Friday, December 23, 2016


My daughter graduated high school in early June this year. We took off on a vacation right way to see another graduation - my dear friend graduate college after (some ;-) years! And then our summer was spent on trips, college prep and more. You all know how your summers can get away from you in no time. 

Well after most of my holiday preparations were complete I sat down one evening and finally got my daughters graduation in the books, while the memories were still relatively fresh. We wrote a note to her and included that in one of the pages. And i was able to grab some of the photos her high school had posted on Facebook. I finally fessed this up to my husband who was amazed at some of the camera angles I got. Yes dear, I am just that good! ;-)

Anyway, I won't be sharing all the pages, as some of the pictures and memories are too personal for here. What I did do was create a title type page, really a highlights page for the event. This layout - Squared Away 16 in the Project Life App, is quickly becoming my go to summary page layout. Pick 12 highlights photos and add a center title or highlight photo, or a journaling card and bam! I find that I am using this layout for the front page of a lot of bigger events that span multiple pages. And of course, I used the Graduation themed card collection from Project Life. 

Do you do a title page, or just a title pocket or a simple title, depending on what method you use for scrapbooking? I didn't used to do much with titling, other than a subject title, but I really am grooving on this idea of a highlights page. Of course doing something like this is easier when you are doing some method of digital scrapbooking, instead of traditional, where you would need to make sure you have duplicates of some photos. And if you gift any of your pages to family or friends, this would be a great gift rather than the entire collection of pages for the event.  Please comment below if you do much with titles or highlights page, or if you like the idea and might go try it now.

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