Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Everybody Clean Up

With no classes today and needing to get in the zone, I decided to spend a couple hours getting my zone back in order. As I unpacked bag after bag I realized how full my schedule had been in the spring and summer. 

With my then knee Shaky putting away stuff and for that matter prepping for events was difficult. Hank makes it easier every day. So bags and boxes piled up. 

I am still working on some areas of my large space (entire 3rd floor of house). Family stuff has drifted in. I've still got a small pile of my dad's stuff from the funeral. Piles of kids schoolwork and some miscellaneous scrapbooking stuff tossed here and there. I want my space all organized the way it used to be when both my knees were more cooperative. It won't take much but I am not to lift heavy stuff for a year and that means waiting for help. Ah well. It will get done. Would love to start holding all day scrap events down here again. Especially since my local big box scrap store closed. That was a good place to go spread out for the day. 

So the purging and organizing will continue for a while. I also realized I started really cleaning up when Ginger died, our 16 year old dog, because she shed pounds a day and cleaning was often a fruitless act. 

The picture presents my art table, where I create. It is clean and the tray is hanging off and needs a new screw. I bought this table at a high end art supply store in 1988 when I was in school for design. It has moved with me and will continue to stay with me. It was $178 back then. Who knows what today's value is. Seems expensive at that price today. 

The table folds flat for storage. Yeah like that has ever happened. And the height is very adjustable and tiltable. Measures 42" x 30". The mat I got at ikea last winter for $4. It makes for easy clean up and protects my poor highly used table top. The clip light is from there also. I have a pendant light that shines light down from the ceiling above my table. It's taken a few years living here but I finally have pretty good lighting. I feel its important. It's the part of design school that has stuck with me. 

Tell me, where do you create? Or where would you like to create? Comment below. 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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