Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Vet Thank You and Goodbye

Our vet of over 5 years, with a holistic and homeopathic approach has treated all but one of our many pets who passed before they opened. We are sad that they will be closing their doors in 2 days. But, we adopted one of their resident felines - Little Girl, or LG as we have nicknamed her. She is around 5 or 6. After 6 days here she fits in quite well and is getting along with everyone. Matza sees her as a frenemy though. What a diva! As a thank you to them, I made this card and dropped it off today.

If you are interested, they have one or two cats left to adopt. Opie is one of them. She is white, with orange markings. She is very sweet and would fit in anyones lifestyle. Jag, I don't know anything about. All the other animals have found homes.  Is their contact information if you are interested in adoption. The cost is free and they set you up with quite a bit of very healthy food to give your pet a great start. We adopted Matza from there and she has worked out just perfect except for her daily howls for creamer and her need to chase the laser light and a few other fun things she likes to entertain herself with.

Thank you Dr. Levy and the Whole Health gang for a great 5+ years!

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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