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Stampin' Diva Blog Hop June - The Measure By Which

Happy Fathers Day! I dedicate this card to my dad, whom I have been missing very much this last week. 

My husband is out of town for an indefintite period of time, dutifully taking care of his mother who just had a hip replacement. He is a joint replacement care giving pro, after seeing me through two knee replacements in the last 9 months. And true to our family history, and I am sure many other families, When a spouse is away, things break, in disproportion to the remaining spouse to deal with the situation. Call it Murphy's Law for absent spouses. (smile)

Last night was a mess for me. I went to run a few errands only to quickly discover the two back tires were under 20 pounds. Thank goodness my daughter was with me. I know how to fill and check tires, but it is still difficult for me to bend over and do stuff. She got a quick education on tire guages and and air pumps while we watched severe storms roll closer. I felt like a giant lightening rod with the metal in my knees. We came home in time for the storms to hit. I saw one lightening strike hit the backyard and I am pretty sure the entire house bounced. Power flickered for hours. I also learned that the severe electricity in the storms can cause my heart (I have atrial fibrillation issues) to pound like crazy. 

We woke to a few circuit breakers popped (one with the fridge on it!). We had replaced the big box a few years ago and I had no idea how to reset the circuits. Another call to the out of town husband. There have been a lot of calls to him over broken or just not working stuff this week. I am perfectly capable of handling the items but it seems to be snowballing the longer he is gone. Makes me appreciate all the big, and little things he does for us each day.

Back to my card, I dedicate this card to my dad, who died April 4, 2012, at 87 years old. He taught me so much about home repair, car repair, and what not. He would always remain calm, and remind me, when something doesn't work, check the simple and easy things first. Gosh, I cannot tell you how many times that has held true. He had wanted a son, but always appreciated having a girl. He taught me (grudgingly on my part) how to mix cement at age 8. He taught me how to clean and repair my roller skate wheels, how to maintain my bike. And when I bought my first home, by myself, at age 28, and only a $20,000 a year salary, how to maintain and repair my home. We spent many long weekends working on that very old house. In fact when my husband and I got married, I wore the tool belt. Chicks rule! Boys drool! is the saying in our house. 

So with the husband away, I guess it is time to dust off the tool belt and teach another daughter generation the rules of tools. Yesterday we visited Northern Tool and Hydraulic. She was in heaven! 

I chose the Snapshot stamp 133812 for my dad because he also taught me to always have a camera. He bought me my first 126 at age 6. When I was 13 he upgraded (LOL) me to a 110 camera. When I was 18 he bought me my first 35mm Oympus, and made sure I knew how to use it. He jumped on the digital camera bandwagon very early, way before I was able to give up my 35mm. Because I always had a camera, and usually carried it with me, I have some fond memories captured forever. 

Thank you dad for your patience, education and friendship. You are the measure by which all dads should be compared. I miss you!

Thank you for stopping by, happy stamping, Happy Fathers Day ~ Sandy

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