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Eggsellent Eggs Decorating Kit

Accessories:  Eggsellent Eggs Decorating Kit from Stampin' Up! 117179 (no longer available)

First of all, let me give you a little family history. Decorating eggs is not my thing. I did it faithfully every year as a kid. Having kids, it has been an every 2-3 year kind of activity. My husband dearly wanted us to decorate eggs this year no matter what. I obliged, adding, only if we can use the Stampin' Up! decorating kit. He didn't care as long as we did it. I have not enjoyed it much as an adult because the smell of the vinegar used in most inexpensive kits hits my gag reflux. And the kids never had any interest in doing this in previous years.

The kit does not tell you that you first must dye your eggs. I did not know this until I opened up the kit. We scrounged but found an old kit, you know the brand, always on clearance after Easter. All four of us had 5 eggs to die. 20 hard boiled eggs is enough to eat up, or give to the dog later. Some of us got more into this task than others. My son could have dyed all our eggs. I did my five, nose in my sweatshirt and all. I wanted my colors a little softer to go with the Stampin' Up! kit.

We ate our Easter dinner while the eggs dried. I passed out the kit pieces, trying to share equally. Bling boy (boys actually) loved the rhinestone bling in the kit. I thought 2 sheets of rub-ons would be too much. I also looked at all the paper die cut flowers in the kit and figured I will either recycle what is left or use them up on something else. Little did I know...

 I have posed our cute little ovals as each persons collection. We have the husband's, daughters, son's and the demonstrators. Can you guess whose is who's collection? You might be amazed at what you find out.

The following is a few detail ovum pictures.

This is what we had left of our extensive kit: handful of rub-ons, about one sixth of the die cut flowers, no bling (none). There was plenty of items to decorate at least 24 eggs, with the exception of the bling. We are a bling happy family!

Say goodnight to our little ovums. They await a most certain fate!


Wanda said…
Your Easter eggs were very pretty Sandy!


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