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New and Exciting News from Stampin' Up!

Today, August 4, 2020 - you can begin ordering from the catalog. I have heard from several of you that have big wish lists already.

Here is the PDF of the recipes for projects in the catalog. Lose where it is? You can always find it under my Catalogs tab.

And to sweeten the launch of a new catalog we have a new ordering interface on our Online Shop. This is a game changer ya'll!

I am not going to write about all of the changes, you can read what they shared with us Demonstrators last week:

We are happy to announce a feature in the new online store that will help us create a better shopping experience for your customers.

This new feature allows users to leave feedback anywhere and on anything in the new online store—and it delivers that information directly to the people who need to see it at Stampin’ Up!
Visitors to the online store will see a Bermuda Bay colored feedback tab on the right side of the screen. Clicking the tab brings up a window to provide feedback through a few quick and easy steps.
Using this feature provides the information we need to address problems in the fastest way possible, and identify opportunities for development; it is the most effective way to submit concerns and opinions regarding the new online store. Positive feedback is useful as well, to help us understand what users like so we can work to bring better content, functionality, and features.

When a user clicks the feedback tab, they will be presented with the option to leave general or specific feedback.
  • General feedback is good to capture overall thoughts and feelings about the site, ideas for features or improvements, and other suggestions general to the site.
  • Specific feedback is great for addressing particular elements on a page. Selecting the specific feedback option gives the user the opportunity to click on the exact part of the page about which they would like to give feedback. Examples might include “I love this feature,” “this button isn’t working right,” “this text is confusing,” or “I wish there was another option here to…,” etc.
Once general or specific feedback is selected (and in the case of specific feedback, an area of the page has been clicked), the user is then prompted in the final window to share additional, helpful information. Here are the steps involved:
  1. The user clicks an emoticon to indicate how they are feeling about their shopping experience, from angry/dislike to happy/love. This gives us a quick read on whether people are frustrated or pleased (with frustration generally indicating a greater urgency for us to address).
  2. The user then selects a subject from a dropdown menu, defining what type of feedback they are providing. This helps us organize and distribute the feedback. Subject options include:
  • Compliment—this feedback helps us understand what users are enjoying, what they would love to see more of, etc.
  • Suggestion—this feedback helps us understand what and how we can improve
  • Technical Issue—this feedback helps us understand what problems or obstacles the user is facing (e.g., broken or incorrect links; errors in images, text, or other elements; processes performing incorrectly; etc.)
  1. Once the subject has been selected, an open field is provided for the user to share more information.
  2. The user can then rate how likely they are to recommend Stampin’ Up! to friends and colleagues. This provides us with additional information regarding overall satisfaction levels, helping us to prioritize our efforts.
  3. The user then clicks the submit button and they are done! When feedback is submitted, our system automatically gathers additional useful information for our IT group (e.g., user’s internet browser/version, user’s device, user’s screen resolution). This allows us to replicate the problem in an effort to understand and solve it more quickly.
We are monitoring site performance with more powerful tools and processes than we’ve ever had. We are regularly introducing improvements and addressing issues as soon as we see them. This feedback tool enhances our visibility and perspective—providing a new level of partnership between you, your customers, and us as we work to create the shopping experience we all want.
Please reach out to your customers before the 4 August launch, let them know about the transition, and encourage them to utilize this new functionality as a means to let us know what we can improve, what we’ve done well, and what they want more of. If a customer contacts you regarding an online store concern or issue, encourage them to utilize the feedback tab to let us know about it. Not only does this help us, we hope it helps you address your customers’ concerns without creating as much of a burden on you.
Thank you for your partnership—we look forward to the information and insight gained through this new feature!

I am always excited by all the changes at Stampin' Up! because it means things are improving. In this case the user experience. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. 



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