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weeks before, professional shave

Oh my lovable, hairy, silly son. He has been furry faced for a very long time. None of us were sure how long it has been since he has shaved it all off. Maybe two years? I posted a picture of a professional shave and cut he had right before leaving for college. He has started to really like pro cuts. He did have a full beard before going to the salon. He was already working toward a clean face, in small bits.

So he woke up on a recent Friday (August 31, 2018), at college, and decided today was the day for a change. He started the day with a porn star 'stache, as his sister and I joked. Or a veteran cop. Take your pick! Either way, with enough joking for me and his sister, and I guess it was his inevitable plan, he shaved it all off at the end of the day.

I am not a facial hair lover, at all. Maybe it is because my own father was always clean shaven. I am not sure, but I am not big on facial hair. But seeing him clean shaven, he looks sooooo young, and different. He has had some type of facial hair most of his time since he was 13/14 and had a fair amount. He never had the wimpy mustache that so many young pubescent boys get. When his hair came in, it was a lot. I had to buy him an electric razor for Christmas at a very young age. And his legs? Pretty sure there is skin under there, somewhere. He is more hairy than his dad, and I thought he was pretty hairy. Maybe its the Irish in him. Not sure. But I don't think it came from my side of the family.

Four days later and he has a partially filled in beard again. So, glad there are pictures of that clean shaven boy I birthed. Not a facial hair person, but it is hard seeing him with no facial hair. It really does fit his personality. He wears it well.

He doesn't know it, and by the time this posts he will already have it, but I subscribed him to the Dollar Shave Club. And maybe eventually the Beard Club. Both have products he could use.

And his purposeful porn stare in the upper right is a riot! So glad to have captured the memory and recorded it.

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