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I could have cheated and posted one letter a day, but that seems like overly cheating! I think I will make the 31 different crafty posts this month. I haven't blogged this much since I started blogging years ago.

Rosettes are all the craft rage right now. Martha Stewart has how to videos, Stampin' Up! Does, and every where you turn. I thought I would be doing my crafts a disservice if I didn't do something for Halloween with a rosette.

To make this size rosette, cut 2 3" x 12" strips of decorative paper. Using the new Simple Scored tool, score every half inch across the paper. It is easier to score, 6 x 12 then cut the paper in half, but I always forget, so I end up scoring twice, once for each strip. Duh!

Cut a circle one half the size of your rosette, in this case, 3". cut a poor mans circle out of a Sticky Sheet. A poor mans circle is a square with the corners cut off. Adhere it to your paper circle leaving the sticky side out backing on until you are ready to use it. 

I sponged the outer edges of my rosette. Accordian fold each strip, adhere together using sticky strip to make a circle. Place the back side of your rosette up, not the front side.

Peel off your poor man's circle sticky cover. Gather your rosette into the desired shape, holding it together with one hand, place your poor circle sticky side down over your rosette with the other hand. You have little leaverage to adjust your folds. Press down to make sure all the creases are touching.

All the directions I found using only a 1" paper circle and strips of sticky strip. This does not give enough paper adhering to the circle paper base to give it stability not to mention the pain to peel off each strip backing. Messy. As many rosettes as I have made I find the circle base that is half the diameter of your rosette and using the sticky sheet makes that rosette darn strong!

Decorate as desired.

I added a paper strip tab to the back of my rosette to be able to string them on my ribbon. And since it is not permanantly adhered to the ribbon, I can adjust the B-O-O  to any spacing to suit my decoration.



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