Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Tomorrow is the big day! 

Today your house is spotless and the kitchen is buzzing with activities of food prep, family prep and more. My house is messy and dirty, as we are far from settled into this house yet. Every day we make progress. Whether it be a new shelf hung, a closet cleaned out or a box unpacked, we are working on it every single day. There is still so much of my parents stuff here, to be sorted, packed or donated. We are all getting burned out of this process and anxious to start the remodel process, but the house is not ready for that yet. 

Thanksgiving will be here whether we are ready or not. The Old Country Buffet Turkey dinner is looking like it will be the reality. The tradition will continue as traditions do. 

This card says sweet thanks. Thanks for a lot of things, including my readers. 

Thank YOU for stopping by! Happy stamping, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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