Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What If you had no family photos?

Very interesting. My own mother wanted nothing to do with the few photos that were available of her pre family life until her last remaining years. She wanted the photos but never looked at them. Certainly never explained them to me. Leaving  me with a lot more questions than answers. This is part of what drives me to scrapbook. So my own children are not left with questions. And they love the retelling of stories. Yes, they do fuss and grumble when I stop for a picture, but when they look at the scrapbook, smiles happen. 

I still say if you have no pictures, there are stories to tell. Anything recorded is better than nothing at all. In fact I have a page I did two years ago, had to pull stock photos off the web, but it told a strong summer memory I had that I wanted preserved outside my very own mind. Means nothing to anyone else. But what if I get dementia and those stories help? 

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