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My Rad Grad Niece

You know what is so cool about these pages? A) I wasn't there B) I finished them 1 day after the event. C) they have already been sent to get printed! Badabing Badaboom!

Even better, because my In-Laws were not able to attend the event either, even though they live close by, I am able to share these pages with them, via email, and then they will get the printed version soon.

I am so grateful for modern technology, and the ease of using the Project Life App right from my phone.

The pages are not super fancy, leaving the focus of the pages to the grad and the event. If you are still doing all your pages via traditional, physical paper, have you or would you consider trying the Project Life app for just a few simple pages? It is so easy. And at $1.99 to print and the app is usually $2.99, occasional sale and this kit is between .99 and 1.99 (not sure of current price since I already own the kit) in your phones app store under Project Life App purchasable directly in that app.

I used this kit to do my own daughters graduation a year ago. The pages are beautiful. I have posted some of them before on my blog. And because hers was so many more pages 6 pages, I made a lovely compilation page of the entire event for her to remember using the Squared Away 16 layout (it is an extra layout, you can purchase extra layouts in bulk for usually $0.99.

So, we have the initial app at $2.99, the card collection at lets say $1.99. By the time you get your pictures printed, add in the paper, and stickers or accessories, you are way over the $5.98 cost here. Add on the $1.99 per print and grand total is now - $13.94 total and you are done. I love traditional pages, do not get me wrong, and there is a time and a place for them. But I hear so very often about how "I do not have time to scrapbook", "I have no place to set it up", "I forget to print my pictures", "its too much work". Does any of this sound familiar to you? Then you might want to try scrapbooking from your phone because in all likelihood that is where your pictures already are. And this took my at most 20 minutes to complete. I think the longest part was decided which pictures to use. And in the app, there are controls to adjust your pictures saturation and brightness and a few more adjustments. No need for a separate photo editor. They do partner with Pic*Tap*Go right in the app, if you purchase that separately. Which I have not yet done, but really should. Honestly, the in app adjustments are usually enough for my purposes.

Supplies: Project Life App, Graduation themed card collection. 

Go, check out the app right now, while it is on your mind. Available for Android and Apple. Sorry Microsoft users. And I may be a Project Life Affiliate, but for full discloser, I do not get any kickbacks on the phone app at all, just the physical products and the digital versions. I just truly love the app that much. If you are regular blog follower you know I do do physical pages from time to time and full scale digital pages in a different software, and I do Project Life pocket pages too. It all works. Find what works for you!

Thanks for stopping by. Go try the app right now! ~Sandy



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