Thursday, March 10, 2016

While recovering from surgery

While I may be recovering from surgery, I can still keep going on scrapbooking. In fact it's a perfect time to work on it. 

I used the Project Life app and the Theme Park card set, which has a vintage feel reminiscent of carnivals of the 1900s. 

Both layouts I chose have fairly universal shaped photo pockets which helped make orientation decisions for me. 

I just dragged my photos into the pockets, and added a little journaling. Do not forget to add the date, place and people when journaling. In fact that should take precidense over journaling. Think of family coming across the pages 50-100 years from now, what do they need to know about those pictures. Yes, there will be pages that are therapeutic and may not make sense to future generations, and are still a part of your story. Just remember to find room to include the WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY HOW of the story. 

As for me and surgery? I had my tear ducts opened yesterday. It ended up to be a bit more intensive/invasive surgery. Ti had an ENT surgeon and an eye surgeon, just in case the tear duct plugging was sinus related. Which it likely was. They had to remove bone on either side of my nasal area to allow room for that duct to expand. I have temporary tubes in ducts, which will be removed later this spring. 

Gotta say, it is more painful than I expected. My hubs is taking excellent care of me. He knows more of what they did in surgery. I was too tired post operatively to care to listen. I just wanted to sleep. 24 hours later and I am dripping more tears than before but that should start to subside by tomorrow as things start to open and heal. 

I plan on resting a lot today, as having my eyes open long is painful. And working on some more memory preservation (scrapbooking) on my phone using the Project Life app today as pain allows. 

What are you up to today? 

Thanks for stopping by. Happy scrappy, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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