Friday, May 31, 2013

Card Prep Gadget

I wanted to share with you, stampers and demonstrators, my poor mans, space starved solution to little scrap cardstock pieces when doing multiple cards for card classes.

It was a simple little hack, as my techie husband would say. But it solved an issue I had when doing my Cards & Coffee classes, where space is an issue.

I took a single piece of card stock and folded it up and stapled three pockets to put stray paper scraps or whatever suits the project. Not very pretty, but quite functional. For at home stampers this trick might be of use if you are making multiples of the same card, instead having stacks of paper sliding all over your workspace. And the price was right. I will probably make several of these little beauties for my upcoming classes, as it is easy to pass around the table and grab your supplies rather than reaching around cups and other stuff on the table.

Thanks for stopping by, Sandy

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