Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Digital Studio 2 Day 7 Bonus Project (Class)

My Digital Studio 2 class is rolling right along. I have fallen a little behind because of some family fun, but that is OK, it is a go at your own pace class anyway. I had just promised myself I would stay on top of things. 
So the Day 7 class bonus was an idea borne from Pinterest. Make a sign for your child to hold with their starting grade for the first day of school. Love the idea! Not that I can't tell which year the picture was taken for which grade ;-). Especially when my kids have worn the same shirt for first day of school for a few years, and in my daughters case, she wore the same shirt for school pictures for five years. It doesn't fit anymore, but it was fun for her to do for as many years as she could.
I think I really captured the feeling of each kid with these signs. My son is starting 7th and has so much promise ahead of him, and is looking forward to his school year. My daughter is starting high school, which brings big changes. She loves her teachers so far, and is excited to see her friends daily again. Plus the school name and mascot and stuff will start to mean something in high school. That is why her sign is so different from his. I wanted to capture the feeling and colors of the school.
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