Friday, June 30, 2017

Cheery Happy Birthday

Are you needing a simple and cheery birthday card? This one looks complicated. That is because of the beautiful designer paper I used. And who doesn't love the Happy Birthday thinlits that are new as of June 1st in the Annual Catalog? Honestly, it is easy to use and makes a big impression on your projects.

I used our new balloon honeycomb embellishments, but when I added it, it got swallowed up on that beautiful paper. Easy fix! Punch out a balloon using our balloon builder punch in a coordinating color of cardstock.

Here is my tip for adding a string to the honeycomb balloons, peel off one side of the balloon's backing to reveal the sticky (yes! they are self-adhesive) stick your string to the exposed adhesive. Place exposed adhesive to your project. Then peel off backing from other side of balloon. You can move the balloon string a bit once it is placed to make it seem like it is coming down the center of the balloon.

Here are the supplies I used for this card:

Stamps: none!
Inks: none!
Papers: Old Olive cardstock 100702 $8.00, Daffodil Delight cardstock 119683 $8.00, Whisper White cardstock 100730 $9.00, Delightful Daisy DSP Designer Paper 144137 $11.00
Accessories: Balloon Honeycomb Embellishments 144124 $5.00, Old Olive bakers twine 134579 $3.00, Balloon Bouquet punch 140609 $18.00, Happy Birthday Thinlits 143700 $20.00, Layering Ovals Framelits $35.00

Go ahead and give this layout a try. It is easy and makes an impression. Thank you for stopping by today. Happy Stamping, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Update on Knee #2 this week!

You can see the weird gaps underneath the metal joint.

Me, whining because my knee isn't as pretty and functional as this one!

Knee update

The pain in my knee has gotten so bad I can only scream when I move it certain ways. It was time to be seen. This time I was heading to Tria Orthopedic Center Acute Injury Clinic. No, I do not have an acute injury and probably should have made an appointment, but we figured it was a way in the door and maybe I would get answers right now.

My husband and I had been working on a history document of my problems, and quickly revised that to bring in. 

This has become a case of becoming my own best advocate. I have heard so much of messed up knee, more physical therapy for you. More movement. More this. And no, not my department from the professionals, on the fix. So many dead ends that has lead to frustration and tears and just putting up with a heck of a lot of pain for me. Pain that shouldn’t be there following a TKR Total Knee Replacement, at all.

The Tria nurse said, why did you wait so long to come in. Well, there is nothing urgent about it, it is an ongoing issue, the pain just got to the point that I cannot handle it anymore. Certain positions now cause me to just scream, rather loudly. My poor neighbors! 

Within five minutes of being there I already got what i have wanted for over two years, new X-rays. That was not easy to do. I had to lean forward, squat and nothing to support me. I said a few bad words. I want to feel bad I did, but holy moly did that hurt. And I allowed a student tech to do my X-rays. Having been a student tech at one point, I know, the tougher the cases, the more they learn. There was someone supervising from afar. I could have said, no student this time, but I figure i am miserable no matter what and its good for him. He tried really hard and did well. You will be a good tech some day Zach! 

The nurse was funny and sweet today. He is a good guy! We joked and such. 

Doctor came in room and talked about the Xray, and asked some basic questions. My hot spot is still my hot spot on the medial anterior tibial plateau. In other words, on the inside front of the bottom of my knee area. Xray shows something unusual going on, same as it did in April of 2015. I used to feel as though the bottom of the joint, the part that goes into the top of the tibia, slide around. Xray shows that the glue may have let loose, but it is not a smoking gun diagnosis by any means. The rest of my knee is inflamed and irritated and painful. Xray showed some fluid, but nothing significant. My last round of PT the therapists said I have overactive nerves there, but they had no idea what might be causing it. 

When I saw my surgeon for this problem before, two years ago, he put in orders for a revision, meaning he would just replace the lower part of the implant, but there were zero guarantees that that is the problem. So the order still sits there, because that is radical surgery with no outcome guaranteed.

Tonights X-ray showed that maybe this hotspot area tried to heal itself, unsuccessfully.  And fluid not that significant in the joint.

And this is part of why I am in the pickle that I am. It is a head scratcher. Yes, more, yup, your knee is messed up. Yes, it needs attention, but I am not sure what is going on.

Doc is running a bunch of labs. So far they indicate I have inflammation somewhere in my body. Duh!  I have a Nuclear Medicine test for a bone scan of my knee coming up. If that shows hot for inflammation then yes, that might be the smoking gun that the glue let loose, a long time ago, and I have been walking around with a loose joint. Splendid! 

And I see another surgeon for a second opinion on a revision. Bottom line, it looks like that might be a try at a solution. Sadly. I have more to say on this, but not in a public forum. There is much more to this story, no, not a bad surgeon issue. Other semi related issues. 

The Acute Care Doc indicated that if this is what is going on with my knee, movement and exercise is the worst for it. Two weeks ago I walked the entire length of two airports in an effort to better myself. Didn’t mean to make it worse. Normally it would be a good choice. Signs indicate that may have been a bad decision on my part. 

While I wait for more labs, my scan and another doc opinion, I am going to not move a lot. I have plenty of new stamp products to play with. My family will have to step up and pitch in on some of the housework I had recently started doing again. It felt going to help. 

But taking a chance tonight on a visit to another doctor, I am happy. He took my problem seriously, didn’t discount my pain, and is working to find me an answer which will lead to a solution. I will not see Dr. Jones again, as he is just an ortho ER doctor, in the basic sense. But he put me back on a path to discovery. No, no recommendations on how to handle the pain for the next few weeks, but he probably figures I am a pro at managing by now. Aspirin has been my friend this week. I have a secret stash of helpful products, which I will dig into if the pain ratchets up a few %. It is nearing that now. 

Thank you for following along with my journey. Many people have had health issues requiring persistence in getting answers. I will update as I get more information.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Paper Pumpkin Flash Sale until 11:59 MT June 30th


ENDS 11:59 MT JUNE 30, 2017

Message me if you have any other questions. Go! 

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Keep being creative, Sandy

My Roadside Kitsch Affection

My affection for Roadside Kitsch, the actual term by the way, started a long time ago, probably as a child. I love overgrown silly statues. They amuse me and their engineering impresses me. Think Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox. Which, by the way, I was introduced to as a very young person. So yes, my affection started early.

It has rolled into being mildly obsessed with finding all 500 and some Peanuts statues around the Twin Cities. I have probably seen about a tenth of them. And these are the only ones scrapbooked.

My affection for large cartoonish silly statues has grown so much I have my own scrapbook for them.  My title page for it, is the one that started it all, and the one that anyone from the lower 48 states likely knows the best - the giant Paul Bunyan Statue with Babe in northern MN.

The affection really took off when a friend had a cabin which you had to drive through a large chain of lakes and cabins on the eastern boarder of MN located about mid state, the Chisago Lakes chain, aka Little Scandinavia. There are sister cities to Sweden cities along the way. And a lot of my Kitsch.

Take, for instance, the giant old style Swedish coffee pot that is Lindstrom's water tower. Or for that matter, there is BOB the pizza chef, which was located just miles from our previous house. They all amuse me and make me smile.

I do not include Franconia Sculpture Garden located in Franconia MN as part of this. Even though some of the sculptures are really kitsch, they are serious artists who take their art very seriously. And the park is beautiful to visit if you are ever in the area. They have music festivals and pours and other art events throughout the year. I'm digressing again...

And add to my kitsch obsession now is trying to see all 500 and some Peanuts sculptures around the Twin Cities. I'm going to need a bigger book!

Along the way I found I am not the only Roadside Kitsch lover. I follow Roadside America which is dedicated to the kitsch I love. There are books. Minnesota is home to a lot of the statues. Some say Minnesota has the largest collection. I am not sure I would agree. But we certainly have enough to keep one busy for years to come. I have seen the giant walleye statue in Garrison MN. The last time we were there, around 2013, Wally was out of maintenance.  I have never seen the giant corn statue in Mitchell SD. Though I have likely driven by it.

Globally, I know kitsch exists in small doses. I believe the UK is home to a few kitsch statues. But most statues in Europe tend to be serious art or historic places, such as Stonehenge. Here in America, we do ridiculous really big!

Here I share some of my Peanuts statue finds. I should share some of my other kitsch since I know I am not alone in my affection, ridiculous as it is. Sadly a lot of my pages are done, just not printed. Since it is a low priority to print, it just keeps getting put off. I am the only one likely to look at the book anyway.

This is another explanation of why I do it. It is a different way to document my travels. Everyone can scrapbook pictures of beaches or mountains, which I certainly do too, but finding that kitsch, always accidentally, just adds to my travel fun. It puts a different perspective on travel and I usually find interesting places. This was also true when we were geocaching a lot. We found some interesting and historic places in our own backyard. I'm digressing again...

With this post I encourage you to document your affections (obsessions) and collections. In my case it is a collection of photographs of silly large roadside statues (roadside kitsch). I like to note the date, location and any history of the piece, sometimes there is actual history. And if I can get in a photograph with it, I will. Any way that you can, get those pictures documented. They are doing you, nor anyone else, any good sitting on your phone or computer. Document using traditional scrapbooking, pocket pages such as Project Life by Becky Higgins or Memories & More by Stampin' Up! (a brand new product), or go digital. Just promise me you will get them documented. You will thank me one day for encouraging you to do it now!

Thank you for stopping by! Go and document your silly today! ~Sandy

Supplies: Project Life App and Explore Edition card collection.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

On a Personal Note

I apologize to you, my regular and not so regular, readers. I have not posted since Fathers Day. And there is a jolly good reason for this, lame as it is, life happens.

We just got home from a long and busy vacation, which was no vacation. It was a hardworking week organizing, cataloging and removing my in-laws storage locker and belongings elsewhere. I personally spent a lot of time in our van, sitting, because I could not do much. Or hanging out in our hotel room. Not my favorite visit to the Southwest in regards to this. We did have an awesome family reunion. Truly blessed to be a part of that. More on that in a later post.

Here is the situation, my knee was already becoming worse (pain and mobility) before the trip, add to that the trip, and then I came home and hit the ground running getting ready for our groups Stampin' Up! New Product Extravaganza, and life stuff too, appointments, sick kitty, etc. Posting on my site just didn't happen. And this week my knee is getting worse. The pain is telling me it needs professional attention. If you have followed me for a while, you know that I have had both knees replaced, and much more surgery. And one knee has not been good since I fell in Salt Lake City at Stampin Up! Convention in July 2013.

The bottom line, I have been mostly sitting around doing not much this week besides what has to get done, errands, son doctor appointments, etc. When I move my knee in certain ways, I truly just scream. With the cooler weather in Minnesota, and our windows open, its no wonder our one neighbors are moving! Lol.

Honestly, I made it through our New Product Extravaganza, held myself together, trying to mask my pain face, but this week I cannot hide it from anyone, my family, friends, or social media. I do need answers to what is causing the pain. Well-meaning people keep offering pain management advice, and reasons to what might be the cause. I appreciate the well-intended advice, but none of it is the answer and none of it fixes the problem. Yes, I have been through rounds of medical specialists. Same answer every time. Your knee is messed up, but doesn't seem to be my area of expertise.

Yes, it is messed up. Yes, I have not given up hope of finding an answer. TSA, Transportation Security Administration, seems to think I have an abnormal amount of fluid in my knee. Lol. Funny, but true. And they might be the closest to the correct answer yet. I have suspected since early after surgery, that I might have a deep infection. It happens, not often, but it does, following joint replacement. My mother-in-law had one that plagued her for two years. She is finally clear, but it did cause a lot of problems for her.

Feel free to share your story below. Mine is a work in progress. I do take months off from seeing doctors and specialists. Mentally, it is just draining hearing the same message all the time. Physically running around to all these places gets draining in other ways. And financially it is very draining. It is time to get scheduling appointments again. It has been a while. Too long probably. But this is why I am taking somewhat of a break. I have so much projects to share!!!!! I am just challenged getting comfortable enough to sit to post. And I am saddened by being burdened by severe pain again. I do soldier on. I just have small moments of succumbing to the burden of chronic pain. I do try to hide, but I am having trouble hiding it right now.

When you do not hear from me for a while on here, it is usually not a case of being so busy, yes that can happen for a day or two, but it is usually I am being swallowed up by the pain monster again.

Thank you for listening and sticking with me. I have so many great things I do want to share. I just need to be able to do it.

Take care of yourself! Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day to all the Guys out there!

I actually made this in early January. All the products used are retired. I have been waiting to share it since then, just for Fathers Day. Why? Because it really honors all the males out there. My husband, who has been waiting patiently for this tin, can now have it. I am not sure what he wants to use it for, probably store loose electronics cables.

It was made using the Urban Underground Product Suite from the Occasions 2017 catalog and the Sale-A-Bration rewards tin that you could get for free with  qualifying order. Again, everything used is retired. And I have been waiting six long months to share this with you. I truly love how it turned out. It is very masculine looking.

Because everything is retired, I do not see much point in listing the products. If you do a search on my site for urban underground, you will see other samples which list the products used.

Shhh, I still have 2 of these tins I want to do something special with. They were so popular, they went out of stock early. That should tell Stampin' Up! that a product, maybe with different colors, would be good to have around.

To all the dads, granddads, uncles, brothers, and guys out there, I salute you this Fathers Day! You deserve it, and much more!

Happy stamping, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Saturday, June 17, 2017

My Limon Friend

Here is a fresh card color combination. Honestly I really can see the blue as a retired color, Brilliant Blue, instead of Lemon Lime Twist. Its a color combination that just makes each color pop against a neutral background.

Supplies Used:

Stamps: Wood Words • 15 rubber stamps
143925 $30.00 (wood blocks included) • 143928 $22.00 (suggested clear blocks: a, b, e) 

Ink: Pacific Point Ink Pad 126951 $6.50, Lemon Lime Twist 144086 $6.50

Paper: Whisper White 100730 $9.00, Pacific Point cardstock 111350 $8.00

Accessories: Lovely Words Thinlits 143733 $27.00, Layering Ovals Framelits 141706 $35.00, 1/4" Stitched-Edge Ribbon $7.00 each Whisper White ribbon with colored stitching on both edges. 10 yards. Pacific Point • 144199

Yes, you can use some of your layering ovals to cut out the Lovely Words framelits. I chose one of the scallops in the Layering Ovals set for this card. Or you can just cut out the words out of a solid layer of cardstock or designer paper. Many ways to use them. 

Thanks for stopping by this Saturday. If you are a regular follower, you know that I have been busy working on new samples using all the gorgeous new products. I have been having a lot of fun with my new goodies, hanging out in my studio, out of the heat outside, and (shh) away from my family. Son home for the summer, means he and his friends are in and out of the house, a lot. I welcome them here. It just gets crazy. They stop by the fridge and coffee bar for food and drink, as they head outside for a bonfire or whatever teen boys do outside. Hang out, I guess.

Keep being creative, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rustic Rooster Hello

Oh my gosh, doesn't this card look like it could have come from your Grandmas farm? This card is a semi (okay more than semi) case from Paula Dobson. She used different ribbon and a few other items. You can find it on Pinterest, like I did. It just fit what I was trying to make with my Wood Texture Suite, pages 158-159 Annual Catalog.

I am loving this product suite. It is on trend, with the rustic look, it is versatile, and it is just a fun suite.

This was a fairly simple card to make. To get the doily in an oval, I stapled into shape. Then glued the layers.

Supplies Used:

Stamps:  Wood Words • 15 rubber stamps 143925 $30.00 (wood blocks included) • 143928 $22.00 (suggested clear blocks: a, b, e) 

Inks: Pool Party ink pad 126982 $6.50, Memento Ink Tuxedo Black 132708 $6.00

Papers: Pool Party $8.00, Whisper White cardstock 100730 $9.00, Wood Textures Designer Series Paper Stack • p. 187 144177 $10.00

Accessories: Delicate White Doilies 141701 $3.00 24 doilies. 3-1/2". 1/4" Copper Trim ∙ p. 199 144179 $6.00,  Very Vanilla 1/2" Lace Trim 141672 $7.00, Pearl Basic Jewels 144219 $5.00 (colored black with a Sharpie)

Bundle and Save:  Wood Words Stamp Set Wood Crate Framelits Dies (p. 212)Wood • 145315 $54.00 Clear • 145316 $46.75 

Thank you for stopping by. Be sure to order your Wood Textures product suite today so you can start playing tomorrow. 

Keep being creative, Sandy

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Chapter Dividers for my Scrapbooks

If you are a loyal follower of my blog, you know that I have recently transformed my scrapbooks and the system used and so on. Read about it here.

As part of the ongoing renovation, I have made title pages for the front page of the books I currently have out, and a few of my books will contain multiple subjects for now. That is until I have enough pages completed to give them their own books. 

To keep the sections separated, and hopefully add a tab too, I made chapter dividers, as I am calling them. Just something to separate subject matter. That way, I also know where those pages are. I just received more albums this week, since with my last large print order I over filled my books and needed more, I will be adding these dividers as soon as they are printed. I will have to wait to print them, as I printed in total, around 300 pages in May. Some pages were not for us, but for the grandparents, and a wedding album for my niece, but still. I have been a busy gal.

Disclosure: for privacy sake, I do not share all the pages I create on my blog. Plus, who wants to know that much about my family??? Yeah, I wouldn't either... (smile)

I did create these in the Project life App. I was not looking for anything super fancy or time consuming. Just, done! 

The Home Improvement divider will contain pages of our progress as we turn this (vintage) not maintained home that was my parents, into a showstopper (or thats the plan anyway!). I thought a play on the 1980s/90s show was a funny punny, and the Love it or List it is a show my husband and I watched until I put a ban on my TV watching over two years ago. And it is something we actually discussed when taking on renovating this house. The truth is we could no where afford to live in this area, if we had not inherited this house. Though our mortgage free life actually costs us more. Its a funny twist on life. We wouldn't have it any other way. It is where we need to be right now. And all of us are happy here.

And the other page divider is for my history, my own and my childhood stuff for now. I wanted to keep this one super simple. It just needs to be simple for now. 

Take a few minutes and make some chapter dividers for your own books. And title pages!!! (which Ii covered on a recent post) You will thank me, especially when your books start to get near completion. If you only do one book for 1-2 years you may not need a divider. Right now my books criss cross lots of subjects and time frames. It is needed. And I seem to be filling them fast!

Supplies: Project Life App, Layouts in Big Shot 10 (top), Big Shot 5 (bottom), Neutrals card collection. 

Keep being creative, Sandy

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It's a Spectrum of Beauty!

This was inspired by something I saw on a Demonstrator page recently. She had made a lovely 12x12 framed color chart of all our colors, coordinated by a neutrals row, pinks and reds and purples, blues and greens, etc. I wanted to do something similar in squares. It just didn't arrange quite the way I wanted. 

I punched out 3 of each color. Glad I did. Read on...

Here are the squares in Stampin' Up!s order. You can see that they don't square quite in order or the way I wanted.

Catalog page of inspiration.

Here they are in the order that they are in the catalog, above. It is started to look pretty. 

When i came to the realization that having it as a long strip would be a really cool way to display it, I next had to plan how that would be mounted and displayed. I realized that 3" wide would be plenty. I was using our 1 3/8" square retired punch. Honestly, to punch out the 3 each of all 50 colors went really quick. I stood with a punch in one hand and a basket in the other and just went punch, punch, punch!  

I am glad I punched out 3 each. I was thinking initially of doing 3 different arrangements, but when my first design went bust, and I figured out what I wanted to do, glad I had enough to work with. 

After wrestling with this for a few hours, on layout (not kidding at all). I was inspired by what I found in the Annual Catalog 2017-18, page 183. I thought that would look nice hanging under the window ledge in my studio. 

I cut 6 3"x12" strips and adhered together. Warning if you try this at home, you have to be precise on your kerf line. That is your cut line, and make sure it is micro to the precise location because you will be able to tell when you start attaching those strips together. My first was not real precise nor straight. I am okay with this. It is my prototype. 

I left plenty of room on the first strip to do with what i wanted. Like add some text (didn't happen). I used peel and stick tape to adhere. I laid down a long strip and peeled off a bit of backing as I went along. This tape is not forgiving. Placement must be where you want it first time. Keep going until the last square. Trim my white background.

Whelp, my line was crooked. Some squares I had to peel off, retype and line up again. And my white is not in a line. Prototype!!!

I am hoping in a week I can redo this, being super precise with my white, pencil in some guidelines and add some text. I want to make 2. One as a gift for someone special. And mount the white onto some Basic Gray cardstock cut to 3 1/4" as a slight border. 

Sorry about my initial picture. It is a mess. I am in the middle of pulling retired items, making cool new stuff with all the new shiny goodies, and things get kind of messy when you are at your most creative. I am okay with this! 

I sit at the other end of the room facing this when I create. My eye keeps going to it. It inspires me. It makes me smile. It gives me warm fuzzies. It will make me happier when it is redone with square lines and more precision. Still gives me all the fuzzies.

Thank you for stopping by. If you are hoping to purchase on of these from me, scroll on. It ain't happening! But wouldn't that be awesome if you could buy one all nice and done! Hint, hint Stampin' Up! At least as a Demonstrator item to buy.  

Keep being creative, Sandy

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Monday, June 12, 2017

You are Lovely Inside and Out

This lovely simple card was inspired by, me! I am quite fond of this stamp set, and bundle. Its the Lovely Inside & Out stamp set and framelits bundle on page 157 of the Annual Catalog 2017-18.

Have you purchased and played with the new copper mesh ribbon? It is  A M A Z I N G!

You can pull it tight and make a copper cable. You can stretch it to make a fishermans net look. You can use it as it, it is about 1/3" wide. You can make waves. It ties beautifully. You need to order this today. Here is your item number 1/4" Copper Trim 144179 $6.00. 

Tip: I use glue dots to hold on the mesh. You really cannot see them, and gluing it down? Forget that. 

The stamp set has some great pieces in it for backgrounds and textures. You will likely be seeing me using this quite a bit over the next few months. Maybe its because it isn't a flower, it is different. I love the all the rustic inspired items we have too, but sometimes you just need to be different!

As the summer heat wears on, you will find me hiding in my studio, creating away. It is cool in there, okay cold. It remains a constant 60 year round. I like it cool, but that is just cold! In due time it will be completely gutted and remodeled and warmed up.

In the meantime, this easy to complete is yours for the CASEing. Copy and share it.

Stamps: Lovely Inside & Out • 12 rubber stamps 144008 $28.00 (wood blocks included) • 144011 $20.00 (suggested clear blocks: b, c, h) 

Inks: Powder Pink ink pad 144084, Fresh Fig ink pad 144082

Papers: Powder Pink cardstock 144244 $8.00, Fresh Fig cardstock 144242 $8.00, Whisper White cardstock 100730 $9.00

Accessories: 1/4" Copper Trim 144179 $6.00, Lovely Words Thinlits 143733 $27.00

Save and bundle: Lovely Inside & Out Stamp Set Lovely Words Thinlits Dies (p. 214) Wood-mount • 145323 $49.50 Clear-mount • 145324 $42.25 

Thank you for stopping by today. I need a taco. Its Taco Tuesday somewhere, right?! ~Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Starry Feelings for Van Gogh

I am not sure it was intentional on Stampin' Up!s part but between the Van Gogh quote and the paper which reminds me of Starry Night, one of my favorite paintings from one of my favorite artists.

The paper is from the Delightful Daisy Suite on pages 126-127 Annual Catalog 2017-18. And the Stamps are from the Just Add Color Suite on pages 166-167 of the catalog. The Just Add Color suite has designer paper you can color, all of it, and some other coordinating items.

This card was inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest of card. She did what I was trying to do, combined the paper and that stamp set. I used a different layout and a different stamp from the same set.

Thank you for stopping by to see my Van Gogh inspired card this Monday. Make it a Van Gogh kind of day! ~Sandy

Stamps: Just Add Text • 6 rubber stamps 143931 $25.00 (wood blocks included) • 143934 $18.00 (suggested clear blocks: c, d) 
Inks: Tranquil Tide ink pad 144085 $6.50
Papers: Delightful Daisy Designer Series Paper • p. 189 144137 $11.00, Whisper White cardstock 100730 $9.00, Tranquil Tide cardstock  144246 $8.00
Accessories: Tranquil Tide 144136 ribbon, Layering Squares framelits 141708 $35

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hello There Friend!

This card was created using the Pick A Pattern suite on page 40-41 of the Annual Catalog 2017-18 in the US. I love the colors and patterns in this product suite.

The Emerald Envy and Flirty Flamingo colors paired with black and white keep the colors looking modern and fresh. The designer paper with the pattern give it a retro flower power feel.

This card was super quick to pull together. No Big Shot work, mostly straight cuts and punching. I do love how it turned out.

I hope you will take a look at this product suite in the catalog. The paper and accessories have a fun modern retro feel to them. Which make them very fun to use.

Supplies used

Stamps: Pieces & Patterns • 14 rubber stamps 143840 $27.00 (wood blocks included) • 143843 $19.00 (suggested clear blocks: a, b, c, g)
Inks: Emerald Envy ink pad 141396 $6.50, Memento Ink pad Tuxedo Black 132708 $6.00
Papers:  Pick a Pattern Designer Series Paper • p. 188 144163 $11.00
12" x 12". 12 sheets. Flirty Flamingo cardstock 141416 $8.00, Basic Black cardstock 121045, Whisper White cardstock 100730 $9
Accessories: In Color Markers 2016-18 2016–2018 • 141393 $15.00 for 5 markers, Starburst punch 143717 $18.00, 1 1/2" Circle punch 138299 $16.00, 3/4" circle punch 119873 $13.00

Thank you for stopping by today!

Happy stamping, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Friday, June 9, 2017

This Little Piggy in her Pen

This little piggy is going to market in style in her wood crate throne. At market she will shop for new shoes and clothes.

I did fussy cut Little Miss for this card. In fact, the words that are attached to her on the stamp, I cut them off. (See words that are on crate) I like the words, like the pig, just not together on the same stamp. Just be careful when doing this, as the words are awfully close to the pig and I clipped a corner of a letter. Nothing terrible, but use an exact knife not a scissors, for a more precise cut. And don't do it late at night...

For her wood crate throne, I trimmed down a piece of the wood crate framelits die. I just trimmed off the bottom and the tabs that you would normally used to assemble it as a three dimensional crate. And I popped it up with dimensionals.

She was colored in using the Blender Pen and the Powder Pink ink pad, and pool the ink in the top cover of the pad.

And don't you just love the new wood textures designer paper that Stampin' Up! just released! I am through about a half a stack already. It is 6x6 double printed paper. So many wood textures to choose from, so little time to play with them all!

And the bow, I was not too sure on the felt bows, but I went ahead and ordered a pack. I really like them. They add a pop color (In Colors to be exact) and a soft texture to your projects. And they come with a sticky back already on them.

So go ahead and take your piggy to market this weekend. And maybe one little piggy will stay home...

Here are the supplies needed to make this project

Stamps: 143919 $28.00 (wood blocks included) • 143922 $20.00 (suggested clear blocks: a, c, d, g)

Inks: Memento Ink Pad tuxedo Black Pad • 132708 $6.00, Powder Pink ink pad 144084 $6.50, Lemon Lime Twist ink pad 144086 $6.50

Papers: Whisper White cardstock 100730 $9.00, Basic Black 121045 $8.00, Powder Pink Cardstock 144244 $8.00, Wood Textures Designer Series Paper Stack 144177 $10.00 48 sheets: 4 each of 12 double-sided designs. 6" x 6" 

Accessories: Wood Crate Framelits 143730 $30.00, 2017–2019 In Color Bitty Bows 144217 $8.50, Blender Pens 102845 $12.00, Dimensionals 104430 $4.00

Thank you for stopping by today! If you are in central or southwest United States right now, stay safe, stay cool. Stay inside and craft. This heat wave is something else.

Keep being creative, Sandy


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Keep being creative, Sandy

For a Great Friend card

Is it time to send a thinking of you card to a good friend? I love this Berry Burst and Lemon Lime Twist color combination. It looks fresh and fun.  Adding the black really makes those colors pop!

This card uses one of the new bundles in the Annual Catalog 2017-18, Lovely Inside and Out!

If you have been in any retail space recently, you will see how on trend these In Colors are right now. Lemon Lime Twist seems to go with so many colors.

Stamps: Lovely Inside & Out • 12 rubber stamps 144008 $28.00 (wood blocks included) • 144011 $20.00 (suggested clear blocks: b, c, h), Daisy Delight • 16 photopolymer stamps 143669 $17.00 (suggested clear blocks: a, b, d, g, h)

Inks: Memento Pad & Refill Tuxedo Black. Acid free. Pad • 132708 $6.00 Refill (0.5 fl. oz.) • 133456 $5.00, Berry Burst 144083 $6.50 Lemon Lime Twist 144086 $6.50

Papers: Whisper White 100730 $9, Basic Black 121045 $8

Accessories: Lovely Words Thinlits 143733 $27.00, Daisy punch 143713 $18.00

Bundle and save 10%: Lovely Inside & Out Stamp Set Lovely Words Thinlits Dies (p. 214)
Wood-mount • 145323 $49.50 Clear-mount • 145324 $42.25 

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope this inspires you to #makeacardsendacard this month. Sara Douglass, CEO Stampin' Up! encourages us to actually send those cards we make!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Epic Fight - over TP!

As a couple that has been together nearly 22 years, married over twenty years, we do not fight, not that we agree 100% on everything. We approach disagreements with civility and level heads, and discuss, like grown ups. And we do not disagree on much either.

Early on in our relationship we had, what we both still consider, our worst fight ever. The kind of fight where the anger comes from deep inside your core. And it was over toilet paper.

A few days after the fight we laughed about it. It is a story we tell often, because it is true, and it deals with what a lot of couples, any relationship really, deal with all the time. The basic approach you take to making purchasing decisions. And I am sure as you are reading this, you are nodding your head yes. Correct?

I thought it was time to document this epic fight, hurling toilet paper and all, because it was important to our relationship, it is humorous, and is worth remembering. And defines the simple stuff we often fight over and why. Sadly some couples cannot get past this issue. We did quickly, as it was a wake up call to a basic approach to basic every day essentials. We wanted to succeed as a couple.

It is hilarious now to look back at our biggest fight over something so mundane, but essential, to every day life. And yes, it bares recording it. Not all that gets recorded is the happy moments. I like to record the defining moments in life, as they really spell out who you are today. Call it cathartic journaling, call it scrapbooking, call it documenting, call it done!

Supplies: Project Life App, Perfectly Imperfect card collection. 

I posted the journaling below for you to read. Comment if you can relate. I expect a lot of comments!!!
Epic Toilet Paper fight of Fall 1995

When Rory and I were first together, we had some settling in as a couple, as any new relationship will have to go through. Our first big fight, and probably still the biggest fight we had, and loudest, involved toilet paper. Yes, couples fight about TP. 

It really boiled down to our core differences in approach to shopping. 

It began one evening in late October, early November of 1995 at Target on Shingle Creek Parkway in Brooklyn Center, the closest Target to the house. We were off shopping for essentials. Or Sandy was shopping and Rory was along to push the cart. He hated shopping back then, with a passion. 

We needed TP, toilet paper. We were in the disposable paper aisle of kleenex, toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, etc. We had little extra money at the time because Rory had not started working at Control Data yet, and Sandy’s sole income of just over $20,000 gross, was not a lot to live on.

Rory reached for the $1.99 4 pack of toilet paper, Sandy reached for the 24 pack of Northern quilted for $4.99. And thus began the fight. 

Rory wanted the $2 pack because that was all we could afford, even though it meant paying $0.50 a roll, and wasn’t likely to last long, but that is what money we had. Sandy wanted the 24 pack at $5 because it would last longer and was only $0.21 cents a roll. A significant overall savings. 

And then the yelling started. 

We both ended up screaming at each other in the aisle, feeling very passionate about our views on what size should be purchased. We hurled packs of TP at each other. No kidding! They might have even been heaved over the aisle racks. We were both angry. We both thought we were right. It made us realize our core values on purchasing items didn’t line up. We were scared and hurt, new in this relationship. 

Even some 21 years later Rory still says he was right, thats what we could afford at the time. (smile)

It was good that all this came out early on. It did make us realize as smooth as things were between us, not all our values lined up perfectly. As time went on we worked out better purchasing communications. 

To this day, May 31, 2017, nearly 22 years together, it was still our angriest, maddest, most physical and loudest fight, and it was very public. (No one else at Target noticed, or security would have been there in an instant.) And even after the fight was over it seemed silly to be fighting over toilet paper, and we laughed about it. It is a story that has been told often over the years. 

How did the fight eventually end? We bought the 24 pack!!! 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Master Chef at the Ready

This darling chef is from Stampin' Up!s new product suite Birthday Memories (I keep calling it the birthday friends suite) that can be found on pages 68-69 of the 2017-18 Annual Catalog.

You don't have a catalog yet? Perish the thought. Email me and I would be happy to pop one in the mail to you. In the meantime you can click on shop now or click on the PDF at the right.

The designer papers in the card, also from the suite. I watercolored the chef with our lovely watercolor pencils. The greeting was a scrap of white that I hand cut the curve on it.

One of the coolest features of this suite??? The framelits cut out not only the stamped images but images that are found in the designer paper. Can I get an Amen to that!!!

Here are the supplies needed to make this project at home:

Stamps: Birthday Delivery stamp set 143660 $27*
Inks: Black Memento ink
Papers: Real red cardstock, crumb cake cardstock, Birthday Memories Designer Paper 144118 $11, white cardstock 100730 $9
Accessories: 1/4" stitched edge ribbon Pacific Point 144199 $7, Birthday Friends Framelits Dies 143658 $31, *save 10% and bundle with the stamp set, use item #145294 $62.00, watercolor pencils 141709 $16, Aqua Painter 103954 $17, Layering Oval Framelits 141706 $35,

Colors in the DSP Designer Series PaperBlushing Bride, Crumb Cake, Da odil Delight, Early Espresso, Lemon Lime Twist, Old Olive, Pacific Point, Pumpkin Pie, Real Red, Rich Razzleberry, So Sky, Sweet Sugarplum, Whisper White
Look for more beautiful projects I have created from the new catalog coming up in the next few weeks.

Thank you for stopping by. Shop now! ~Sandy

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Project Life App Tutorial

As much as I talk about and use the Project Life app on my iPhone I thought it was time to do a video on how to use it. If you have not yet tried it, this may change your mind when you see how easy it is to use it. And if you notice the graphic I grabbed, the app isn't new at all. It has been around since the fall of 2014.

I truly believe scrapbooking does not need to be difficult, time consuming, or costly. Right now, this app fulfills most of my scrapbooking needs. Again, if you are a regular follower of mine, you know I do my scrapbook talks every Thursday. June 1st has been my only exception to this date because Stampin' Up! had their big annual catalog release and that is pretty darn important to me and my actual business.

Easy * Affordable * Done

These are the 3 words I often use when I talk about Project Life App, or any of the Project Life products. I still scrapbook by many means. Including I will likely use some of Stampin' Up!s new Memories & More product suite which includes modern planner materials. See them here. But the purpose of this post is to teach you how to use the app and to see how darn easy it is to use. Available in the Android Market also. Sorry Windows, might be time to upgrade your phone! (just kidding, my hubs uses one for work. It is a limiting platform to say the least.)

I do wish the partnership between Stampin' Up! and Becky Higgins, LLC had been able to be continued a while longer. Product lines do change all the time. And I am glad we had the product lines while we did. Or I would never have been exposed to this super awesome App!

This was a spur of the moment video, it is not professional in any way, and the sound could be better, but you should be able to hear me just fine. If you have any questions on how to use the app, please let me know. Or follow Becky Higgins, LLC.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I had fun finally learning how to do a video capture on an iPhone. You may be seeing me do more videos using the video screen capture. It was seriously easy. And if you have not seen my Youtube Channel, here is the link to watch other videos you may find of interest. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel while you are there.

Keep being creative and saving your memories (on your phone!) ~ Sandy

If you want to watch video on YouTube

Disclosure: none. I get nothing for doing this. I do it for me only. I am a Project Life Affiliate but then I only get a small percentage if you buy from my store when you buy the physical product or the digital software, neither of which is the app on the phone.

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Have you got the best Tool Box? WOW project.


I thought I would share this project with you even though the Occasions catalog from which most of these supplies came from is gone and the products are retired and no longer available.

If you are are regular follower of my site you know that I have been posting a lot of projects made with the Urban Underground suite that was in the Occasions 2017 catalog. I had not yet shared this project because I was not going to give a how to on making it. There will only be one!

I have seen similar ones pop up on Pinterest over the last five months. I made mine back in early January and just never got pictures taken nor shared it. Life happens. But it is still a cute project and still worthy of sharing, especially with Fathers Day coming up in the US on June 18, 2017.

I did start with a retired box from Stampin' Up! and put a few empty green glue bottles for weight inside.

It was a fun project, and took me about an hour to make. Not a lot of time, but a lot of brain work to make it. And I love the pop of blue, Pacific Point, on the handles of the tools against the black and gold of the tool box/tool chest.

Video of the tool box.

Supplies: Urban Underground product suite from Stampin' Up!, Build It framelits, Urban District, Nailed It, gold foil paper, Layering Ovals framelits, etc.

I wish you luck if you decide to make a similar project. It took a very steady hand to get the gold foil edging on the drawer cut straight and glued on straight. Precision work is not my forte. But I can suck it up once in a while to do it for such a cute project.

Now what do I do with this? Save it? Not sure of the fate of the cute little tool box.

Thank you for stopping by and following along with my daily adventures on my blog. I appreciate my loyal audience!

Keep being creative, Sandy

 Some depth to the box.

 It's in the details!

 A "framed" sign for the top of the box for inspiration.

Side view, you can see the depth I added.

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Friday, June 2, 2017

Take the Catalog with you Anywhere!

Would you like to be able to take the catalog, especially this beautiful new catalog, with you anywhere? Be able to browse it anytime, right from your phone?

Watch the video to learn how you can get the catalog in PDF format right onto your phone. I did the video on an iPhone, but the process is similar on Android and Windows.

Here is the link to get started!

Shop Now here 

I hope you found this video helpful. Be sure to LIKE my video on my Youtube channel and subscribe to my channel.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

See the Catalog in Video!

Here is a preview of the new catalog and all its goodness! Shop now

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New Catalog is Live for Purchasing!

Here is the PDF file for your viewing pleasure, and a pleasure it will be!

Shop Now! to get these great products shipped to your door quickly!

Workshop Host code for June is 9H2FQKF6. Use that when placing your order.

I am excited for you to see the new catalog. I bet you are too! Get looking now. 

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