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Update Your Decor

Stamps: None
Inks: Chocolate Chip Reinker
Papers: None - only a preprepped canvas
Accessories: Small Lollipop Flowers in White Decor Elements, Old Olive 5/8" grosgrain ribbon, White Taffeta ribbon, some Bling from the Pretties Kit

Update your decor quickly and easily with the new product line from Stampin' Up! - Decor Elements. Decor Elements are self-adhesive dye-cut vinyl elements. They go on you walls (or windows or car or fabric or ??) fast and easy (and are easy to remove, but why would you want to?).

I participated in a swap (a picture idea exchange) at the Stampin' Up! Convention, 100 people, 100 different ideas. It was great! This is what I chose to swap. I mixed, about equal parts water and reinker (chocolate chip in this case), and using a large paint brush, brushed it on a pre-prepped (gessoed) canvas I had purchased from JoAnn ETC. To speed up the drying process I set the canvas in front of a fan. It completely dried between 30-60 minutes. Then the fun began.

To adhere your DE (Decor Elements) you first use your applicator and rub on the grid sided paper. Trust me, it makes sense when you have them in front of you. Now figure out where you are going to put your DE. I decided on the Canvas, as our walls will be painted in the next few months I didn't want to put them up then take them down again. Once decided, using your hands gently press the DE down on the applicable surface. Then using your DE applicator (a great value at $1.95 and works the same, if not better than a bone folder) start rubbing/applying your DE. The smoother the surface, the quicker it will adhere. Since I was using a canvas, a bumpy surface, I used the pointy end of the applicator to work the Lollipop flowers into the bumps of the canvas. Check to see if it is adhering by gently and slowly pulling up a corner of the adhesive backed paper? If your DE is staying on the wall, then you are good to go. Still sticking to the paper, keep rubbing. What you are doing is transferring the adhesive with the DE to the wall. It is kind of like magic. Even for the largest DE it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

I added some bling with the ribbon and Pretties Kit items to add dimension and sparkle. There is no reason you couldn't do that with your DE on a wall too.

Whatever surface you choose to apply your DE too, make sure it is clean and free of residue. For walls, unless they are super dirty, wash walls with water and time to make sure the wall is dry should do. For Clothing (yes there was a group of ladies who did that at Convention) make sure it is not real nappy clothing - like velour or fleece. Glass - clean and dry. Wood - clean, no polish. Other items, just post a comment here or send me an email, if you have any questions.

After your DE is applied, when you need to clean your wall or other, water is all. Any other cleaner could potentially get underneath the DE and will most likely eventually remove the glue.

Decor Elements are such a fast , inexpensive and easy way to update a room. I am just loving them. No paint brushes to clean up, no messy prep (like masking tape and tarps). I told my husband that I am going to turn our living room into my DE canvas, a showroom. He actually said - Go For It! And so I will.

The best part of Stampin' Up! is that several of the Decor Elements have coordinating stamp sets! You could decorate a whole room entirely with Stampin' Up! products. Between decorations for your walls, to framed art, to even stamping on your curtains or bedding with craft ink, to....just so many possibilities. I could go on and on.

Prices range from $3.95 to about $50 for the largest Decor Element, with an average price of $25 for most items. Currently DE comes in white, chocolate chip and kraft. This is just Phase 1! I can't wait to see what Phase 2 brings! That is cheaper than an gallon of paint (and add to that all the misc. materials needed for painting) and so much easier. Order yours today!


Wanda said…
I'm actually going to be putting one of these on my wall!!! I can't wait to order it!


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