Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MDS Tuesdays

Hey blog followers:

Last week I started Party Palette Challenge Monday and answering the challenge on Thursdays. This week I am starting MDS Tuesdays (a little late due to an unexpected run to the Emergency Room yesterday). As in My Digital Studio. I figure My Digital Studio does their new releases on Tuesdays so why not do my posts that day. And I will provide you with a link to those new releases too. Oh I wish I could get the new releases every week. They are quite inexpensive. Life, as they say, happens.

So here is my recently completed pages from our fishing trip long ago (2008) on July 4th. It was a lovely day. Perfect weather. We do catch and release, as I don't fish myself, never have. Consequently I don't remove hooks, clean or cook the fish and neither does dad. The kids just enjoy catching them and watching them swim away. Though to earn his fishing Scout badge my son did have to catch and clean and cook his fish at camp last summer. He almost didn't make it through the cleaning part.

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