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Pinners Conference in June 2018

My projects. 

In June of this year, the first Pinners Conference for Pinterest loving people was held in Minneapolis MN. My friend Jeny and I attended it. We signed up back in March and pretty much forgot what classes we signed up for. With the conference can attend and just wander around. Several vendors had walk up make and take classes for low prices. I chose to do 6, the maximum, separate classes, and Jeny chose 2. What was not clear on the registration was that you pay an extra fee for classroom supplies. It ended up being an expensive day because I was not going to sit there and watch everyone make all this cute stuff and I don't get to participate.

So I bit the bullet. It was a blast. Most of my classes involved wooden signs for home decor. 3 of them used products from Details2Enjoy, a mom and daughter company. They make thick woodcut letters and frames. Becky Higgins / Project Life also has worked with them for some custom signs. They are a sweet sweet family with great products. I also took a class or 2 from some local companies. I love love my tic tack toe board and my scrabble letters. In fact, I may make a bunch of scrabble letters, but much smaller. I learned how to stain with certain paints and more about finishing waxes.

I did ask if the conference would be back to Minneapolis, since Fridays attendance was actually pretty low. Most went on Saturday. They already have dates for next year. And I put them on my calendar. They scheduled it right during cabin season and graduation season in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. Much different time frame in 2019, May 3 & 4.

Jeny started a trend at the Home Minnesota booth. She painted her state ombre, hers is the blue ombre one pictured above. And that started a huge trend at the booth. Hers is gorgeous. I did mine for my daughter and some of her favorite colors.

Next year we decided we are going as VIP guests. You get an exclusive class with lots of goodies the night before conference starts and are open to any or all classes and you get a separate private rest area where they have water and snacks. It is a long day and I highly recommend it if you are really into DIY projects.

Would I recommend the Pinners Conference? Absolutely. But save up! Classes started at $20. Averaged around $35 for supplies for each class. Plus the cost of the conference. Snacks, its a long day, parking and more. And there are other vendors where you can shop.

It was DIY Heaven!

So. Much. Fun.

Thanks Jeny for a great day. Next year we will be VIP guests and season pros!

Supplies: Project Life App and Squared Away 16 layout and Design A. No card collections



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