Sunday, April 30, 2017

Special Pre-Order for Customers May 1st!

Beginning May 1st, you do not need to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator to order this gorgeous new product suite from Stampin' Up! which will be available in the Annual Catalog which comes out June 1st, 2017. Unless you have been living under a creative rock, you have seen this suite all over Pinterest, on peoples Facebook pages, Instagram and more. It is call the Easter Palace Suite, and include 3 of the new In Colors available June 1st. 

You can pre-order this bundle May1st! Yes, you, a customer, can pre-order. How cool is that! I love Stampin Up! for doing this. Download the product flyer here

And, and, and, because I love what I do, I have a special that goes until May 20th. If you order the Eastern Palace Premiere bundle at $103.50 you will automatically get my Flight of the Dragonfly mail order class FREE, mailed to you all on me! Learn more about this class here.

You will end up with an exclusive new product suite from Stampin' Up! and a beautiful group of 6 coordinating cards and a cute storage box from me, all for $103.50.  My mail order class runs $40 if you do not want to place an order, but how could you not want to order this stunning bundle? 

Confused? Got it? So if you pre-order the premiere version of the Eastern Palace suite, you will automatically get the Flight of the Dragonfly class mailed to you (from me only) Email me if you have any questions. 

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Friday, April 28, 2017

New Class added for May. Flight of the Dragonfly - Mailorder only

New class has been added for May! It is mail order only!


Now through May 20, 2017 online/mail order

$40 for six WOW cards, envelopes and a cute storage box, or FREE with any $100 order.

Orders for kit only or any order placed through my website until May 20th, will receive this kit in the mail. The kit will come precut and stamped. You will just need scissors and adhesive to finish.

The picture does not do these cards justice! Anyone can participate.

To order just the class, send cash or check $40 to Sandy McManus, PO Box 1769, Minnetonka MN 55345. Email me if you have any other questions.

If you place a minimum of $100 single order with me by May 20th, the kit will automatically be mailed to you. You should receive it by May 26th. Place order now.

The colors in the cards are white, mint macaron, black, emerald envy and copper. The storage box will hold more than the 6 cards in the kit. This would make a great gift for someone you love, or just for yourself.

It is easy to get to $100, order some of the great clearance rack items. Or order the new Easter Palace suite which will be available for purchase next week. Here is the flyer on the new products. they are pretty darn wow themselves.

So this is a win-win! Order the deluxe Easter Palace suite and get my Wow dragonfly kit FREE! Thats a lot of Wow. Don't forget, The Eastern Palace suite pre-order starts May 1. 

Thanks for stopping by, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Relaxing Scrapbook Retreat

During the first weekend of April I was blessed to escape for a 4 day weekend of scrapbooking with some good friends. The weather was fantastic and I escaped outside a few times for walks around the property.

During these weekends there is always a lot of laughing, a lot of talking, this time some pretty intense stuff with a friend who has some issues at home, and fantastic cooking.

I thing this is my fourth retreat here and with this group, though my count may be off. In any case, we are booked for next year already.

This year, I worked on card swaps for the upcoming Stampin' Up! OnStage. Then I worked on one of our really  big trips from 2016. I did that in My Digital Studio, which I really need to upgrade to My Memories Suite, and I will soon. But I got a fair way through the trip. But here is the catch. In the first two days of our trip, we stopped at at least 5 places, plus Disneyland. All places are worth at least a page or two and all are important. It was a big trip. It was actually our first family trip. True story! All other trips outside of some short in state stuff, have all been for the purpose of family in Albuquerque. We try to make those about our memories too. But it really is about seeing the extended family. Important. Yes! But not a destination we would vacation otherwise.

I have 2016 well documented beside our 2 big trips. I have been doing a pretty darn good job keeping up thanks to the Project Life App. But for big life events I will always choose a full computer digital scrapbooking software. I have even started a physical Project Life Album for a trip a few years ago. And will likely be adding some sub events to it.

So after I burned out of working on the trip (it happens), I switched to documenting jobs I worked. I tended to have longevity at even part-time jobs and was usually purposeful in where I worked. I shared last week my first job. My second job will be a two-parter and will take more time to document, as it lead to a diversion. It will make sense when I get it posted. Its a lot to journal, and I feel its important, to me, and probably no one else. Maybe my family. But it does explain choices I made later and what lead to meeting my husband. So theres that.

We all have our stories. I love reading peoples stories, even the small stuff. It all shapes who we are. Be sure to record yours, by whichever method you find works best.

Supplies: The Great Outdoors Themed Cards in Project Life, and Project Life App for iPhone

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ham Ham Hammer It!

I love using negative space from dies and punches to display beautiful designer paper, like I did here with the hammer placing the Urban Underground designer paper behind the cut out.

My post from April 25, 2017 (yesterday) talks about the supplies used. This card is approximately 3 x 6. I cut it so the fold is on the top and the card can stand on its own.

Don't delay, be sure to get your Urban Underground supplies while they are still available.

Sorry this is going to be a short post tonight. My hubs and I have been spending a lot of time in the evenings finishing up my studio (finally and Amen to that!). I am hosting my splines team meeting here this coming Sunday and I am so excited. This will be the first time the space has been used by more than my family and myself and my friend Jeny.

This phase of the studio remodel is minutes away from being done and I will give a grand tour. As the hubs and I found out tonight, confirming our many years suspicion, there is only 1 inch insulation behind the 1970 wood paneling in there. Explains why even in warm weather it is often low sixties (F) in temp when I come down and both of us often run our space heater in the summer when the house air conditioning is on. Sad and expensive but true.

The eventual plan is to strip both his office and my studio all the way back to the cinder blocks, frame properly, ceiling too, and more than 4 sets of outlets. upgraded recessed lights and more. All in good time. In the mean time, our next phase of remodel includes putting a bathroom on the same floor as my studio, rough ins are there. and more. We have to put a bathroom in before we gut the upstairs because both upstairs bathrooms are likely to be out of commission at the same time. Oh lovely homeownership. Joy, joy, joy.

Thanks for stopping by today. Keep being creative, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

May Stamp A Stack, Still time to register

Still plenty of time to register for my May Stamp A Stack, 3 locations and dates to choose from.

Register here or by email with the subject - Stamp A Stack.

May Stamp-A-Stack 3 each of 5 card styles, $35 with envelopes. May many greeting options (Moms Day, Dads Day, Graduation, Wedding, Baby, Birthday and more)

May 2, 5-8, Caribou Coffee, Glen Lake Minnetonka
May 6, 10-1, My Hillside Retreat in Elk River
May 9, 6-9, Caribou Coffee Coon Rapids at Gateway and Hansen Blvd


If you still want to participate in the Stamp A Stack but are unable to attend, the cost is $40 for class and prep fee and mailing. Please send a check to Sandy McManus, PO Box 1769, Minnetonka, MN 55345 and let me know you are sending a check so I can prep your materials ahead of time. Thank you.

Read more information about the class here.

Thanks. Hope to see you soon. Sandy

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Dad Gift - Not too early to start thinking about it

This darling item here would make a nice Dad (or Grad) gift. It is not a card, more like a bookmark or wall hanging or something. It is appropriately 3" x 7", I had to accommodate the letters, which are quite large.

There is still time to purchase your Nailed it and Urban District stamp sets to get ready for your dad or grad. Shop Now

Supplies used are very similar to several cards I have posted recently. Read here for supply details.

I did fussy cut the letters and the black layer underneath the letters.

Its hard to believe that I still have projects I have not shown you with the Urban Underground suite from the Occasions 2017 catalog. I just fell in love with the suite, the colors, the uses, and it is so nice to have guy stuff that isn't military or hunting. Those are important too, but didn't fit the guys in my life too well.

Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Monday, April 24, 2017

I'm So Excited

This! This stash of beautiful new Stampin' Up! supplies has got me excited. This is some of the items we were able to pre-order early for attending OnStage, one of the really cool perks of being a demonstrator!

I did not get a change to play with my new goodies, but I did open and look at every sheet of the beautiful new designer series paper.

There are framelits that cut out shapes (animals) in the top paper stash. I am so excited for this. No more fussy cutting special shapes out of paper. I cut so many sombreros and guitars out of the retiring Fiesta paper, my hand would get sore.

I love the new label type shape punch (pictured). And that copper mesh ribbon? Oh so much fun, you can actually kind of mold it. Super cool stuff.

Make sure you are on my mailing list. My open house for the new catalog is on my calendar. May 30th and 31st are the days to come get your catalog in person. Need one mailed, make sure to let me know in the next few days if you need it mailed.

I am super excited for you to see the catalog, really soon! In the meantime, enjoy some of the projects  i will be making with my new cool tools.

And an update, last week was not good. I was completely under the weather all week. I did post something about that last Wednesday. I have so much to catch you up on. I will do that as fast as I can. Both my son and I have whopping sinus infections, eustation tubes backed up and all. We are both on the mend now.

See ya soon, Sandy

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Blew My Streak

I so blew my daily posting streak this week. After 4 weekends in a row gone for various reasons (cannot wait to unpack my suitcase for a few months), my groove got off. Easter came. It was quiet but nice here. I staying quiet as I was very tired. Church happened quietly. But my body, and quite frankly, my brain too, were shot. My knees needed a few days of nothing. My brain needed to flatline a few days. And then I got sick. Maybe I would have been better if I kept up my pace, not let the bad germs in, but you all know, it does catch up. Between my schedule, the travel and other factors, I was ripe for an illness. And because I had been busy I didn't pre-post some items like I normally would have. Argh. LIFE HAPPENS!

Come Monday I was very worn down. Barely able to be up long stretches. Tuesday the migraine came. In this case, a burning building migraine. For those that get migraines, you know the kind, where if the house were on fire, you could care less if you got out? Yup, that kind of headache. Been having them since I was two, a story that should be recorded!

Then Tuesday night a mild fever and ear pain. By today, Wednesday, I cannot touch the right side of my face. So Thursday will likely see me at the doctor for what appears to be an ear infection. I think this is only my third or fourth in life. Kids are far more resilient than adults with these. I pasted myself together enough so my son could have a friend over and I could fake caring about anything! lol but true....

So I blew my streak of continuous posting since early January. Life happens. And hopefully I will feel better soon.

I have two boxes of new stamp stuff, pre order from the upcoming catalog, that really needs to be played with. Until then. ZZzzz

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Fifty Looks Good on You!

 Recently my husband turned the magical 50! It was a very quiet affair. I was at a scrapbooking retreat, our son worked, and our daughter was at college with no way to get home. I think he preferred this, as less fanfare meant it really didn't happen. Or so his thinking goes!

It sounds like he had a lovely day. He had a sunny brunch on the deck. He went for a lovely walk at a nearby creek. Our son purchased a deli dinner from his grocery work and got him an iTunes card. He has a Nintendo Switch coming from me as soon as they come back in stock (patience).

I had bought him a cake before I left. I tried to get him German Chocolate but the local store had been unable to get the proper supplies for weeks. So marble cake with rich chocolate frosting will have to do and the large 50 in gold frosting!

Fifty is looking good on him. Relaxed and in charge of his life. What more can anyone ask for today.

We all have a story to tell, and every story is worthy of documenting. Be sure to record those memories while you can about the people you care about.

Supplies: Christian Themed Cards Project Life, Project Life App for iPhone

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bless Us All this Easter

Bless us this Easter! He is Risen indeed!

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tin of Cards Project (retired) tips

This kit may be retired, but it is still a darn cute kit and I have included great tips for you, in case you still have a kit unassembled at home. The coordinating stamp set, Tin of Cards, still available for purchase until May 31, 2017!!!

Download the tips PDF here.


Stampin’ Up!
Item 138378 2015-16 Annual Catalog (retired item)
$27.00 US
Makes 16 cards and envelopes

These instructions coordinate with the ones in the kit. They will help make assembly that much easier. I have assembled several kits with my instructions.

Additional supplies you will need to complete your kit:

  • Inks: Black, Calypso Coral, Crushed Curry, Mint Macaron, Black StazOn ink pad
  • Adhesives: Tombo green multipurpose glue, SNAIL adhesive, fin tip glue pen, optional dimensionals.
  • Scissors
  • Foam stamp pad
  • Silicon craft sheet
  • Scratch paper
  • Tin of Cards Stamp Set Photopolymer • 138946 $17.00 (suggested clear blocks: a, b, g, h)
  • Tin of Cards stamp set still available until May 31, 2017!!! It is a very multipurpose stamp set.

Stamping Tips
Pieces You Will Stamp: Wood callouts, White flags, Small white banners, ++++++++++++ on blue card base, greeting – one word, on gold foil card, scallop edge on butterfly card

If holding kit as a class: pre-mount all the stamps, have cleaner or baby wipes on hand to clean between stamps.

You do not have to stamp same greeting on all 4 coordinating cards (I did this on my first kit). Rather stamp that greeting on all the pieces you want. Ex: make a birthday card for each coordinating set of 4 cards. Be sure to clean stamp between each card piece, they might be stamped in different colors on each card.

Please read entire TIPS sheet before proceeding on stamping.

Divider Cards
Stamp all of them at once, you will use black ink for all of them. Set aside a few minutes to dry.
Glue paper on divider cards. Set in card tin.

Pro tip: since the tin is re-usable, think about what type of cards you send out on a regular basis, use those types as your divider card headers.

Card 1: Gold epoxy heart card

Follow instructions in kit. No other tips.

Card 2: Gold foil slot card
Cut your bakers twine into 4 even pieces.
It wraps about 3 times around 4 fingers or 4 times around 3 fingers.

Card 3: Blue with woodcut card

Use StazOn ink on the woodcut.
Adhere the yellow strip onto blue card base first.
Line up the ++++++++++ stamp so it is just to the edge of the card. You will stamp it 4 times. No need to fill in the middle as that will be covered up by the woodcut image.

Card 4: Butterfly Card
  • Stamp butterflies while still on sheet.
  • Stamp banner greeting in Memento ink or Archival ink.
  • Punch out large butterflies. Stamp on a piece of scratch paper.
  • I used stars in Crushed Curry on large butterflies. No right or wrong here.
  • Keep butterfly cut out plain side up, place vanilla butterfly on top rather than cut out solid.
  • Cut gold thread into 4 even sections. Use dimensionals or glue dots to adhere to back of large butterflies.
  • Stamping the scallop edge: stamp edge in reverse on bottom.

You will have some extra items. Feel free to use on other projects.

 Thank you for stopping by today. Be sure to get your Tin of Cards stamp set today, while it is still in stock! Shop now


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Keep being creative, Sandy

Friday, April 14, 2017

Sweet Box Pillow Gift

At OnStage a week ago, I decided to stay at a local hotel, just to make the early morning easier. I roomed with Beth T, who is an amazing crafter. Seriously, she should open up her own paper flowers boutique. She has been hired by quite a few brides for her crafty prowess.

She was so kind as to leave me a pillow gift. I was the crummy roommate who didn't get time to do that. I will do something nice for her later, I promise!

The cool thing about this box is its mostly scoring and burnishing. No adhesives to hold the box together. Speaking of adhesives, and tools and Tool Box series, I will not be posting any of my series in April. I have just been out of town too much. It will be 4 weekends in a row. That has really thrown off my groove and rhythm.

Back to the darling box. Beth copied a pattern that Pootles in the UK posted very recently. Click on the link to watch Pootles video instructions. I am giving all the love and talent to Pootles and Beth on these projects. This is Beths Facebook business page.

Here are some basic instructions. Finished size is 4x6x1":

1) Sheet of paper, cut to 8x11"
2) Scoring: 11" side - score 1, 2, 6, 7", 8" side of paper - score 1, 7" which form the sides of your box.
3) You will need to remove to 1" square sections, the sections that are at the 1" by 1" and 1" by 7" score marks.
4) Diagonal scoring - in between the 6" and 7" score marks with your paper facing you, score at the 1" by 6" corner outward at a diagonal. Repeat on the other side. Pootles recommends using a firm hand a scoring but not going back over each section, because you will break down the fibers in your paper too much.
5) Round the corners of your front flap. The Project Life corner rounder works great for this.
6) Punch a small hole in the front flap, use either the 3/4" or 1/2" circle punch. Fold your flap over when you do this so you get a half circle on each section.
7) The corners should naturally fold inward, if you have burnished well.

Box top layers - Cardstock 3 3/4" x 5 3/4", Designer Paper 3 1/2' x 5 1/2"
Stamped layers - Cardstock 3 1/4" x 2 1/2", Vanilla or white cardstock for greeting 3 x 2 1/4"
Add ribbon bow if desired.

Beth and Pootles both used Cupcakes and Carousels Designer Paper, which can be found online and in the Occasions 2017 Catalog.

Thanks Beth for letting me share your darling creation. And shout out to Pootles for a cute project.

Thank you for stopping by today. Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Journey Began on...

When I was at my scrapbooking retreat a few weeks ago, I scrapped a few unusual, well not really unusual, just a life event that I thought should be recorded.

So now my secret, which was never a secret, more like a little known fact about me, is wide out in the open. I still keep up with games and devices. I am not a "gamer girl" by any means, I play specific games, and not that many at all. Back in the day when I was going to Gamestop a lot with my friend Berta, we became the Pokemoms. The gamer crew there were amused by us and our knowledge. But how is got into it is for another post another day! I still love the challenges that Pokemon brings. And you darn well bet I was playing Pokemon Go on about day 3 of release. Met a lot of really nice people that first week after its release.

The Story (copied here for easier reading)
Rory started playing Pokemon many years ago, after he got his Gameboy Advance. He started with Emerald because it was giving away a free adapter to connect the devices. The kids got the devices too. They upgraded to the Nintendo DS eventually. Toys R Us and Pokemon used to have giveaways for free characters. 

We were in line at the Toys R Us in Northtown to get the giveaway - Manaphy on their game card. I was keeping the kids company while they waited. We got up to the head of the line and I told the employee, Emily, toss in an extra game for me. I wanted the darling Manaphy, a water type Pokemon. Rory took care of his free character, and had to pass his DS off to me so I could set the game up and get the free character while we were in the store. 

I stayed playing continuously for hours. We pulled into the garage. I sat for hours in the dark garage in the Vibe playing Pokemon. Rory would flip the light on and check on me. I would just smile and wave at him. I got my own Nintendo DS 6 weeks later. And a shiny Pokemon a week after that. 

It all started with wanting Manaphy on September 29, 2007. As they say, the rest is history.

Supplies: Project Life App, Squared Away 8 layout, Graduation theme edition (for the color red only).  Project Life Affiliate

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Keep being creative, Sandy

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Crop A Lot of Fun Day

Attention MN Scrapbookers:

April 22, 10-10 pm
My House
All Day Craft and Crop
FREE (this first time)
I will have soup available. 
Feel free to bring your own treats. There is a fridge and microwave and Keurig in the craft area.
Try the Big Shot, stamps and punches. Feel free to bring your own paper for these tools.
I will have adhesive for sale if you forget your own.
Work on scrapbooking, card making, knitting, sewing and more.
 Or just join us and read a book all day. 
You will get directions upon registering. Minnetonka area.
I do have projects leftover from other events available for purchase that day if you are interested. Prices range from $5-20 per project.

I have not held an all day craft and crop in many years. It is time to return to my roots, and reality, force myself to work on stuff too.

Join me on April 22. Register here.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

Beautiful Succulent Bounty

This adorable home decor succulent kit is an affordable and easy to assemble piece.

I have written up some tips for assembly for you. You can download the PDF here or follow below.

Kit comes like this


Stampin’ Up!
Item 142782 $23.00 US

Coordinating tips, coincides with kit directions

Kit Colors: Sweet Sugarplum, Calypso Coral, Garden Green, Wild Wasabi, Mint Macaron, Tip Top Taupe

Additional Supplies
Adhesives: Tombo green multipurpose glue, hot glue
Pencil or small tubular object
Calypso Coral and Tip Top Taupe ink pads
Vertical Garden stamp set 7 photopolymer stamps 142996 $21.00 (suggested clear blocks: c, h) 
 Step 1 Punch out succulent petals
Use a bone folder to help punch out pieces.
Punch out all layers at the same time. It makes the pieces more stable and easier to work with the thin layers.
Lay out in same pack arrangement after you punch them out.

Step 2  Layout the petals

Note: this would be the time to sponge the edge of your petals if you desire. I did not feel it needed it.

Mark the different size petals right on the paper stacks, as shown in the directions. Directions recommend something different. My way works very easy.

It is best to make 3 different size succulents only. Offset each layer. Use bone folder to curve petals.
Large succulent – all 9 pieces, 1-9
Medium succulent – size 1-6 pieces
Small succulent – 7, 8, 9 pieces

Glue each layer of petals together using green glue. Hold until set (a few seconds), for each set.

Step 3 Assemble your roses

Use a pencil or some other small object, start at the smallest end of the rose spiral, roll around your pencil tightly. The big round bottom will end up being the bottom of your rose. Hot glue works best.

Step 4 Stamp your banner

When my kit was put together (by my friend Jeny!!!) I did not have that stamp set and used a different one, but it worked for this purpose.

Step 5 Attach Ribbon Hangar

Loop ribbon through frame hangar and tie knot to hold it securely, then tie in a bow.

Step 6 Arrange flowers

Arrange your flowers into the frame as desired. Adhere using hot glue, or green glue.

I recommend using the roses to lead the eye around the frame, even in groupings of odd numbers, make your visual triangle.

Step 7 Attach Banner

Curve the banner slightly, run along the edge of a table to get the curve.
Adhere it to the frame using hot glue because it will set the quickest.

Thanks to Jenybeth for her tips when assembling this kit for me! Smooches girl.

There are other things you can do with your individual succulents. You can attach them with magnets or Velcro so you can rearrange.

There are other things you can do with your individual succulents. You can attach them with magnets or Velcro so you can rearrange.

Here is an alternate project created by Terri Gaines, (upline) that she used at a downline reward event this winter. Full credit to Terri for her creative brilliance with this project! 

I do hope you give this kit a go before it is gone from inventory, as it is on the retirement list. 

Thank you for stopping by today, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy