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Memories of My Mother

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Scrapbooking 101 Sandy style: Scrapbook the every day, the details around you. It is much easier to go back and do the big holidays later - Christmas, birthdays, even trips, as the description details are likely included in your pictures. 

I stopped by a year ago to snap pictures of my mothers final home. This would have been just a few months after her death. Of course while she was there, there was never time to do so, but I wanted to get the pictures while it still looked like it did when she was in residence. Because I had at the pictures, it did take me about 9-10 months for me to actually get it properly documented. I plan on doing more pages on the facility itself and also related to her time and the staff there. The facility is beautiful. If I were of age, I would move in there now. 

It is important to remember the places we, or loved ones have lived. My mother was there 24/7 of course, but my family spent countless hours each day or week there too. I need to get a picture of the coffee maker just inside the door. My kids went there almost daily. They would grab a cup of coffee and go visit grandma. The kids were so respectful and quiet, they were quite known around the facility. The staff and other residents thought it was fantastic that the grandkids came by and actually spent quality time with their grandma. My mother took it to her grave, as promised to the kids, what they talked about. Thats between them. But both of them miss that time and being able to talk freely with her. 

I am going on a retreat the first of April. Yup. Pretty excited about that! I do try to clear an eventing now and again to work on stuff, but the holidays were super busy and now I have been business busy. Somehow, someday, it will all get documented!

To get the panorama shot fitted in the bottom, this is layout Design A, the main page layout in Project Life, took a bit of fiddling. It is actually 2 separate pictures standing in the same spot. The panorama photo looked to warped to use. I brought in both photos and kept enlarging them and moving them in the photobox until it was relatively lined up. In all honesty it likely took ten minutes, but when you are used to dragging and dropping photos, it seemed like forever at the time. Ten minutes is what I am used to spending on an entire page. 

Be sure to document the everyday! Those are the pages you will want to look back on, that your family will want to know where or how you lived. Get the pictures while it still looks like you will remember it. Jot a quick note on thoughts, you can do a page later, or super quickly with the Project Life app. It would be almost as quick with the physical Project Life product too. You just need to get your pictures printed and off your phone or camera!!!

Go, do it today! Sandy



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