Friday, November 6, 2009

SOHOTT Defined

Many have wondered over the years how the name SOHOTT was chosen as my biz name.

It started as Small Office/Home Office Technology Team back when the .com boom was beginning (mid-1990's). My hubbie and I started, as the name somewhat implies, a small computer consulting business outside of our careers. As the saying goes - Life is What Happens! Many things in our personal lives changed (kids, moves, careers, health) and the desire to continue said business became less important, and the need for such services fell away with the .com bust.

But during the time from then to now, I continued crafting, mostly sewn items - princess wands, heart shaped foot stools, halos, and pretty much all things girly. My wish was to sell such wares at local craft fairs. Some health problems really slowed down the idea of starting a home-based business from scratch. I still needed a name for the business and still had a sweet spot for the SOHOTT acronym. My husband is the one who helped carry it from the old couple-based consulting model to arty-crafty direction I was headed. He mulled it over in his head for only a few days and came up with the acronym I still use today. It fits the paper arts that I do so love!

Sandy's Original Handmade Ornamental Trinkets and Treasures.

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Keep being creative, Sandy

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