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New Bed New Everything!

OK so most of my friends, family, and customers have heard this story, but it bears repeating, for many reasons.

Our lumpy bumpy semi old Stearns & Foster mattress desparately needed replacing. It sagged, it had broken springs, broken box spring, and Lord knows how many dust mites living in it. Ew! I know...I slept on it every night for 11 years. It had been replace three times in its first two years. That should have been a sign!

I got to try a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed staying at the Radisson in Salty last summer for Convention. It was pretty darn good. Not that I got a lot of mattress time that week.

Both of us were tired of spring mattress, not sure about the memory foam ones, that left air beds to think about for our next purchase. We had used our Aerobed quite a bit when we had company, traveling, camping and such, and it was not that bad. We would just plop it on top of our box spring, and set up the mattress on a platform for company. It worked.

So into Select Comfort we went, not once, not twice, but three times. We got some great help from Chris at the Roseville MN store. Very nice, very knowledgeable man. The third trip was to actually right up the paperwork. We had to decide on level, on mattress covers, on this on that. In the end, we went with the Sleep Number 7000 with both the recommended mattress cover that helps with mites and stuff and the hot/cold cover. New technology really works. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. I love it. I am never too hot or cold now. But I jumped ahead. OK, one last decision, should we get the "levitation" as my son calls it. It is where you can raise and lower the head and foot of the bed, has built in message, and more. OK, thinking that this bed is guaranteed for 20 years, and we will probably keep it longer, spreading the cost out over 300 payments (not really, but thinking in terms of it as an investment), assuming we keep it for 25 years, didn't seem so bad at all. We decided, we deserve it.

The base for the "levitation" weighs close to or over 200 pounds. Knowing that, we knew that we should clean the carpets - professionally for once (we used Stanley Steamer, they were great). So we got that scheduled. OK, so if we are getting the carpets cleaned, and this bed delivered that would be difficult to move much in the room ever again, it does come on wheels though), maybe, after 11 years we should finally paint the bedroom.

I am paint commitment phobic. There are literally millions of colors possible. We tore through Better Homes and Gardens. Yes ladies, I actually got the hubby to help with the decision. He liked a red/yellow combination. I liked it, too. I fell in love with a sample room from a Behr catalog at Home Depot that I spotted when I went to get the paint. It had Sahara Sand, Very Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, and Baja Breeze. So calming so resort spa like. I came home that night with paint chips, primer paint, and no decisions made. Back to the decision drawing board. Gosh, do I really live and breathe Stampin' Up! that much that my paint colors are SU! colors?

We could not figure out how to make that color scheme from Behr work in the room without having all very light colored walls. In the end we went back to the yellow/red idea. The largest span of wall, only seen as you walk in the room is Barely Banana. The two short walls are So Saffron, and the wall we look at from bed and has our LCD tv on it is Riding Hood Red, and another partial wall. Actually it is a little deeper than RHR. So over the course of a weekend we painted the three colors, and had the carpets cleaned in the living room, entrance, stairs, bedroom and hallway. We ate out a lot that weekend! One night the daughter slept at a friends, I took her bed, hubby took son's bed, and son slept on the loveseat that is normally in our bedroom. It was kind of nuts. We had all the living room furniture in the kitchen and my office. Our bedroom items, except for the four post bed frame, was split between the two kids rooms. The rest of the night we slept on the Aerobed on the wet living room carpet until the new bed arrived.

Tuesday, March 10 was the big day. It didn't take but an hour to set up everything. We had to get new sheets. When you spend 5 grand on a bed do you really want to sleep on the ratty old stuff? I don't think so...

I never got the nap I wanted to take that day. We needed to get the house put back together and quickly. After, what ended up to be about 10 days, we were all sick of take-out. I couldn't even get at the dishwasher to wash dishes, which were now piled all over the counters. Another Ew! for that.

So it has been over 5 weeks now on the new bed. I have so much more energy. I no longer have all the aches and pains that I had all over. Some of those aches will always be there, as a reminder of a past well lived. I awake refreshed. I am getting more done during the day than I have in years. I still have slept debt. The sleep experts say it can take many months to erase that. I am OK with that. Every day it is getting better. We love the "levitation". We both have said that maybe, with my declining health, we should have done it sooner. I am just glad we did it at all.

I knew in recent months that I was sleeping more, but it was really laying in the bed more trying to sleep. It sucked big time. I will never be 25 again, and awake refreshed after less than 6 hours of sleep. I do not want to be. I am happy to just wake up and stay awake and not have all those little aches and pains. The doctors checked me last year for rheumatoid arthritis and a slew of other things. I wonder how many other people out there are just sleep deprived and think it is something else.

I have always been a big proponent of sleep, having watched the hubby suffer with obstructive sleep apnea and is now a self-professed and faithful "hose head". He has not gone one night without his CPAP since getting it, nine years ago. I have watched my son suffer from terrible OSA from enlarged tonsils. I have watched my daughter suffer her entire life with sleep difficulties, contributing to mine because of it. I think, I can honestly say that in the last 5 weeks is the first time in my life, or at least my adult life, that I have really and truly slept. I have never slept well. Been tired most of my life. Suffered from so many aches and pains, due to such a large spectrum of issues. I sleep now, and quite well. The change was not overnight, but each week I notice more energy, less and less wanting to go back to bed after the kids are on the bus.

I recommend the Sleep number bed to anyone, even if you think you are sleeping great. Spring mattresses are old technology and hard on any body. Sleep study centers all have air beds (in MN anyway). Foam beds, still not quite adjustable enough for different body types, and what about dust mites? Because of the way the Sleep Number bed is constructed, if we need new ticking on the mattress, the top just zips right off! Order a new one. I think it is washable in a front load washing machine also. Can't do that with foam or spring ones.

So I will shut up about our wonderful bed and my new lease on life. Thanks for listening. Thanks for reading.


Elizabeth said…
I have been to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I have had all kinds of tests done. I have not been diagnosed with anything. I am on meds for "chronic pain" now. Maybe I just need a new mattress. The one I have was purchased in 1995. Thanks so much for sharing your story! I'm going to find a Sleep Number store!

Elizabeth (UDI)


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