Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Accessories: Definitely Decorative Thought Bubble Chalkboard 119662

Having ordered the chalkboard DD owl for our front door (not posted yet but should be). I am loving these chalkboard Definitely Decorative. I looked at putting that instead of "eat" in the kitchen but we already have a large chalkboard in there.  After I put the owl on the front door, both my kids wanted one for their rooms. My daughter got hers first. She wanted the thought bubble for her door. When her room gets repainted she may get some more, or I will make her some out of the chalkboard sheets 118815 you can order and using my Big Shot. For now this is what she has. Her friends have had fun putting messages on the door, such as "stay out boyz" to her brother and his friends. Or "be quiet" when she is reading or drawing.

There are so many possible uses for the chalkboard Definitely Decorative elements. You could put one by your pool (if you are lucky enough to have one) and say "Pool is Open". I may put one on my stamp room door as a reward when it is finished. I could say "Stampin' in Progress" or "Stampers Visiting" or something silly like that. I probably could cover every surface or wall in our house with the Definitely Decorative. They are so easy, fun and inexpensive...and quick! No special tools needed, no clean up. Just stick and go!

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Keep being creative, Sandy

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