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Happy Mail at Last!

This catalog has had quite a journey! Being a Demonstrator we are able to pre-order select items from the upcoming catalog. At the time of the order we were able to have a catalog shipped in our box. I misunderstood the directions and skipped that part, never mind that I over-nighted my order so I could get my hands on that catalog. 

I called Stampin' Up! the next day, they offered to direct ship one to me, sending it that day. I said no, I have already placed an order for boxes of catalogs for customers and those will come soon enough. (I am working on my patience here...) Turns out that order was delaying in picking and isn't due for delivery until next week now. Argh! It is just my destiny to get my hands on the catalog at the same time as my customers, right?

Monday, I received an email from Stampin' Up! saying when they mailed me a catalog (part of a bulk mailing to all demonstrators who did not opt for one in the pre-order) that the post office would not accept the envelope it was in. We have used a postal box for decades, and Stampin' Up! has used the same mailing envelope all along also. The email said they would do what they can to get me a catalog as soon as possible. I think they were sensing my frustration with my destiny.

Yes, it seems in an ironic, satirical, funny universal sort of way, that I am not to receive a catalog before the catalog period this year. Laugh with me, because, if you know me, it is funny, in a snarky Sandy sort of way. 

Today, May 12th, my son hands me the mail from our mailbox (yes, the kind in front of your house) and hands me this envelope. Yup, its a catalog!!!!! See how much postage it took Stampin' Up! to get me a catalog? I feel blessed, but also am laughing at how many hiccups there have been in this entire journey of the catalog to get to me. 

Laugh with me, I will be laughing as I lay in bed tonight perusing the new catalog, in the flesh!

Thanks for stopping by, Sandy



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