Saturday, January 24, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?


Flower punch. 
Small scallop circle punch
Foam block
Hershey Kisses
Wild Wasabi paper for grass
Wilton Lollipop sticks 
An old cheese serving tray as garden base
Lots and lots of hot glue

This is the behind the scenes for my "garden".

I have a big event next week with about 800 in attendance. My name will be on the back of my flowers as attaching a biz card just wouldn't work in this case. 

If I can get my name to 100 new people will most likely lead to a few new contacts. 

Attach flower center first. 

To attach the lolly sticks lay flower upside down on table. Place glue. Place stick and twist in glue to soread. It is actually quite secure. 

To attach the kiss put a small bead of glue on the flower center. Place Kiss and twist to spread glue. 

Set is all aside for a half hour before you fill your garden to make sure the glue is cooled. 

I will be printing and punching out in the 1 3/4" scallop circle punch my "business card" and attaching to the back of the lolly. 

Interested in having these or some other shape such as a heart or star at your next event? Shower? Wedding? Business event? Message me for pricing. This was a fun project. 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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