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Who can it be now?

Who can it be now publishing post after post? Is it a ghost of someone lost? Nah! If you read my post on the bed you will understand some of where I have been.

We started having internet delays last Fall. By February 2009 we could only get on for maybe 5 minutes a day, and that was very slow. Hubby had to work using dialup - and was a real bear for having to do so. It took three weeks of tech support and being bounced around the globe to find the problem. Our DSL modem went bad. Very bad. We had replaced, tested, teched and more, and that was the only constant, so that had to be the problem. It was. Works great now!

Between my health, the modem, and...

Camera woes. My fancy Canon is ill. Terribly ill. The flash quit working at a wedding, and this was after airport security dropped my fancy lens going through security to convention in July. That ended up to be the least of my worries. The flash is still a problem. If there is a camera expert reading this, email me. I have had four experts look at it. Tried numerous external flashes. Played and played with settings. The flash pops up but does not flash. Which initially I thought it might just be the light bulb, but then why do external flashes not work? Hmmmm... Then in November getting ready to go visit Santa with the kids, I charged my battery and grabbed it, and somewhere between point A and B, it got lost. We, all four of us, have ripped the house apart looking for it. New batteries - $70!

Let us assess the situation: broken lens, no flash, no battery - NO FUN! I have carried a camera with me since I was 5 or 6. This has been the darkest of times for me! My sons compact Canon Sureshot works OK, but it is 3 years old, slow and he dropped in the sand last summer after Mom and Dad said, don't set it in the sand! Duh! I was able to blast a lot of the sand out, clean up some, and the rest of the sand just ground down to air over time. The zoom now works again even.

OK, final assessment: over the last 7 months, my health deteriorated to a really low level because of sleep deprivation, I had no camera, and no internet. My Nintendo DS got quite the workout though!

Sleep deprivation getting better. Internet back up and running. Camera going to be sent into Canon next week.

Life Is Good!


Wanda said…
WOW Sandy. What a horrible camera story. Sorry, I don't know anything about the flash or I'd help you. Good luck with that.


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