Thursday, February 9, 2017

Every Name Tells a Story

Any business, especially I have noticed in the crafting business, has a name, sometimes the names stand out as quirky or unusual. We often name our businesses relating to the products being sold or the service it provides. You want something catchy and rememberable. With the paper crafting world I see names that must have a special meaning, but the title does not say what it means. 

I thought I should share what is in my name, Needs A Ribbon. It is a funny story, and means something to me and my business and my family. I have this information also in my About Me profile. 

These are the items that we all should be documenting and sharing with friends and family, and if appropriate, our business. 

Have you written up your name story, or maybe its your own birth name (mine is not exciting enough to write up...)? Be sure to document and share your story.

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Keep being creative, Sandy

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