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Happiness in Candy

Decor Element: Happiness, small, chocolate 114120

Other: Vase from Michael's, M & M's (gotta get your own...)

Happiness can be found in the littlest of things! Take chocolate...I am not normal (no comments please :-) in that I am not a chocohollic. But an occasional M&M does a body good.

I had this happiness Decor Element laying and was just about one of the first ones that I ordered. I had looked for many months for some way to use it other than the wall or picture frame, meaning something not two dimensional. Shopping at the "M" store recently, looking for a frame for another project (to post later), I spotted this funky shaped vase. I actually had brought my Decor Element catalog into the store with me so that I had all the dimensions for all the items I was looking to use. This turned out to be a very smart move. Turns out happiness would fit.

Home I drove, and quickly. Truth be told, I stopped at Target to find something to put in my new creation and employ it right away. I actually put the happiness on that night. That is how excited I was to finally find a different use for the DE.

I cleaned the vase with window cleaner. Did the normal DE prep, burnishing the front of the DE to transfer the adhesive. Marked on the vase using a Crayola marker (because they are water-based they wipe up with a kleenex) where to position my DE. Pulled of the gridded backing. Carefully lined it up to my marks. Decor Elements stick way to easy to glass. There is no forgiveness on all! Burnished the DE again. Voila!

It took 3 bags to not even fill this vase as high as I wanted. Then the problems started!!!

Problem is I live with a bunch of chocohollics, in particular one vary daring hubbie. All three of them were warned NOT TO TOUCH THE M&M'S until I could take a picture to post on my blog. I heard that rattle, you know, the sound M&M's make when you are grabbing a handful, several times over several days, until I could get said picture taken. Hubbie says, but I am only taking one or two at a time. So I says, but how many times a day are ya doin' it? Hmmm...nothin' but silence be the answer.



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