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On a Personal Note

I apologize to you, my regular and not so regular, readers. I have not posted since Fathers Day. And there is a jolly good reason for this, lame as it is, life happens.

We just got home from a long and busy vacation, which was no vacation. It was a hardworking week organizing, cataloging and removing my in-laws storage locker and belongings elsewhere. I personally spent a lot of time in our van, sitting, because I could not do much. Or hanging out in our hotel room. Not my favorite visit to the Southwest in regards to this. We did have an awesome family reunion. Truly blessed to be a part of that. More on that in a later post.

Here is the situation, my knee was already becoming worse (pain and mobility) before the trip, add to that the trip, and then I came home and hit the ground running getting ready for our groups Stampin' Up! New Product Extravaganza, and life stuff too, appointments, sick kitty, etc. Posting on my site just didn't happen. And this week my knee is getting worse. The pain is telling me it needs professional attention. If you have followed me for a while, you know that I have had both knees replaced, and much more surgery. And one knee has not been good since I fell in Salt Lake City at Stampin Up! Convention in July 2013.

The bottom line, I have been mostly sitting around doing not much this week besides what has to get done, errands, son doctor appointments, etc. When I move my knee in certain ways, I truly just scream. With the cooler weather in Minnesota, and our windows open, its no wonder our one neighbors are moving! Lol.

Honestly, I made it through our New Product Extravaganza, held myself together, trying to mask my pain face, but this week I cannot hide it from anyone, my family, friends, or social media. I do need answers to what is causing the pain. Well-meaning people keep offering pain management advice, and reasons to what might be the cause. I appreciate the well-intended advice, but none of it is the answer and none of it fixes the problem. Yes, I have been through rounds of medical specialists. Same answer every time. Your knee is messed up, but doesn't seem to be my area of expertise.

Yes, it is messed up. Yes, I have not given up hope of finding an answer. TSA, Transportation Security Administration, seems to think I have an abnormal amount of fluid in my knee. Lol. Funny, but true. And they might be the closest to the correct answer yet. I have suspected since early after surgery, that I might have a deep infection. It happens, not often, but it does, following joint replacement. My mother-in-law had one that plagued her for two years. She is finally clear, but it did cause a lot of problems for her.

Feel free to share your story below. Mine is a work in progress. I do take months off from seeing doctors and specialists. Mentally, it is just draining hearing the same message all the time. Physically running around to all these places gets draining in other ways. And financially it is very draining. It is time to get scheduling appointments again. It has been a while. Too long probably. But this is why I am taking somewhat of a break. I have so much projects to share!!!!! I am just challenged getting comfortable enough to sit to post. And I am saddened by being burdened by severe pain again. I do soldier on. I just have small moments of succumbing to the burden of chronic pain. I do try to hide, but I am having trouble hiding it right now.

When you do not hear from me for a while on here, it is usually not a case of being so busy, yes that can happen for a day or two, but it is usually I am being swallowed up by the pain monster again.

Thank you for listening and sticking with me. I have so many great things I do want to share. I just need to be able to do it.

Take care of yourself! Sandy



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