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Do What You Love...And the Rest Will follow

💖Do what you love...and the rest will follow! ðŸ’–

So true. Coming up on my 10 year mark as a demonstrator, and nearing the end of our rewards tracking year, I was encouraged to reach quite a bit. I needed a bit more in sales to end my year and 2 recruits. That would promote me to Sr Supervisor, as was the titling at the time. If I promoted my manager would promote and the level above her would promote. I had less than a month to do it. And Go!!!!!

Keep in mind I was in the middle of a major move into a disaster of a house where the kitchen was barely usable, the laundry room barely navigable, a studio that was piled with house stuff. My moms health was declining rapidly. My kids were wrapping up their first year in a new school district. We had a few more items to finish the remodel on the house we were selling before we close at the end of the month. My husbands health was temporarily crap (due to a temporary medicine wrecking havoc with his body). Oh, and lets have a garage sale while we are at it, because well, there is no time like the present. Add on, prepping swaps for the upcoming Convention. And my knees are always a challenge.

I love what I do, helping people be creative, inspiring (I hope) people to find their creativity, sharing what I create, and being creative fills my own soul. I said okay to pushing forward to reaching for this goal. I did have help (and she shall remain in shadows right now) to achieve this. For her help I will always be eternally grateful. 

For the remainder of that month I slept very little, spent many, many hours in the car. I do not think I did laundry the entire month, or dishes, and I am not sure if I personally ate much. I know the other 3 did. I held classes, I prepped, I cleaned and project the other house, i packed and moved, and packed and moved more. I helped my mother, as many days a week as my schedule would allow. And by I, I should include my husband, who had his own set of parameters to deal with (health and very physical tasks around the previous house). It is one of those life moments when you live on adrenaline and nerves.

At the end of the month, I got 3, yes three, new recruits. Sales goals were met. The two uplines that could be promoted where promoted. House closed with nary a hitch, in fact both realtors had never seen a house so clean and looked new even though it was well lived in for 17 years. That one felt good! Everything got done that needed to get done. And then come July, I got spoiled silly by Terri! And damn did it feel good! 

So love what you do, be willing to sometimes have to work a little harder, and rewards will follow! 

With that in mind, $99 will get you a lot of love from a great group of ladies to hang out with. Keep that in mind as you shop the catalog. No pressure at all..... ;-)

Thanks for stopping by today.

Keep loving what you do as much as I do! Sandy



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