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Been Away...

Yup, been off the blog machine for about a week. All four family members ended up with a virus. No fun, but it happens. Daughter still on the mend. She says she is just a snot machine. Hmmm...But I will get back on track as the week goes on. There just has been a lot happening on the home front in general. Sickness was just a side bar, annoying, but minor. See below for one of the other happenings.  And there was a few tragedies in my sons scout troop, and that assured that my son and husband ended up very last minute heading out of town all weekend on a boy scout camping weekend. Mind you they had fun, good weather, and a nice lodge but it was not part of the plan. We have had overscheduled weekends going on close to two months now. Could use some time home. Probably not going to be Easter weekend.

The worst part of all this is I have so much to share. Give me a few days and I will get back on track.

So this little auto issue. My car has 184,000 miles. Its 9 years old, nearly 10. Sits outside most of the time. Has been repaired for hail damage too many times to count. This fender liner had been shaking loose all winter, due to age, extreme weather and whatnot. We kept pushing it in place. Well our area has had so much snow this winter that the driveway is narrow and the piles on either side very high. I was trying to either fanagle my way forward or backward, cannot remember, down the driveway to pick up my son who decided to not take the bus home and had to leave for camping weekend very shortly. To turn I needed to really crank my wheels and the wheel caught the liner and ripped it out.

I tried to tug it the rest of the way loose. I ran inside to get scissors, husband in the shower getting ready for said camping, says just take the other car. Well this one is stuck righ behind the other one with no where to go. The scissors were not strong enough to cut the liner loose, so I just backed up, hoping it wouldnt get caught in the wheel itself. And grabbed the van. Mini van that was the longest one ever made. Narrow alleys in driveway. No where to go. I had to do the turn a few inches go forward, turn a few inches and go forward thing to get out of the driveway. My daughter watched in amusement from the window. Took at least 10 minutes, inches at a time. In the mean time I am watching the clock. Not cool.

The moral, if there is one, of the story, if my son had not had to be picked up, this might have happened while driving and been tragic or I might have gotten stuck in a parking lot somewhere with the boys out of town. Maybe it was a blessing he skipped the bus.

Check back for some cooler posts that are crafty. You just have to laugh at life sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by, happy stamping, Sandy



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