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I Scrapped Scraps!


This was my cardstock scraps mess. WAS! It overfilled a clear plastic shoebox. 

I  didn't always have a scraps problem. When I first started papercrafting I did keep my scraps in color order or color groupings. When I upgraded to mailroom paper sorters, each  section for each  color and there was room for several packs per color plus scraps in the bins. 

Summer of 2021 I switched storage after 15 years (or there abouts. My new system from Stamp N Storage, of Minnesota, there was room for only 1-2 packs of paper and not really scraps. But I sure tried to stick the scraps in there. 

Since it was so hard to dig those scraps out, I would just pull a new whole piece out and chop it up. My scraps piled up fast and became a messy mess. I love staring at what I call my brag wall. It is an Ikea Kallax 5x5 cube system packed with units from Stamp N Storage. My ROYGBIV (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet) of cardstock is so pleasing to look at and often inspires me. But there were messy scraps sticking out everywhere. 

So I pulled all my scraps out. At least they were in a pile. I reached out on social media for help and ideas. 

The biggest help I got was a few people mentioned  cutting the scraps down to 1/4 sheet (4 1/4 x 5 1/2"). Huh, I thought. Let me add another layer as to why this happened, I saved all my scraps. Not because I am a hoarder or frugal or cheap, but  with me it is more of a green thing -  I  strive to be as environmental as I can. And if you  want the dirty truth, all those scraps you are sending to recycling are not getting recycled. There is no way for machines to detect and send them to the  right path. Sad, but very true. And in MN we have a very strong recycling ethic in the state. Many states still do not. 

So two big issues lead to this, my very green centered self, and my new storage system. I didn't have that bad a scrap problem before. But I didn't have a minor one. 

I gave that 1/4 sheet idea a thought and did some research on how I wanted to store this and what would work organize wise and space wise. The 1/4 sheet idea was growing on me.


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

One thing I did want my bits separated by ROYGBIV plus neutrals. So I found the clear envelopes on Target mentioned in the video. And next I needed a bin to contain them all, because I had none I  could repurpose. I wanted the sides lower than the envelopes. It would  just make access easier. 

So I sorted and chopped. Turns out I had a ton of half sheet pre-cut card bases too. A lot of them scored. I separated those out. Got them a shiny new clear bin. 

Yes, a lot of  pure scraps got tossed. And boy did that feel good. 

The video goes into greater detail. But guess what, I am using my scraps more. I even had to chop up some white into 1/4 sheets since I am digging this so much. 

This  system works for me. But  from all the people I surveyed, most of you were willing to admit you do not have much of a system. I pull my bin over to my work area when I am crafting and put it back when I am done. Faithfully. And my green envelope is somehow going down the fastest!!! 

Please let me know what you use and why you chose that. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep being creative, Sandy



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