115  $7.50

*AC = Annual Catalog 2018-19 from Stampin’ Up!

§ Run cardstock through your Big Shot using folder of choice. 
§ Cut your round sponge into 3 or 6 pieces. Hold using clothespin.
§ Hold sponge straight down on the round side. 
§ Pick up a bit of ink from your pad.
§ Figure out if you want the embossed (raised image) or debossed (recessed image).
§ Rub on cardstock in small circular motion until desired color is achieved.
§ For white and vanilla, use a clean sponge to buff the cardstock in circular motion. It creates a wax like shine. 

Faux Leather Tutorial PDF - you can always find it under the Tool Box tab.

Thanks for stopping by today. This information is very useful if you decide to try this technique.

Keep being your creative best, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Spooky Treat packaging from Stampin' Up!

The Toil and Trouble Product Suite on pages 48-51 of the Holiday 2018 Stampin' Up! Catalog features all the crafting goodies you need to make your home spooky ready and treats packaged. The Baker Boxes offer food safe packaging for your holiday treats, any holiday. Need to send home a slice of pie to Aunt Betty? No problem. Valentine cookies? We got you covered. Linda's secret Christmas fudge? Sure thing.

The boxes are easily sponged or spritzed to color coordinate with your occasion or packaged goodies.  Just grab one of the Stampin' Up! Spritzers, an ink refill and water or rubbing alcohol. There is no magic amounts or formula. You mix to your preference. Usually just a few drops of ink refill in the tube is enough. I like a mix of water and alcohol. The alcohol dries faster but you get no way to move that ink around then. 50/50 works best. You get some of the play with having water without turning your creation into a soggy mess.

Learn about all the great products in the video. The framelits cut out many images in the coordinating paper. There are several coordinating products that go with this suite.

Shop Now for your Baker Boxes!

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope this inspires you to step up your craft packaging this holiday season. ~Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Send Someone Love Today!

This is a silly video, no makeup, in workout clothes, don't care. I wanted to share with you how to make a difference in someones life. Send them a card, and handmade greeting card. We are overcome with dumb mail these days. The art of sending personal birthday or anniversary or congratulations by traditional snail mail has been lost to impersonal social media messages. While still nice that you are honoring them, nothing beats someone taking the time to write a short message and sticking a postage stamp on it and mailing it. You never know when it might be too late to send it.

At a recent Team meeting, Lisa, a friend and team member spoke about making sure you send a card before it is too late. Her personal story, but the bottom line is make sure you are actually sending those cards you are making. She encouraged us to send, maybe 10 cards a month. I sent 15 that following Monday. And had sent about 50 the previous month. And now I am behind again. A friend, and fellow demonstrator, wants me to post when I have emptied the bag I show in the video. I am working on that Autumn. Just got sidelined for a few weeks. ;-)

I get off track on that once in a while. Life gets busy and the process derails. It happens. The whole reason I got into Stampin' Up! was to "save money on cards I like to send". Yeah, yeah, my husband gets the last laugh on that one.

I have been making cards to give and mail since I was 5 or 6. There is nothing like getting happy mail, especially today when most of what fills our mailboxes is "occupant" mail and bills. I like to reach out to others other than social media. Most of the cards I make are blank on the inside because I  like to write my own greeting. This sounds harsh, but it seems lame to just sign your name. You are sending them a card to let them know you are thinking of them. Why are you thinking of them? Tell them!

If you post it on social media that you are sending cards, use one of the following hashtags. Let's get a real movement going!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope this encourages you send a few cards this week! ~Sandy
  Make a difference in someone’s life!

Send a card today!






Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Embossing Gable Boxes and Big Shot Embossing Folder help

Video on how to emboss a box

Did you know you can emboss Stampin' Up!s Gable boxes (silver foil and lustrous white)? Why yes you can!


  • Gable Box in Lustrous White 146961 $8 for 12 count
  • Gable Box in Silver Foil 145568 $8 for 12 count
  • Embossing Folders for the Big Shot, not ever folder works for this technique
  • Tear & Tape Adhesive $7 roll
  • Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine 143263 $110
  • Letter opener or scissor

To get started we need to get that box opened up flat. Using a letter opener or a scissor, along the boxes folded tab that closes the box, gently pry it open so it lays flat. You may tear up the tab a bit. None of it will show when you are done.

Place half of box into your folder, with folder right side up. THIS IS THE SIDE THAT IS LABELED. I do show below the right and wrong side images of the folders we had in April 2018. Products change, same idea.

  1. Run half box and folder through your Big Shot Die Cutting Machine. 
  2. Place folder on other half, folder right side up and run through the machine. 
  3. Using tear and tape, reassemble your box.
  4. Decorate box to finish it or use plain.

It really is a simple process. I do have to admit my first time, I was a little nervous to do it.

I also show you what each embossing folder looks like right side up and other (wrong) side up. Sometimes the opposite side looks just as pretty, if not prettier.

I hope you find this information very useful and are going to try this with your boxes. Please be sure to share this video with friends.


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Keep being creative, Sandy