Thursday, May 14, 2015

So This Happened Wednesday #stampinup #projectlifeapp

Yup, after months of hard work and running between two houses, we did it. We sold our house, or more correctly it is in pending. Closing in FIVE WEEKS!!! It is exciting news. We still have a bit of stuff to move out. Mostly my chatkes and books and garage stuff and the furniture we left for staging. It will get done, but not soon enough for all involved parties.  I plan on making an album of the house using before, during, staged and after pictures during my leisure time this summer. Yeah, it can happen, I can have leisure time! My whole family needs and deserves some family fun time.

The top picture was made using the Project Life app and the Cinnamon Edition card pack. The bottom picture/page was done using the same items. It was created for a Facebook group I am part of as part of the Weekly Challenge Week 7. Boy that was a poorly worded sentence. Oh well. I am tired, as it has been a long many months.  The challenge was to have a large top photo or two and same for bottom and split a photo or something across the middle. Since I only use the app that was a challenge. The top left and bottom right are I believe part of the same photo. Lining them up on the same row looked horrible so I split them across the page which created a nice visual triangle by accident.

Both pages say the same thing and essentially use the same photo. Which one do you like better and why? I would really like to know.

Thank you for stopping by, save some memories today! Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

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Diva Blog Hop brings May Flowers

You are arrived from Denise:

This month the Stampin' Divas are bringing (maybe blinging also) flowers! Who doesn't love fresh spring blooms in May? So let's get blooming!

I used the Painted Blooms DSP 137784 from the Occasions catalog available until June 2. Page 18-19 Occasions. I also used the Butterfly Thinlets Dies 137360 page 26 Occasions catalog. 

This paper is was designed by an artist. Stampin' Up! Gave the artist paint and canvas and said go for it. So the whole pack are reproductions of actual art. How wonderful is that?!!! 

To make it super easy just trim and frame. But of course I never go that easy. 

This one is super simple. Painted Blooms and Butterfly Thinlets and a greeting and a layer of paper. 

Okay, this one is super easy, paper and the butterfly using gold foil paper. Butterfly on with mini glue dot. It needs no greeting. 

This frame was quite easy also. Paper, Hello You Thinlets Dies 137363 page 31 Occasions for the words, and gold foil punched butterflies in Elegant Butterfly punch 127526. Banner punched out of the Painted Blooms paper using the Bitty Banner Punch. I used a lot of glue dots on the banner. 

All frames are from Ikea. 

Thank you for stopping our monthly Diva blog hop. 

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Have You Done a Selfie Page?

For a Facebook group I am part of (PLxSU Trio Challenge, closed group to Stampin' Up! Demonstrators I believe). They do weekly challenges. This week is Selfies. Doesn't have to be yourself. 

This turned out to be a timely challenge for all that is going on at home. Our double move, which is nearing completion, and how it has affected our family. I certainly have not been caring for my own self. Little and horrible sleep. Eating somewhat crappy. More coffee than I'd like to admit or worse, instant coffee at times (ew!!!). Family stress and drama. 

We are so close to the end of this very long (9 month) process of moving out, cleaning out my parents house (still far from complete), getting set up there, things breaking at my parents house (of course!!!), redoing just about everything in our house (it really is like a newer better house, can't tell we were there 17 years), shoving stuff in a storage locker to deal with later (but not much later), kids adjusting to new area and new schools, son joining a high school sport and the time requirements of that (hello 6 days a week Lacrosse), mom in rehab, mom out of rehab and finding her a new place, getting mother adjusted to new place (she has been the least cooperative in this whole process), cats adjusting to new place, cars getting attitudes, knees falling apart again (more later), daughter now driving (as Martha says "this is a good thing"), husband and I sleeping not well on camp cots for 5 months, a savings account that is now zero (but grateful we had one), a million little decisions (the most draining part for me), packing, unpacking, packing, and then often repacking stuff, health problems (not me this time!), hubs and I living apart most of this process (need a date night honey ;-), many nights in the hospital, no holidays or birthdays really celebrated, moving into a house that's more than a third smaller and about one fifth the studio space for me, more IKEA runs with my friend than either of us will admit (goes beyond retail therapy and more like hiding out there), 3 am calls from my mother about some invented crisis that really doesn't exist, living on a roller coaster instead of a merry-go-round, having to say good-bye to my Miche business and idle back on my Stampin' Up! Business until this is all done, not stamping for long periods (hello! This is my therapy!!!!), in general not taking time for myself). 

Which leads me all to this week and near the end of a long road and finally taking a little time for myself and having a little fun at my own expense. 

So, have you ever done a "selfie" page?

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Page: Project Life App using the Dazzle Mini Kit 

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