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Scrapbook Issue - Resolved!

Back in December I posted a call for advice or help. I was struggling with a scrapbook issue. Read about it here. I had purchased post albums and in various colors (some are still in a box in wrappers). Most of the albums were from Stampin' Up! initially but had been discontinued. I could not find post extenders that matched the size of the albums, pages were an issue and more. I did not know whether I should switch to a different album style, or just continue from this point with different albums or what to do.

I ruminated on this for a month, talked to people, etc. I woke up one day and said, I am going to switch. Since they sit so prominent in our bookshelves, and really are an encyclopedia of our lives, I wanted a uniform look, like encyclopedias used to be back in the 1970's.

This is what the mess looked like. I know many people have a wide variety of albums. Or maybe they sit on a shelf in a closet where it doesn't matter. It suddenly mattered to me. My family left it to me. Well, I ordered all these albums during Sale-A-Bration (with lots of FREE stuff because of that large order), and what will likely be several years worth of sleeves. Maybe not though.

The linen albums were family. The navy and darker green were each of my kids. The lighter green was something else. And there was a burgundy album which contain some of my scrapbooked business items.

The green ring album will stay as is for now. That album really is just for me. It is my fascination with roadside kitsch. You know the stuff I mean, the giant ear of corn statue in Mitchell SD or the giant hot dog and coffee cup water tower in Lindstrom MN. Apparently I am not alone with this fascination. Since I started taking pictures and documenting them, I found there are tour groups, websites, books and a Facebook group called Roadside America devoted to this silly stuff. But I am creating an album of just the ones I see. America has an obsession with giant silly sculptures.

Here is a top view. That shelf is darn heavy, but holding steady. Eventually when we remodel we will be ditching the All Steel old Control Data shelving in exchange for some lovely built in wood modern shelving. In the meantime I still like having a library (4 6.5 foot tall) book shelves in the dining room. It does add a certain flair, class or just interest to the room.

I still need to add better labels.

These are D ring albums. Stampin' Up! carries them and the sleeves. Item information below. I switched my kids to these albums too. I got my daughters albums for $5 each a few years ago from Michaels. They weren't the greatest quality. She can take hers when she is ready, maybe after college graduation. My son too. Until then, I will continue to fill it.

I also switched my Stampin' Up! stuff to the black faux leather album. It is filled now. That actually is pretty cool that I filled a whole album with Stampin Up! Memories. Actually I have not ever finished my convention pictures. I document our local events, events I participate in, and it has some of the recipes (instruction sheets) I have made in there. I can see the growth in myself and my business. That is a pretty cool feeling.

So this package was on my front step when I got home from an errand today. 158 12x12 printed Project Life App pages. Some are for my in-laws, duplicates for my kids albums and such. But most of these pages were done in the last six months. And it still is not all of them. I already have another printer order going in tomorrow. And another one queuing up for next month. Must budget. Even thought the pages are only $1.99 each, plus a flat $5 in shipping, it does add up quickly when you are talking this much volume at once. I did take the time tonight to sort this order and put the pages I am keeping into albums. I am now, officially, out of album space! It took one week, from when I set up the new books last week. it warms my heart, that there are so many good memories to review.

I do scrapbook traditional in paper and printed pictures, when its appropriate, as in older, already printed pictures. I am continually working on a large separate album in Project Life style with the pocket pages. and I do special events, such as large trips, in My Digital Studio, which is acting wonky because it is outdated and retired from Stampin' Up! and needs to get upgraded to My Memories Suite.

How you choose to scrapbook is very personal for each person. Traditional with printed pictures, completely digital, hybrid with some digital and some paper, or from your phone with an app like Project Life App, you have to choose what works for you. I floundered for a few years after MDS ended. I have found a system that is currently working for me. It may change and will likely change and what is available changes.

Traditional for the really old pictures, digital for big events, and super special events, and Project Life app for the regular and currently happenings. I love that I can scrapbook while waiting for appointments or family or just riding in the car, or if I have a few minutes in my day. I am pretty good now at keeping up with current events. Not perfect. There is no perfect. If you are all caught up, you are not out making new memories. An life is a process that is constantly happening and new memories are being made daily.

This is my encouragement to you. Find what works for you, like tomorrow! Get working on preserving those memories, those stories. Do it traditionally using printed pictures, do it using pocket pages like Project Life, do it digitally or from your phone. But get going. Everyone has stories worth saving and sharing. Everyone!!!

Black Faux Leather Album 12x12, 144202 $30 (does not come with sleeves or pages)
Page Protectors 12x12 144206 $7.00 for 12 pages

Available in my store. 

Thank you for stopping by today and listening to my tales of albums. I am happy. I need more money to buy more albums and get more printed, but that is a process I can be patient with. In the meantime, any time someone visits they are welcome to pull an encyclopedia volume off the shelf and read for a bit.

Happy memories, Sandy



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