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The Scream Was Heard from Far Away

That, my friends, is the sound, or the texts, from our daughter as she exited Organic Chemistry for the very last time! You can just feel and hear her release of tension.

She decided, knowing how hard OChem I and II are, that she would take that as her summer classes. You have an intense month, but that is all you have, one challenging class per month. I did that myself in college, took creative writing for a 5 week class, writing for hours each night. Back then I hated writing more than, probably, life itself. Now, I would enjoy and embrace it. But I am not retaking it for any reason (smile).

My daughter did reallllly well in Ochem I. She got an A for the term and a near A for II. Her first test in II she got the highest grade ever in the class. She got mad because the second test she got the second highest grade for that test that term. We were really okay if she passed the class. Excelling at the class must feel really damn good to her! No matter what we are incredibly proud of her accomplishments this summer. That is some really rough classes. Ochem II was a 6 day a week class and i cannot remember how many hours a day. It was nuts.

This has spurred her to consider Pharmacology as a career. During her break I got her over to talk with a friend who's family has 4 of them, all working in different capacities. My daughter likes what she learned. No class changes as she was already working toward genetic counseling.

Her boyfriend knew how hard these two terms were for her. He insisted that she go for "pet" therapy after her final. Literally petting cats at the local shelter. She really was much calmer after that. Well-played young man. Bonus points from mom for planning that.

Knowing she would pass I bought her that ridiculous shirt ahead of time. I believe it arrived right after her final finished.

Yes, this is one of those moments worth documenting. In fact I would love to take some of the journaling from this post and put in a separate page for her.

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