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Fifty is Nifty!

 Recently I had the priveledge to of celebrating my friends fiftieth. Did we all just meet for dinner and toast our good friend? No! She had a classy affair that rivals any wedding. Drinks were on the house. A dessert bar that broke any diet. Food that, well, just wow!

She is a special friend to both my husband and I. We will be forever grateful to her. If it weren't for her, there would be no "us". She is the friend that drove me to my him at the airport, some 22 years ago. I was meeting up with him in Dallas. He was driving from Albuquerque. I didn't want to go on the plane. In fact, when she came to pick me up that morning, I was barely packed. Mumbling something about a "fools errand", "stupid", "risky" and more colorful descriptors. I had no business meeting a guy halfway across country that I had only been on two dates with.

She encouraged me. She said, you have to see this through. She and her friend literally pushed me on the plane, because you could be a non-ticketed passenger back to boarding. My knees were shaking, knocking together literally. Jello, I was, as I boarded being pushed on by the two witches, as they shut to plane door behind me and taxied off. I was stuck on a stale tube of air, destined for no where fast. Stupid, scared girl. My mom promised me that she would pay for a return ticket should he not show up because I only purchased a one way. We were going to meet and drive back to Minnesota together. His extended family lived in the Twin Cities and he planned to visit them for a week.

Well, long successful story short, he never saw his family. Worth all the nail biting to get on the plane. By the end of his week up here, we knew it was something more than just a trip, or just a date, or just two ships in the night. He drove home to ABQ. We arranged for me to travel down the later the following week to meet his family. Literally fifteen days from meeting in Dallas to the day he proposed! So yeah, she's a special friend. I truly was not getting on that plane without a big push.

We were married about a year later. People ask how long we dated. We never did. Two dates, five years later, a plane ride, fifteen days to proposal. Speed dating at its best!

So cheers to my good friend! Thanks for being you. Still funny and sweet after all these years!

Supplies: Project Life App and Be Fearless card collection.

I hope this encourages you to document the important people in your life, those people who define who you are or how you became you. They are deserve a page or two in your book.

Thanks for stopping by, Sandy



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