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The Scream Was Heard from Far Away

That, my friends, is the sound, or the texts, from our daughter as she exited Organic Chemistry for the very last time! You can just feel and hear her release of tension. She decided, knowing how hard OChem I and II are, that she would take that as her summer classes. You have an intense month, but that is all you have, one challenging class per month. I did that myself in college, took creative writing for a 5 week class, writing for hours each night. Back then I hated writing more than, probably, life itself. Now, I would enjoy and embrace it. But I am not retaking it for any reason (smile). My daughter did reallllly well in Ochem I. She got an A for the term and a near A for II. Her first test in II she got the highest grade ever in the class. She got mad because the second test she got the second highest grade for that test that term. We were really okay if she passed the class. Excelling at the class must feel really damn good to her! No matter what we are incredibly proud

Pinners Conference in June 2018

My projects.  In June of this year, the first Pinners Conference for Pinterest loving people was held in Minneapolis MN. My friend Jeny and I attended it. We signed up back in March and pretty much forgot what classes we signed up for. With the conference can attend and just wander around. Several vendors had walk up make and take classes for low prices. I chose to do 6, the maximum, separate classes, and Jeny chose 2. What was not clear on the registration was that you pay an extra fee for classroom supplies. It ended up being an expensive day because I was not going to sit there and watch everyone make all this cute stuff and I don't get to participate. So I bit the bullet. It was a blast. Most of my classes involved wooden signs for home decor. 3 of them used products from Details2Enjoy , a mom and daughter company. They make thick woodcut letters and frames. Becky Higgins / Project Life also has worked with them for some custom signs. They are a sweet sweet family

Senior Photography Session

One American tradition  is having your senior pictures taken. My kids school uses an outside photographer for the pictures in their senior (grade 12) yearbook so they all have the same pose and background. This is just what the school has done all along. I know some other schools the kids can use a picture of their choosing for the yearbook. The yearbook session is free and usually includes a few different poses. Because of the schools that allow you to use an outside photographer and different poses, the whole "senior pictures" thing has really blown up. My daughter had hers, but that photographer is out of business. It took some time to find a photographer near us. Because I believe most of the nearby schools do the same as us, use the set poses for yearbook, there are not as many senior specialty photographers as there was near our previous house. I made calls to several places found on the internet only to have them not return my call. Then I remember a nearby friend

My 100 Day Challenge

Back in April, April 3rd to be exact, I started a 100 day challenge or #100daychallenge. I was inspired by Miss Freddy on Instagram who started one on April 1st for her business. She posted continuously, on a theme for 100 days for her photography business. You can find her here . Well that simple idea inspired me to do something, but very different. With all my knee troubles and other health issues, other than physical therapy, I have gotten out of the habit of daily exercise. Not exercising daily just compounds my physical problems. I know, no lecture needed. So I decided I would do a #100daychallenge to walk daily. They say it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit. I think you need at least 6 weeks to make it a permanent change. Maybe more. So I did it. And I added one more. I am not, nor have I ever been, a morning person. When I worked a 9-5 type job, every day was a struggle. Whether its nature or nurture, I am not sure. But there have been many late night owls in my fami


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