Monday, March 18, 2013

Palette Party Challenge 4

Hard to believe this is my fourth week of my Palette Party Challenge! After so many projects using the green theme last week I needed to steer clear of anything green. I love love love this color combo. I love turquoise or aqua or teal or whatever else falls in the blue-green spectrum. So stay tuned for what I come up with for this combo and please send me your versions. Happy to post them and give you credit.

And yesterday was our monthly Stamp downline meeting. We alwasy swap at our meetings. We also meet and discuss and share business stuff. We laugh - a lot! Our swap yesterday was GREEN. Green could have been a St Patrick theme swap since we met on that day. It could mean spring. It could just have green on it. Lots of great interpretations of the theme. I will post them during the week.

Part of why I love this group, and I realized recently when I was contemplately career choices, is the friendship, the love, the support. Our meetings and time outside the meetings is not just about business. We truly support one another personally and professionally. I realized if I made the change I was talking about I would so miss this, leaving a huge, mega hole in my heart.

If you are considering making the leap to Stampin' Up! this group is the best. Join us. Next meeting is April 21st. Starter Kit is $99 until Friday and contains all your business needs and $156.50 in products. Try it. Ya don't like it then, enjoy your products.

So lots to look forward to this week. Thanks for stopping by, happy stamping, Sandy

Thank you for stopping by today!

Keep being creative, Sandy

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