Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinqo de Mayo Divas!

Last Sunday, April 30th, I hosted our downline meeting, my spline Sue's downline, at my house. It was only my second time hosting a Diva Day, and my first time here.

My ten foot table held 11 of us nicely and we could have had 1 more. If we had more I am sure we could have found some room.

Since the event was close to Cinqo de Mayo, and I as host, get to choose a theme if I want, I chose that. It made for easy potluck planning. I made one of my family's favorite recipe, Pace Mexicorn Lasagne. You can google the recipe. It's still out there. I made a 2.5 or more batch. I figured if the Divas didn't eat it, I have 2 boys that would have zero problem finishing it off.

Autumn brought margaritas. I made Fakaritas, as I called it. We had enchiladas, salsa, chips and guac and salad and such. Probably one of my favorite Diva potlucks yet. But I love all things mexican in food.

We did our regular shoebox swap too. Read here.

I cannot do events without making, or buying, decorations. I did both. I purchased a sombrero piƱata, a headband sized sombrero, a large succulent and some pretty blue margarita glasses. I made a banner (shout out to the divas that strung and hung it for me!), wrapped up the flatware, the treat/swap bags. I even found some fun socks at Target - Avocato socks!

I would host Diva Day again no problem. Our only situation was we still had not finished shelving and organizing in my studio. It wasn't complete for the day but the space is an ever changing - ever taking shape space, until it is completely gutted and remodeled.

Happy Cinqo de Mayo!

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