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Hello Life Project Kit Tips


I hope you are all enjoying the fabulous products Stampin' Up! has put together in the Occasions 2015 catalog. I love the Hello Life Project Kit 137949 on page 6 of Occasions 2015.

In putting together the kit I have come up with what I believe are more concise directions that make assembly quicker and easier. Also these directions include information for Stampin' Up! Demonstrators that make class production much easier. For Demonstrators, this is really a no brainer as far as offering as a class. You have no prep. Grab a few tools, order the stamp set so you and your customers can share it, and have your customers kit shipped to your house so they don't forget them for class. I am excited to offer this class this spring.

Please let me know if I have been remiss in my instructions. I would love to post alternate versions people have come up with using extra supplies or alternate colors

Hello Life Project 137949 Kit Tips

(This is geared more for Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators holding classes 
but are good tips for anyone completing project) Kit on page 6 Occasions 2015 Catalog

I suggest 2 hours for the class. May only take 1 hour for seasoned crafters. List at bottom of optional items to complete at home. If you are providing the tool and the stamp set, the core directions will need to be completed during class time.

Supplies Really Needed
  • Snips
  • Small zip bag for loose hearts for shaker piece
  • White Bakers Twine 36”
  • Black StayzOn ink. Memento ink works well except for stamping on the window sheet
  • White StayzOn Ink, I used Craft White and it doesn’t dry well on the black, even with a heat tool.
  • Envelope, bag or tray for punched out pieces, just temporarily.
  • Bone folder or Simply Scored
  • Green Tombo Multi glue
  • Clear blocks C (2), E, H (2) if not a wood set. 2 blocks for the different colors so you do not have to keep switching blocks
  • Grid paper
  • Heat tool, just in case ink not drying
  • Ruler, for lining up letter stickers, or edge of a piece of paper
  • Sticky Strip
  • Stapler, staples
  • Yardstick (optional)

  1. Punch out all pieces.
  2. Punch out hearts only out of one Crushed Curry banner. The other one is extra.
  3. Do not punch out the heart pieces strips yet. And when you do, you will only need 3 rows, not the entire card.
  4. Score banners about 1/2 inch from top.
  5. Score Black Hearts in half
  6. Stamp all pieces that require stamping. Set aside to dry as you assemble rest of kit
    1. White ink on black banner “Little Things..” stamp or other
    2. White ink on black larger rectangle “…Happy” stamp or other
    3. White ink on black large heart “Hello Life” stamp
    4. White ink on black polaroid type frame script heart stamp
    5. White ink on black banner, two types of smaller heart stamps
    6. White ink on black hearts (4) heart outline stamp
    7. Black ink on Crushed Curry polaroid frame “so sweet” stamp
    8. Black ink on Crushed Curry banner “Little Things” stamp
    9. Black ink (StayzOn) on window sheet “love script” stamp. Tip, lay striped heart window for shaker frame upside down on table, place window sheet over it, stamp image making sure it will appear in heart window.
  7. Shaker card
    1. Place strip heart piece upside down on table. 
    2. Place Sticky Strip in the four corners of the FRONT of the window sheet. Attach to striped heart piece.
    3. Place double stick circle on window sheet. Make sure none of it shows through window.
    4. Punch out half of the cards with all the heart punch outs.
    5. Place all the hearts, including the ones from the Crushed Curry banner early on, inside the circle.
    6. Peel off the top of the adhesive circle. Attach the white backing card to the shaker assembly. Tip: This is when grid paper is helpful to line up the front and back pieces.
  8. Banner Assembly
    1. Cut a 13” piece from the white Bakers Twine
    2. Lay banner pieces upside down in reverse order. Start with the middle banner and center on string. Apply glue. Press down. If you are using black as your center piece, as is pictured, place something on top of it until the glue sticks. Paper is very stiff. I also used clothespins to keep flaps closed.
    3. Continuing gluing banners working from the center out. 
  9. 3D Hearts
    1. 4 hearts per color
    2. Fold hearts in half using score tool, bone folder, or other. Tip: Place heart on table, face up, score or fold wings of heart up around bone folder.
    3. Use Sticky Strip to adhere the 4 hearts together, but not in a complete circle.
  10. Bow - tie a bow out of the Crushed Curry Bakers Twine. Staple to the vertical striped banner and polaroid frame. 
  11. Pom Pom Assembly
    1. I highly recommend cutting a 2” x 3” piece of boxboard to wrap the twine. Cut into an H shape on the 2” side. Cut a slit 
    2. Cut the Crushed Curry thick Bakers Twine into 3 large sections. Stampin’ Up! says the pompoms should be 10 yards each. There is exactly 30 yards. They say to cut a 2” piece to tie off pompom. That is no way near enough. 
    3. Tip: Since there is no extra on the CC twine, I used white regular Bakers twine for tying the pompoms shut. Need about a 12” section per pompom.
    4. Wrap CC twine around card along the 2” side. 
    5. Slip the white twine in middle. Slip all off the card.
    6. Wrap the white twine around the CC puff twice, pull hard and tight to tie closed.
    7. Snip loops open. 
    8. Flatten pom against tied circle. Squish between fingers. Snip to 2” approx. pom. 
    9. Roll pompom between your hands to loosen fibers and get the real fuzzy fluffy look. 

Things that can be done at home:

2 pom poms
Letter sticker large rectangle - Love This Life or other saying
Pictures can be attached at home
Put together heart/pom pom string
Attach all to wire rack

Sandy McManus
Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator est. 2005

Hello Life Project 137949 Kit Tips II

(This is geared more for Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators holding classes 
but are good tips for anyone completing project) Kit ion page 6 Occasions 2015 catalog

After completion of kit, if assembled as pictured, you will have enough supplies to make another rack, adding 30 yards of regular or thick twine, 13” of twine for banner, a 4” x 6” DSP or card stock to replace the LOVE THIS LIFE piece, 4” x 4” DSP, 3 3/4” x 3 3/4” window sheet, 4” x 4” shortboard (back of DSP package). And the rack, which is basically a bakers cooling rack. So really not a lot of replacement supplies to make another project or turn into a scrapbook page or cards. 

Replica Hello Life Project 

  • Bakers Cooling Rack $12.95 for 3 at Target
  • Bakers Twine regular weight, page 206 AC $2.95
  • Bakers Twine thick weight, page 207 AC $3.50
  • Bakers Twine colored Crushed Curry 134586 $2.95
  • DSP (Back to Black 133700): 4’ x 6”, 4” x 4”, other $10.95
  • Banner Framelits132173 $26.95
  • Hearts Collection Framelits $26.95
  • On Film Framelits 132969 $29.95
  • 1 color cardstock $6.95
  • Chalkboard Paper 137786 $7.95
  • Silver Foil Sheets 132178 $3.95
  • Window Sheet 114323, 3 3/4” x 3 3/4” $4.95
  • Mini Metallic Clothespins 133320 $3.95
  • Sweetheart Punch 133786 $15.95
  • Confetti Heart Border Punch 137415 $21.95
  • Big Shot 113439 $99.95
  • Dimensionals 104430 $3.95
  • Grand Total $283.75 plus S/H and Tax and all other recommended tools. 

So when you add up all the supplies and the time and fuss of cutting out the pieces, the kit is a phenomenal value and so much quicker and easier to use or modify and switch out maybe Crushed Curry for another color. 

Sandy McManus
Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator est. 2005



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