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It's a Spectrum of Beauty!

This was inspired by something I saw on a Demonstrator page recently. She had made a lovely 12x12 framed color chart of all our colors, coordinated by a neutrals row, pinks and reds and purples, blues and greens, etc. I wanted to do something similar in squares. It just didn't arrange quite the way I wanted. 

I punched out 3 of each color. Glad I did. Read on...

Here are the squares in Stampin' Up!s order. You can see that they don't square quite in order or the way I wanted.

Catalog page of inspiration.

Here they are in the order that they are in the catalog, above. It is started to look pretty. 

When i came to the realization that having it as a long strip would be a really cool way to display it, I next had to plan how that would be mounted and displayed. I realized that 3" wide would be plenty. I was using our 1 3/8" square retired punch. Honestly, to punch out the 3 each of all 50 colors went really quick. I stood with a punch in one hand and a basket in the other and just went punch, punch, punch!  

I am glad I punched out 3 each. I was thinking initially of doing 3 different arrangements, but when my first design went bust, and I figured out what I wanted to do, glad I had enough to work with. 

After wrestling with this for a few hours, on layout (not kidding at all). I was inspired by what I found in the Annual Catalog 2017-18, page 183. I thought that would look nice hanging under the window ledge in my studio. 

I cut 6 3"x12" strips and adhered together. Warning if you try this at home, you have to be precise on your kerf line. That is your cut line, and make sure it is micro to the precise location because you will be able to tell when you start attaching those strips together. My first was not real precise nor straight. I am okay with this. It is my prototype. 

I left plenty of room on the first strip to do with what i wanted. Like add some text (didn't happen). I used peel and stick tape to adhere. I laid down a long strip and peeled off a bit of backing as I went along. This tape is not forgiving. Placement must be where you want it first time. Keep going until the last square. Trim my white background.

Whelp, my line was crooked. Some squares I had to peel off, retype and line up again. And my white is not in a line. Prototype!!!

I am hoping in a week I can redo this, being super precise with my white, pencil in some guidelines and add some text. I want to make 2. One as a gift for someone special. And mount the white onto some Basic Gray cardstock cut to 3 1/4" as a slight border. 

Sorry about my initial picture. It is a mess. I am in the middle of pulling retired items, making cool new stuff with all the new shiny goodies, and things get kind of messy when you are at your most creative. I am okay with this! 

I sit at the other end of the room facing this when I create. My eye keeps going to it. It inspires me. It makes me smile. It gives me warm fuzzies. It will make me happier when it is redone with square lines and more precision. Still gives me all the fuzzies.

Thank you for stopping by. If you are hoping to purchase on of these from me, scroll on. It ain't happening! But wouldn't that be awesome if you could buy one all nice and done! Hint, hint Stampin' Up! At least as a Demonstrator item to buy.  

Keep being creative, Sandy



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