Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

The senior pastor for 16 years at our church is retiring. He rebuilt this church when the entire pastoral staff retired 15-16 years ago. Even though we go to a large, some might say "mega" church, he was approachable and often very funny. He was very good at making his sermons relatable to modern life.

Pastor Steve was a theater major before he found his calling. It showed in his frequent theatrical monologues. In fact that was my fondest memory of him. Christmas Eve 2005 he did a monologue from the viewpoint of one of the stable workers at the Inn where Jesus was born (if I remember correctly). My daughter was young and of the age of not sure whether anything in the Bible was real. She was truly questioning her place in church and her relationship with God at a very young age in a mature way that some people don't think about until adulthood. Anyway, during the monologue, and I still get choked up thinking about this, she turned to me with big eyes and open heart and said "Jesus IS real". She has never looked back and that Faith has come mighty handy.

So longs ways around the story, card was made for our retiring senior pastor. The above was the story I wrote in the card. We all shared a special memory. I mean when I say I had less than five minutes to make this card. Not bad at all.

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