Monday, February 4, 2013

Scrap: Fun Zone

So far my invisibility cloak is holding out and my family is leaving me alone to scrap. I won't post all my pages as some are rather simple. My goal is to get through this one box of photos I have had gathered for probably a decade. Seriously!

Just a simple one pager about our former fun zone area. We added and took away features as the kids grew. Now all that remains is the balance beam. And that needs to go.

It was fun being able to offer all that to the kids. It did become a problem at times as one set of neighbor kids just came over when they felt like it. Eventually as our own got older they could go to the neighborhood park themselves or with Papa when they were younger.

We had plans to fill in the area with sand or pea rock or something and make a road around it. Our time ended up going in a different direction.

I know our own kids are appreciative for what they had in their own backyard.

Thank you for stopping by. Happy stamping, Sandy

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