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Angel Policy

Angel Policy
What is it and what does that mean for you?

Angel Policy

In General: An angel policy is a form of limited license that specifies how a rubber stamped image can be used and any specific requirements of the manufacturer or artist. ... Other companies offer more limited commercial use of their images, such as restricting the number of products that can be created with a single stamp.

Stampin’ Up! Policy: welcomes artists who would like to use Stampin’ Up!’s copyrighted images in their own handmade craftwork and other projects that they produce to sell. Therefore, Stampin’ Up! gives permission in the form of a limited license to use any Stampin’ Up! images for the purpose of creating items for sale, under the following criteria:
·  Handmade craftwork created for sale must be personally and individually created by the selling artist and may not be reproduced or copied in any form by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying. Mass production, assembly-line construction, production by workers for hire, or syndication of craftwork for sale is strictly prohibited. Digitally created projects intended for sale must be personally created by the selling artist.
·  All of Stampin’ Up!’s images are copyrighted, which means that they may not be copied without permission. To help protect the rights granted by these copyrights, all items for sale using Stampin’ Up! images must be marked with one of the images from the official Stampin’ Up! Limited License stamp sets shown in the catalog.
·  There are no quantity limits on handmade, for-sale craftworks that abide by restrictions as stated in this policy. 
·  Completed, handmade, or digitally created (printed) projects may be sold at competitive and non-competitive permanent retail locations, as well as temporary craft events, community fundraisers, and over the internet. In selling handmade or digitally created projects, the seller must make it clear that the items are handmade or personally created by the seller, and not a product of the company. The seller may indicate that the supplies used are from Stampin’ Up!, but the Stampin’ Up! logo may not be used in any way for the sole purpose of promoting the sale of handmade or digitally created projects.
·  Digital files of any type containing Stampin’ Up! images may not be sold under any condition.
·  Persons creating handmade or digitally created (printed) items for sale are responsible for complying with any state and local business and tax regulations.
·  Persons participating in this Angel Policy assume all liability for suitability of their work and agree to indemnify Stampin’ Up! from disputes arising from their work.
·      Stampin’ Up! is a Utah corporation. The laws of the State of Utah govern the policy. The state and federal courts for Salt Lake County, Utah, USA, will have exclusive jurisdiction over any proceeding arising from this policy and Salt Lake County, Utah, shall be the exclusive venue. Any failure by Stampin’ Up! to enforce any of its rights will not constitute a waiver of such rights.

Blah, blah, blah legalese. Am I right?

Let me break it down for you. I omitted the language that applies to current Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators, as I recommend they look at the Demonstrator Manual for clarification.

The Angel Policy refers to copyright images owned by Stampin’ Up! Images as being defined artwork on stamps and stamp sets. Does not apply to solid color cardstock, embellishments, inks, and so on. 

Stampin’ Up! owns those images and you would be benefitting financially from their artistic work. And again, only applies to stamps.

You can make and give to anyone, any item you have created as often and as many as you wish, as long as you are not profiting from the items. 

Items that use the stamps and stamp sets that you sell for any profit, whether it be at a craft show, online, in person or by any other method, must have a qualifying hand stamped image on the project somewhere, like the back of a card, or backside of a scrapbook page, or under a tag. Doesn’t need to be readily visible, it does need to be able to be seen somewhere on the object. In other words, do not use Versamark ink or other watermark, transparent ink. 

Stamps that qualify for the Angel Policy:

·      Make A Difference stamp set 146676 current
·      Crafting Forever stamp set 151231 current
·      Retired Stampin’ Up! stamps or stamp sets that have a  © Stampin’ Up! on it. Copyright Stampin’ Up! there are many retired stamps that qualify. I personally use a very old long since retired stamp. Some of the older ones may say some phrase along with the © Stampin’ Up! on it. If you have an older retired stamp and are not sure if it qualifies for the Angel Policy, just send me an email with the image
·      As long as it contains © Stampin’ Up! you are golden.

You may put your contact information next to it too. In fact, I highly recommend it! You sell something you want them to call you for a refill. 

Angel Policy (in a nut shell):
If you profit from a handmade item made with either a stamp or stamp set, it must contain a hand stamped © Stampin’ Up! on it somewhere. 

My personal rule, I follow the Angel Policy for just about anything, just in case I were to sell it later. 

If you have any questions, I am happy to clarify for you. Feel free to contact me via email or text. The legalese is quite verbose and cumbersome. That is why I have tried to break it down for you a few different ways. 

Active Demonstrators, the only difference for you, you are limited in digital images, to selling only 150 per calendar year. This relates more to what was our retired MDS My Digital Studio creative software. There is more to it, but rather than confuse the situation, that is it in a nutshell. 

Here are the two current stamp sets that qualify for the Angel Policy

 I encourage you to sell your creative goodies or give them away, mail a card! You worked hard on that project, share it with others. 

Keep being creative, Sandy



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