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It's Graduation Season

We are of the parenting age when we have what I like to call "graduation season". For about 6 weeks a year, from end of May to early July, you attend many (or are invited to) many graduation parties for high school and college graduates. This has been especially busy the last 3 "seasons" because of the ages of our own children and their respective friends or our friends own children graduating. I hear stories of people attending 3-4 a day. We do not have kids that are that social that they have that many parties, but we do keep busy.

And this year we had our own grad party of our son, who graduated high school. I have not yet scrapbooked that event, as I really didn't take many pictures and a friend only took one, yeah, I know. We all were "in the moment" that day and put our devices aside as much as we could to enjoy the company of those that came to visit. My in-laws asked us to send pictures since they were not able to attend. We laughed and said, we really didn't take any. And none with people in them. I did this years ago for my daughters fifth birthday party too. The one birthday party I probably spend 100 hours prepping for it and it was amazing party that will have to live on in our memories. Devices have their place and their purpose. I just wish at the birthday party I had done a few pictures.

So when we attended this party, I made sure to take a few pictures. They had a fun photo booth (we had one planned too but it rained up until the start of the party and we couldn't get it set up then). Apparently no one else had taken advantage of the photo booth before us. They were glad someone got it started!

I have known the mom since 1984. We have had many adventures along the way. We have stayed in touch thru marriages and babies and what not. We have seen all our children graduate high school and two of hers graduate college.

It is wonderful to have good friends who support each other through all the ups and downs of life.

Congrats to the graduates! (They had 3 that day, her daughter from high school, her daughter from college, and a cousin from high school).

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Keep being your creative best! ~Sandy



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